Are Bentley Pontoon Boat Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Ready to learn about the most controversial boats? Wondering how they’re so sturdy if they are so bad? Is it all a hoax?

Welcome to your personal guide on Bentley pontoons! Today we learn the deal with these toons. Why is everyone either ‘shush’ or ‘whack’ about these. Let’s cue you in, they are great toons. But there are a few catches. Which is why I might advice you against making a purchase.

Read till the end of the write up to debunk the mystery of Bentley pontoons. Hoping to nudge you in the right direction. Let’s start!

How Good Bentley Pontoon Boats Are?

Bentley pontoons are mid-line pontoons. They are nice as far as quality goes. The company seems to be well off now. However, they did struggle financially a few years ago. From there, Encore picked them up!

Most people choose Bentley pontoons for their quality and options. They are pretty low-key. Which is why you don’t see many discussions on them. But this in no way means they don’t deserve being talked about. These are your underrated gems.

Bentley makes pontoons with solid built, almost tank-like. Made for the deliverance of peak performance and carrying a big bunch of people. Such as a 2005 Bentley 243.

They come with anodized square tubing on the fencing. This is better than the painted aluminum tubing. The Pontoons are fast enough performers! Just to get an idea of the speed, here’s an example: You can get 29 MPH/GPS speed with two 115s and two people on board.

Except for the ‘Elite’ series’ models, other Bentley pontoons are pretty lower-tier. They come with minimalistic construction. And a simplistic console. The boats aren’t heavy at all.

Bentley pontoons are not your most luxurious boats. But they can be one of your reliable ones. Their simplistic approach makes them good starter boats.

How Reliable Are Bentley Pontoon Boats?

Bently makes top-class toons, period! They are dedicated to quality and craftsmanship. It reflects in the sleek fiberglass design.

But the toons aren’t just fancy things. They are sturdy, strong and comfortable. Have you seen the laid back seats? Rely on the comfort of them!

The black inset dash at the helm at some models does it’s job properly and looks stylish. The matted floor in many of their models is easy to clean. Maintenance is not too heavyduty.

However, Bentley pontoons did receive backlash a few years back. They restarted the operation by shutting down and reopening. Since then, the ccomplaints have been less. Nevertheless, some dealers will always sell you garbage.

How Durable Are Bentley Pontoon Boats?

Bentley makes quite sturdy boats. In rough waters too, they hold up pretty well. Most people don’t prefer to subject their pontoons in rough conditions.

Bentley pontoons come with a limited lifetime structural warranty. The warranty covers: Pontoon logs, motor pods, structural cross members, the structural portion of rails & gates, plywood decking.

Note that damage caused when motor support fails during the transportation is excluded. The warranty isn’t all that alluring and pretty basic.

What About Older Bentley Pontoon Boats?

Older Bentley Pontoons aren’t available extensively. Models from 2010-2017 are found pretty easily. However, you can look for dealers near you by visiting here.

One of the examples for a older model is the 2016 Bentley 180 Cruise SE. Here is a review on this boat.

Do They Still Make Parts for Older Models?

Bentley had their rough patches in the pontoon business. They do not keep parts lying in the inventory. However, you can always check in with the factory with the serial number of your boat.

But you will find old parts online in many websites. One such website is this one.

What Are Typical Problems with Bentley Pontoon Boats?

Surprisingly, there have been many problems reported by Bentley pontoon owners.

To start, a lot of people dealt with a broken transom. Sometimes in the case of second-hand purchases, the transom will come broken.

Corrosion is another common problem in the case of these pontoons. People reported bad corrosions in case of connecting hardware. Corrosion might arise from electrical issues with the boat. Especially the batteries could get entirely corroded. You might need the replacement of the rails, corner caps, etc. See how problems are related?

Another common problem on slightly older Bentley toons is that they won’t start. This can either be the engine or the battery. Moreover, it may be a result of an electrical issue.

This justifies some people calling Bentley pontoons as junk.

How Long Do Bentley Pontoon Boats Last Compared to Similar Brands?

The lifetime of a Bentley pontoon varies. It may last you 10 years max. But if you ask me, I think Bennington pontoons or similar ones will last more.

This is simply because Bentleys are pretty cheap in quality. They do make sturdy boats but longevity? That’s another matter entirely.

Do X Boats Hold Their Value?

Bentley pontoons don’t have a good resale value. You can save as much as 5 grands on just a year old boat.

Bentley’s depreciation rate is pretty high. Especially during those first few years. And with the reputation it has gained in recent years, second-hand sell rates go further down.

For example, for a 23-26 feet, 10 year old boat, you shouldn’t pay more than $25,000. Similarly, for 27 feet and larger boats, don’t pay more than 55 grands for a 10 year old. 

Are Bentley Pontoon Boats Still Being Made?

Bentley Pontoon was sold to Bentley Acquisition LLC. It is owned by Dennis Marcott and Mike Scott. These people believe in running the company as a family business.

And so, Bentley pontoons continue to be produced. Presently, these are produced in their Lexington, South Carolina facility. All their components are made here as well.

Final Thoughts

Overall Bentley pontoons are low-tier for some, and mid range for others. Bentley pontoons rarely are discussed. But receives mixed reviews all over.

Their design is simplistic. Therefore, perfect for beginners. However, they aren’t the best pontoons out there. I would suggest looking for better pontoons within the price range.

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