Bayliner vs Sea Ray Boats: Detailed Comparison

Brunswick is the same company that owns both Bayliner and Sea Ray boats. As the same company makes the boats, many boaters think these two boats are the same.

But, instead of being manufactured by the same company, they have a lot of differences. So, the controversy arises, Bayliner vs. Sea Ray boats.

To answer every single query related to these two boats, we have dedicated this article. Whether you want to buy a boat for your family recreation or fishing alone, consider sticking to the end. If you are new to boating, then this article is going to assist you as well.

So, without further delay, let’s get straight into details of Bayliner vs. Sea Ray boats.

Comparison Chart – Bayliner vs. Sea Ray Boats:

Bayliner BoatsSea Ray Boats
Brunswick Corporation owns BaylinerBrunswick Corporation owns Sea Ray 
Open deck, Center Console, Family boats and other different types of boats are available.Bow Rider, Deck Boat, Cruiser, Fishing boats and other types of boats are available.
Have a little bad mouth on safety reputationAffirms passenger’s safety
Not built with exceptionally high-quality durable materialQuality is the supreme highlight of Sea Ray boats
Smaller kind of boats and doesn’t have a lot of spaceBig family boats consist of a lot of space
Mercury or MerCruiser engineMercury or MerCruiser engine
Cheaper and affordable than other different brand boatsExpensive than many other brand boats

Difference Between Bayliner and Sea Ray Boats – In-depth Discussion

From the comparison chart above, you get an overview idea of these boats. Now let’s figure out the detailed comparison of Bayliner and Sea Ray.

Different categories of boats

Both Bayliner and Sea Ray have a variety of boats. Both boats have been giving excellent service for years, from deck boats to fishing or family cruiser boats. 

Bayliner is the first manufacturer who made a package of a boat, motor and trailer altogether.  They started in 1957 with their boats.

Brunswick bought Bayliner in 1986. Since then, they have been producing unique boats. They have the renowned 2000 Trophy Brand Spun Off, which is relaunched in 2020. In 2013 they introduced the Bayliner Element Line edition. 

Sea Ray is the first manufacturer who built their boat with fiberglass. They started in 1959. Brunswick also bought Sea Ray in 1986. Well, it seems like they owned their competition for Bayliner.

The Sundancer model of Sea Ray is the signature Cruiser that came into the limelight. They used to produce boats 24-60 feet long.

But now they have cut off and are making it to 37 feet. They also have the Sundancer series with other models, SLX series, SLX and SPX series boats and Sundeck boats.

Safety assurance

You can make a markup line between Bayliner and Sea Ray boats about the safety factor. Sea Ray is safer than Bayliner. Many consumers have reported Bayliner didn’t turn out the perfect choice for them on safety.

Especially their 2013 Element edition made it a tremendous cause. Although for rough weather suitability, they have deep V deadrise, which provides smoother rides. 

On the other hand, Sea Ray has an excellent safety reputation. Each of their series models is built-in with quality to ensure the safety of the passengers. So, Sea Ray becomes a clear winner here.

Built Quality and Spacing

Bayliner is not luxury boats, but they are well-built boats. They are not premium boats. So, Bayliner designs their boat to the paramount quality possible. But still, they are not that good in build quality.

Instead of using fiberglass, they use chop glass material. Other than this, they also use mid-range quality parts in their boats. Some Bayliner models have a deep freeboard for safety and a forward beam design for extra room. 

Sea Ray is indeed better-inbuilt than the Bayliner. They use fiberglass and other high-quality materials in their boats. From the built quality to the spacing, Sea Ray covers it all in one. Especially in their open bowriders and family cruiser, they provide an ample amount of space. 

Engines and Motors

From the beginning, Bayliner used Chrysler/Force/Mercury Outboard engines. But now, they use only Mercury/MerCruiser engines. Sea Ray also uses the same Mercury engines. Brunswick is the company that owns Mercury as well.

These are significant engines that provide a great HP and are suitable for coping with modern technology functionalities. So, Bayliner, Sea Ray and Mercury engines are combination boats. 

Resale Value

You will get a good resale value in selling your Bayliner. The depreciation of the price value of Bayliner is quite good. In the first two years of the purchase, the depreciation can be around 10%.

It decreases as time increases. In 3 to 5 years it will be around 7%. In 6 to 10 years, it will be around 5%, and after ten years, the depreciation will be minimal. 

In reselling the Sea Ray, you will also get a good amount. As Sea Ray makes their boats with effectiveness, they make them enriched with strength and quality.

So, when you sell your first purchased one, you are selling some valuables. Thus, you can get a satisfactory amount of price. Also, the new owner will get a satisfactory boat. You are both gainers as a reseller and a second-hand buyer.


Cost or price in between Bayliner and Sea Ray is a significant fact. Bayliner is a company perfectly suitable for new boaters or those who have just started boating. There are plenty of options to explore as a new boater. 

So, everyone tries to find a boat that is not too expensive and good to go. Bayliner targets these customers and makes their boats efficiently with fewer price offerings. So, you are not getting a luxury quality boat but a cheaper one in the market, which is perfect to start with.

On the contrary, Sea Ray makes premium quality boats that cost more than Bayliner. Sea Ray directly competes with other high-performing boats like Grady Whites and Boston Whaler boats in the market. So, you can see that you have spent a little more money to own a Sea Ray.

Bayliner or Sea Ray Boats – Which one to choose?

Regarding choosing between Bayliner and Sea Ray, it is pretty straightforward because they are straightly different. From the sizing, spacing to the offerings and price, they are different. Also, both of the boats are made for individual purposes. 

If you are just starting boating, then Bayliner boats are the ones for you. You will get a variety of boats from low range to high range.

But, as they are a little less pricey and not so enriched in quality, spending only on their low and mid-ranged ones would be the wisest decision. 

If you are looking for a premium boat for your family cruising, Sea Ray is the ultimate choice. Sea Ray already has a name and fame for their cruisers and fishing boats.

You can choose one from them for your purpose. As Sea Ray builds their boats with the same premium quality, you invest in them without hesitation.


Does Sea Ray make Bayliner?

Bayliner is not made by Sea Ray. Brunswick is the company that has owned both Bayliner and Sea Ray since 1986. Brunswick manufactures both Bayliner and Sea Ray boats. 

Are Sea Ray boats good quality?

Sea Ray boats are undoubtedly good in quality. They make their boats from low range to high. All range boats are made with quality parts and materials.

Is Bayliner a quality boat?

Bayliner is a quality boat but does not outperform Sea Ray. Bayliner has its quality in lower-range boats. As they are cheaper than other brand boats, they offer fewer features and privileges. 

Are Sea Ray boats worth the money?

Sea Ray boats are definitely worth the money. Not only that, if you purchase a Sea Ray and decide to sell it, later on, you will get a good resale value. You can spend a good amount of money on the quality.

Why are Sea Ray boats so expensive?

Sea Ray boats are expensive because they use the best materials to build their boat. Naturally, it costs more in better things or services. But the money you are spending to buy a Sea Ray will not disappoint you for sure. 

Final Word

Now you can decide on Bayliner vs. Sea Ray boats. Whichever boat you choose to buy, make sure it offers you the value with the price. Investing in buying a boat is a huge decision. So, make sure it is the worthy one you choose.

Besides, you can get some more ideas about the engines and trolling motors of the boats. With in-depth knowledge, you will be able to choose the perfect boat for you.

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