5 Most Common Problems With Mako Pro Skiff 17

Mako pro skiff 17 cc is one of the reliable and affordable boats with 6.6 gals. Fuel capacity and 6.8” beam. Its advanced inverted V hull, bow and aft molded raised non-skid casting decks, and many. 

It is actually a no-brainer skiff. But no product is free of problems. 

After going through the customers’ feedback, I have gathered the 5 most common problems with Mako Pro Skiff 17 and tried to give possible solutions. 

Bailing and Bilge pump problemsnon-self bailing issues
Console issuesLeaks and water penetration
Engine issueLeaving a tank empty for a long timefouled plugswet engineloose nutshindrance on the flowing of water corrosionloose lanyard or tripped breakergouged bladefaulty engine prop
Poor customer serviceProduction of numerous models and mis-management
Aerator pump problemLeveling issue

1. Bailing and Bilge Pump Problems

Some customers were pondering about whether this skiff is self bailing or not. While using Mako Pro Skiff 17, some of them find out that it is a non-self bailing boat. 

The self-bailing boats can remove water from the cockpit area by using gravity, not pumps. Here, the boat deck area sits higher than the water level outside the boat. 

On the other hand, for this boat, you need to test the pump while going offshore. You need to turn on and off the pump manually. 

Some are feeling less confident for this feature but an integrated spray skirt under the front of the boat can knock down water very well. You can have the driest ride with this skiff too.

Be careful about not letting the tags fall on the floor while using a braided fishing line. 

2. Console issues

Another often encountered issue with Mako pro skiff 17 is the center console actually coming part from the boat. 

This is the place where all the controls are placed, like steering, trim control, ignition, or other electronic devices. There is a 32-quart cooler in the forward console seat. And the console bears five vertical rod holders, a stainless steel grab rail, a contoured acrylic windscreen, and so on.

Possible fix

One of the possible ways you can fix this issue is to use blind anchors to hold the console down without access to the underside of the deck. There are marine-grade anchors available.  

You have to check the point of the screw on the console. If the water penetrates into the floor, the floor will get soften, and it will deteriorate fast.

3. Engine issues

Another often encountered issue with Mako Pro 17 is its sudden engine shut down problems, especially after several years of use.

This Mako Pro Skiff comes with a 60hp Mercury EFI four-stroke engine.

You will feel that the engine is running out of strength. Sometimes, the engine cranks like usual but doesn’t start.

Additionally, some engines stop without any warning during the ride. The customers also have unusual noise or vibrating sounds. Leaving a tank empty for a long time can create condensation. 

Whatever the problem is, there are possible fixing options. So, first, you have to investigate the cause of the issue, then take necessary actions. 

Possible fix

After severe use, the oil can get dirty, and you can face fouled plugs or filter problems. So, you need to either clean the in-line fuel filter or replace it. 

If the engine is wet, it may stop responding. So, you have to dry off the engine entirely. 

Check all the nuts or mounting screws to prevent any loose or poor connection. 

If the water on the battery stops flowing, the engine gets overheated and fails to work. This could have happened for the loose hose clamp. 

To get rid of this issue, the engine should be gone through regular service, and you may need to change the impeller. 

The exhaust system has to be inspected for corrosion-free or blockage-free operation. Sometimes corrosion can create rough spots on the pulleys, which eat up a drive belt in a short time.

The engine may stop abruptly for the loose lanyard or tripped breaker, or a blown-out fuse. So, you need to inspect the connections periodically. 

For the vibration, a gouged blade may create it. Additionally, the engine prop may go wrong. So, you should consider carrying a spare prop. 

4. Poor customer service

According to the user experience, the owner of the Mako Boats – Bass Pro Shops comes with poor customer service. The reason might be for the countless numbers of products they manufacture. 

However, I will try my best to explain the possible fixes that you can try to overcome this issue.

Possible fix

The easiest escape from this issue would be to buy your skiff from a private dealer. That’s how you can enjoy a personal customer service experience. 

5. Aerator pump problem

One of the customers mentioned that he had encountered an aerator pump problem. 

The aerator is required to enhance the entire fishing experience. 

I am describing a way to solve this simple yet technical issue. 

Possible fix

You need to disconnect the two hoses for the aerator pump and the Livewell drain at the transom. Remove them by hull fittings and swap them into each other’s existing holes through the transom. 

Now, the pump is lower than earlier. Take the heat gun and bend them for the level flow for the drain. Then, install the marine pick-up and drill three ¼” holes at the top of the rounded part to allow air to escape. 

What Do Customers Say About Mako Pro Skiff 17?

Mako has been reigning since 1967 in the boating industry. 

People are amazed at the unique craftsmanship.

Customers like to have it as a traditional flat-bottomed skiff for entry-level uses. They appreciated its stability for inshore fishing excursions. 

It didn’t come with a sneezing effect like the catamaran hulls that causes water to spray forward for the compressed air between the sponsons upon reentry. 

It has got 1000 GPH (3785.41 LPH) bilge pump. However, you may face some bilge pump issues, and I have shared the possible fixes. 

Again, it is also true that this skiff lacks customer service. I couldn’t find any particular reason for that.

Above all, based on the positives and negatives, you can decide whether you want to go for this boat or not. It’s a reasonable option with an integrated anti-spray design, cushioned helm seat, and non-skid surface.


The Mako Pro Skiff 17 cc might be a small boat, but it doesn’t lack the essential features. It gets popular day by day for the in-shore light tackle saltwater fishing. 

Indeed, there are some issues with this skiff. But you need to consider that all of the consumers didn’t encounter all the problems. So, take time and invest wisely. And don’t forget to comment down below about your experience with the Mako Boats.

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