The Boat Covers Direct: Are They Good & Reliable?

The Boat Covers Direct from the Covers Direct® Corporation offers quality covers to protect your boat.

However, many people often ask the most obvious question: are their boat covers any good?

According to Boat Covers Direct®, each of their covers is specially built by industry well-experienced manufacturers, so whether you need cover for your boat, RV, or car, you will only get a quality protector for your vehicle.

Now, let’s learn how good and reliable these boat covers are from this article-

Here’s How Good the Boat Covers Direct Products Are:

Since 2002, Covers Direct® Corporation has been in this industry with its three major lines of services such as RV Covers Direct®, Boat Covers Direct®, and Car Covers Direct®.

The Covers Direct® claims that they have been in this industry for 20 years now and are already well aware of most consumers’ preferences and what their boats need the most. So, the company only aims to bring the best for boat lovers and enthusiasts.

The Covers Direct® brand’s boat covers are specially built with the highest quality materials to suit most consumers’ boat’s needs.

How Durable And Reliable Are The Boat Covers From The Cover Direct? 

The Covers Direct® Corporation, located in Chesnee, South Carolina, is America’s trusted source that sells quality boat covers, Bimini tops, and other marine drives protective covers.

The company claims that each of their marine protectors is engineered by different productions units who have the proper detailed product knowledge and are skilled enough to build genuine quality products.

These boat covers are tested to ensure fit in all storage environments such as Sun-DURA, Sunbrella, and Poly Guard.

They even offer different boat covers such as the Custom-Fit Covers that are perfect for trailering, the Semi-Custom Covers that are ideal for specific sized & typed boats, and the Universal Covers that are perfect for Wide bass, Bay styled consoles, tournament Ski, Drift, or Pontoon boats.

The company also proudly claims that that their boat covers can resist all kinds of conditions and will stay in good condition for a longer period than competitors’ boat covers.

From the company’s genuine desire of making every customer happy, they hired skilled and knowledgeable employees to assist those customers who are not well aware of the correct cover selection process.

All you have to do is inform the salesperson about your boat type, brand, and model because the sales representatives are skilled enough to determine and select the best-suited option for your boat.

The brand not only claims to deliver exactly what every individual boat or other marine drive owners are seeking, but they also claim to ship or deliver each order at the customer’s door within a day if the order is in their stock.

Even if any customer’s orders are currently not available in their stock, the authority will immediately update the respective customer. At the same time, they will try to restore them and place the orders for shipment as quickly as possible.

Therefore, it’s a beneficial deal to choose Boat Cover Direct.

How Long Do The Boat Covers from Cover Direct Last Compare To Similar Brands?  

Cover Direct claims that each boat cover is built to last for a longer period and provides five to seven years of lasting warranty with each boat cover.

However, it is a natural process that overtimes every boat cover will eventually wear or tear off, no matter how top-rated the cover is.

Still, with proper care and maintenance, your boat cover can even last more than seven to ten years.

What Are Typical Problems With The Boat Covers Direct Products? 

The boat covers wear and tear issues that most customers get concerned about are absolutely unavoidable because overtimes, just like any other elements, the boat covers will also deteriorate.

Besides that, many customers complain about the covers not fitting to their boat’s body, which mainly happens due to two reasons, either you have measured the size incorrectly and provided the wrong cover measurement, or the company might mistakenly send you the wrong match.

In both cases, all you have to do is communicate with the customer service department of Cover Direct and remember to either physically meet them or talk overcall.

The company representatives even suggested communicating directly via calls rather than mail after several complaints were published on their review forum since that is the fastest way of solving the problem without further misunderstandings.

What Are The Major Benefits Of Using the Boat Covers? 

Unfortunately, many people still think that a boat cover is just an accessory for decorating their boat’s outer look, which is absolutely wrong.

In fact, boat covers are one of the essential elements that will protect your boat from external harm and maintain its original exterior shape intact.

For instance, you need external protection for your boat during the trailering and storage tasks, a high-quality, properly-fitted boat cover will provide that protection for you.

When you use a properly fitted boat cover over your boat, that cover will prevent your boat from molding, mildew damage, fading or scratches. Eventually, your boat’s lifespan will increase too.

The hand-sewn or custom-fit cover will protect the boat from external dust, debris, and harmful sun rays. Therefore, you will not have to worry about cracks or oxidation issues on your boat, which can eventually harm your boat’s interior parts too.

Besides that, the boat cover will also protect the boat’s entire external body from bugs and animals.

Another major benefit can be less effort in cleaning your boat since you will be covering the boat after every use, which means you do not have to clean it frequently.

Are The Boat Covers Direct Products Still Being Made?  

Yes. According to the Covers Direct® brand’s official website declaration, they are still actively producing different types of boat covers as well as the Bimini Tops.

Where Is The Manufacturing Facility Of Boat Covers Direct?

Three industry top manufacturers Carver Industries, ShoreTex Fabric Products, and Westland separately manufacture all boat covers that the Cover Direct brand sells.

So, their manufacturing facilities are in different locations too, such as the boat cover manufacturing facility of the Carver is located in Landrum, South Carolina. The ShoreTex brand has its manufacturing facility located in west-central Minnesota. Besides that, the Westland brand has three production facilities located in Great Britain, Germany, and Poland.

Therefore, those manufacturers produce their portion of Cover Direct Brand’s Boat covers and Bimini-Tops from their respective production facilities.

Which Brands Can Be The Best Alternative To The Boat Covers Direct?   

Besides Boat Cover Direct brand, Carver Industries, Outdoor Cover Warehouse, CoverQuest, or Holden’s Marine Center can be your best alternative option if you are looking for a quality boat cover.

Customer Reviews On The Boat Covers Direct Products: 

While going through several consumers forums, I noticed mixed types of reactions from the customers, where some are positive and some are negative.

While several customers expressed their satisfaction towards the brand’s products and their customer service quality, another group of consumers also showed their disappointment due to the bad customer service that they experienced. Some even complained about the boat covers quality.

Final Thoughts

The Cover Direct brand has been in this industry for 20 years and provides quality boat covers and Bimini-Tops manufactured by some top manufacturers.

Therefore, you can trust the brand, but also remember, uncertain issues like the ones some customers have mentioned in their reviews might occur.

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