Are Blue Wave Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Boating is a soothing and pleasurable pastime. If you prefer being on the water, fishing, or simply sailing and have the means to own a boat, this is the place to be.

In this article, I will be talking about Blue Wave Boats today. This boat is popular for its quality of construction and design, which offer a wide range of boat options. Let’s learn all about these boats below.

How Good Blue Wave Boats Are?

Blue Wave Boats manufactures and sells the highest-quality fishing boats, bay boats, hybrid boats, and ultra-shallow boats available in the industry.

For almost 30 years, Blue Wave has been manufacturing fiberglass fishing boats that have become the industry standard for safe and durable V-hull sailboats.

Each boat is designed using high-tech computer algorithms that ensure great performance and precision. Each boat is unique.

Blue Wave is a yacht manufacturer that creates vessels ranging in size from 19 to 28 ft.

Blue Wave is currently building the world’s largest bay boat! Makaira, Blue Wave Boats’ first offshore boat, was launched in 2020.

Boats of superior quality that can resist any type of water and weather are produced by this company.

How Reliable Are Blue Wave Boats?

The blue wave boats appear to be highly reliable and sturdy based on all of the customer evaluations we’ve seen.

With time, Blue Wave’s boats have evolved into some of the best-built, highest-performing, and most aesthetically pleasing vessels available on the market today.

Each boat design begins with the goal of achieving certain objectives for intended users in mind.

Whether it’s getting a customer into incredibly shallow water or sacrificing some shallow water capability in exchange for better fuel efficiency or top-end speed.

Each boat was meticulously crafted by their team of master craftsmen.

Their first objective is to build a high-quality boat that could be customized to meet the specific requirements of each customer. 

How Durable Are Blue Wave Boats?

Blue wave boats are incredibly stout and durable.

Their manufacturer has placed a strong emphasis on the overall quality of their boats.

They use high-strength fiberglass in the form of chopped strand mats, 24 oz woven rovens, and +/-45 unilateral combination mats, as well as high-quality resins, to construct their structures.

According to Blue Wave, the DT series was selected because it is rated to withstand submersion up to 3 feet deep, 100 engagement and disengagement cycles, and can maintain an electrical current while being vibrated at 20 Gs.

They use CNC-driven multi-axis routers which provide extremely tight tolerances and excellent tooling.

In order to ensure that each mold retains its precise shape over time, they build them with high-strength, heat-resistant polymers and fiberglass and reinforce the molds’ whole surface with steel beams.

Following the fabrication of these molds, they use only the highest-quality materials in the construction of all of their boats.

What About Older Blue Wave Boats?

In the little Oklahoma town of Checotah, on September 10, 1992, Parks Manufacturing Inc. (doing business as Blue Wave Boats) was officially established. For a very long time, they have been building high-quality boats for the public.

Since they have been on the market for such a long time, it is impossible to distinguish between the old classic blue wave boats and the current ones.

While there aren’t many older blue wave boats for sale, you can discover them on various internet auction sites if you do some digging.

Do They Still Make Parts For Older Models?

Yes, they still create parts for older boats, and any tools and accessories you would need can be found on their website or on any other internet platform that offers boating accessories.

Simply contact your local authorized Blue Wave Boat dealer and give them your boat’s hull number in order to make an order for the necessary components.

 What Are Typical Problems With Blue Wave Boats?

Every product, no matter how amazing it is, has flaws. This is true for any product. The highly-rated boat, blue wave, is not without its flaws as well. Let’s have a look at the most frequently encountered problems with this boat.

  • Problems with the fiberglass and gel-coat:

It is possible to observe blisters on the side of the boat in the gelcoat on rare occasions. You might come across The GelCoat was cracked, but there was no structural damage.

  • Having trouble filling the gas tank:

You may have problems filling it with gas. It takes a long time for the boat to carry gasoline. Furthermore, the nozzel shuts down swiftly and efficiently without consuming any fuels or electricity.

You may encounter further issues in addition to these; contact your dealer if you do, as Blue Wave Boats are only offered through authorized dealers.

How Long Do Blue Wave Boats Last Compared To Similar Brands?

Blue wave boats appear to endure significantly longer than any other fiber glass boats currently available.

When comparing the features and construction quality of this boat to any other mid-tier boat, they are more durable and have higher quality.

Do Blue Wave Boats Hold Their Value?

Depending on the type, Blue Wave boats can cost anywhere from $11,521 for the most basic models to $231,799 for the most sophisticated and luxurious yachts.

The resale value of fishing boats drops by roughly 25-30% after the first year or two of ownership, while the value of blue wave boats drops by the same percentage.

Are Blue Wave Boats Still Being Made?

Yes, they are still building boats.

Blue Wave Boats and Silver Wave Boats are situated in Seminole, Oklahoma, and provide a variety of services. Both fiberglass and pontoon boats are manufactured in the same facility by the two companies.

Currently, it takes approximately 10-12 days to construct a boat from the ground up.

The company is looking for ways to grow and integrate its supply chain in order to make the process even more efficient.

Final Thoughts

Blue wave boats are great for cruising on the sea, rivers, and lakes, as well as for family outings.

They’re well-made, and the style is stunning. The boat will provide you with a pleasurable voyage in the water, regardless of their little flaws.

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