4 Most Common Problems With Evinrude E Tec & Possible Fix

Evinrude E Tec outboard motors are one of the most reliable and durable available outboard engine options. 

Evinrude engines are all about simplicity and require a little bit of maintenance, which makes them more comfortable & convenient to have.

In this article, I will be walking you through the most common problems that you might experience with the Evinrude outboard motors in the future.

Engine Fails To StartShortage of engine fuel or dirty fuel and oil in the fuel tankLow idle speedFuel cap vent is not primed accurately.Wet Engine
Engine Abruptly Shuts Down & Does Not Re-StartSlight leakage or broken fuel pumpClogged fuel tankDamaged fuel injectordebris caught on the propeller or kinks in the fuel hose
Weak Or Poor Engine PerformanceDamaged or faulty fuel pumpClogged fuel and air filters
Unusual Noise Or Vibrating SoundsLoose components or damaged exhaust systemEngine rattlesLoose connection

4 Common Evinrude E Tec Problems:

1. Engine Fails To Start:

The first common problem that most consumers have experienced while using Evinrude outboard engines is the starting failure.

Some users even specifically mentioned that the engine cranks like normal but does not start.

There can be various reasons behind this particular commotion, but the first and foremost task is to do the proper investigation because most outboard motor issues are interconnected.

Possible Fix 

The best way to solve such interconnected issues is to try the following quick fixing options.

Possible reasons for engine starting failure…

Either a shortage of engine fuel or dirty fuel and oil in your fuel tank can cause this problem. The wrong ratio of oil and fuel in the fuel mixture can be another potential reason.

Firstly, you need to check the fuel and oil levels in your outboard motor fuel tank. If you notice the level is lower than it is supposed to or the fuel mix is dirty, replace the oil and add fresh fuel.

After fuel mix replacement, set your motor’s idle speed to high mode since the low idle speed may not be enough for the engine to turn over and run as usual.

You may check on your motor’s fuel cap vent and, if required, prime the engine accurately.

Evinrude outboard motor can stop responding when the engine is wet. 

So, another quick fix for you is to open your engine cover and if you see it is wet as suspected, let the engine entirely dry off. Then, try again to start it.

2. Engine Abruptly Shuts Down & Does Not Re-Start:

According to the user’s experiences, the engine abruptly dies without any warning during the ride, and when they try to re-start the engine, it does not start again.

Some also mentioned that initially, the motor begins like usual and runs fine for a while before they experienced the sudden abnormality

However, I will try to list down the possible reasons behind that commotion and explain the quick fixes that you can try to solve the problem.

Possible Fix 

If the outboard motor suddenly stops and after several attempts, it does not re-start again, possibly the main culprit is the fuel pump.

Generally, the fuel pump is responsible to pump the gas to your outboard engine when needed to keep the engine active. 

But when the fuel pump has slight leakage or broken, it will fail to pump the gas into the engine and cause the engine to shut off.

In that case, thoroughly investigate the fuel pump and either repair or replace the fuel pump based on the damage level.

Clogged fuel tank is another common reason for such type of problem…

While inspecting your fuel line and tank vent for possible faults, look for the fuel line ball and try to squeeze that. If you notice it has collapsed, that is a clear indication of the clogged fuel tank.

It often happens when the portable fuel tank contains a screw-type vent and the screw is closed. 

Therefore, look at your vent screw, and if it is turned off turn it on. Now try to run your outboard engine once again.

For the installed tank’s clogged issue, you have to check the fuel tank vent for mud wasps nest in there. You can also ream the vent to break the existing mud nest and clear the line. 

Remember to check your fuel filters after every one or two weeks to keep the line clear from mud nests.

Another possible reason can be the fuel injector damage…

If you have a broken or damaged fuel injector, it will eventually force your outboard motor to die. The first and foremost task is to confirm the problem.

To inspect you need to put your ear next to the injector and listen attentively. If you can hear the clicking sound, that means your injector is perfectly working. 

But if you cannot hear any clicking sound, it means you need to fix or replace it and you will have to call or hire a professional mechanic for this particular task.

Kinks on the fuel line hose or any debris caught in the propeller can also cause this commotion. 

So, make sure to check and inspect for those issues.

3. Weak Or Poor Engine Performance:

Another often encountered issue with Evinrude E Tec outboard motors is their poor or weak performance, especially after several years of use.

After five or ten years of use, many users encountered that their engine started running slow or sluggishly and often stalls when they set it idle on neutral gear.

Over time any engine or motor of any vehicle can have that performance issue that is also natural and unavoidable.

Possible Fix 

The most obvious reason behind any outboard or boat motor’s weak or low-performance level is the damaged or faulty fuel pump.

The fuel pump supposes to pump the constant fuel flow to the engine, but if it fails to deliver that constant flow, your engine will start running slow.

When the internal fuel pump becomes faulty, it cannot function accurately and starts performing within a limited capacity. You need to check and repair or replace your fuel pump if needed. 

Also, remember to check the air and fuel filters inside your fuel compound.

If the fuel or air filters are clogged, the engine will eventually get affected. So, make sure none of the filters are damaged or clogged with debris.

4. Unusual Noise Or Vibrating Sounds:

Unusual or excess sounds coming from the engine are always a red alarm for the outboard owner. 

Some of the Evinrude outboard motor users have experienced that too, but they have also mentioned that they encountered this trouble after using the motor for several years.

Honestly, that happens with almost all products that we purchase because as the product gets older, its parts slowly get wear off, broken, or even clogged.

However, it does not mean that you should not get concerned and look for possible fixing options. 

Possible Fix

If you notice abnormal vibrating noises coming from the motor, do not panic and calmly follow my suggestions. 

Remember, these excess loud noises occur on Evinrude outboard motors when the exhaust system has any loose components or gets damaged.

Therefore, you need to do a thorough investigation of your entire exhaust system. If the exhaust system or the line gets clogged, it causes such noises. 

In that case, you need to hire a professional to repair or replace the whole exhaust system.

Also, examine whether the engine is rattling or the connections are secured and tightened in places accurately.

It can also happen because of the loose screws or bolts connections on the engine’s internal and external body parts. So, inspect every connection properly and tighten them, if required.

What The Majority of Users Feel About the Evinrude E Tec?

Most consumers have expressed their satisfaction and agreed that the Evinrude motors run flawlessly and require minimum maintenance.

Why won’t they be? Evinrude outboard motors offer great mileage and speed. These outboard engines are well designed and engineered, and each product ensures that reliable quality.

However, there are some issues, which the majority of the users have experienced too. Those common issues are already mentioned earlier with the possible solutions.


Based on the manufacturer and most user’s claims, Evinrude outboard engines are designed and engineered to run a maximum of 300 hours without any maintenance.   

However, these motors are not faultless either, but since all the issues are easily fixable, users are still optimistic and satisfied with the brand.

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