Are Cobia Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Cobia boats are renowned and considered as the top-rated upper mid-tier boats, but some also claim that these boats are relatively pricey compared to other similar grade brands.

It raises the question: Are Cobia boats any good or worth enough?

So, let’s find out the answer together-

How Good Cobia Boat Are?

Cobia Boats have gained wide recognition by ensuring all standard features, such as quality seating arrangements, extended storage capacity, open decks, and center or dual steering console to enjoy fishing and family time.

Cobia also offers customization so that customers can design and customize their boats based on their preferences.

How Reliable Are Cobia Boat? 

For more than decades, Cobia has been serving with reliable and excellent quality Boats for professionals, hobbyists, and even family fishing lovers.

Cobia Boats are built with VARIS Construction System, which contains maximum strength to deliver quality performance. The brand has always ensured that each boat model holds a unique set of top performance criteria based on the model’s expected usage.

Because of the excellent design and engineering, Cobia boats are more comfortable and easier to operate.

Even the Cobia 330 Dual Console model has been listed on the Boatsafe’s Seven Best Dual Consoles of 2021 list, which shows how reliable Cobia boat models are.

According to most consumers’ reviews, most of the Cobia models are faultless. Some minor and common technical issues may arise, but those are fixable, and Cobia is very attentive towards its customer’s complaints to ensure the best after-sale service.

Not to forget, Cobia also offers various options to personalize the boat preferences according to the customer’s choice.

How Durable Are Cobia Boat? 

Cobia boats are solid to last longer than other local boat brands and deliver exceptional performance with operating comfort for all users. 

Cobia Boat models are exclusively manufactured by one of the leading USA-based boat manufacturers Maverick Boat Group, and they are engineered by predominant fiberglass and wood-free construction to deliver improvised and long-lasting performance. 

Maverick Boat Group has been manufacturing Cobia boats with flared bows and deep-V hulls so that they can cut through the water, and also the decks have carbon-reinforced beam support to offer a smoother as well as drier ride.

The luxury looks, sturdy exterior, ample storage of these boats offers the ultimate durability and comfort of experiencing hassle-free fishing adventures.

Besides that, all Cobia Boats are specially built to meet the American Boat and Yacht Council or ABYC standards.

What About Older Cobia Boat? 

Since 2005, all Cobia boat models have been designed and built exclusively by Maverick Boat Group so, these new models are built with improvised technology and quality materials to overcome the shortcomings of its older models.

However, according to older model owners and users, there were issues with 1990 models. The decks of those older boats were not constructed solidly, and users have noticed soft spots on the decks as well as those deck does not carry broader space like the current models.

Another issue is that older models of Cobia boats feature one larger engine to minimizing the production cost and instead of two boat engines you are getting one single-engine. That means there is no motor backup option in the older boat models.

Also, the construction of older models seems not that sturdy because there are complaints of light-duty hardware cracking or breaking and leaks occurred by the poorly-lined fishing boxes.

Do They Still Make Parts For Older Models?  

Parts are available for Cobia boats that are manufactured after mid-2000, and you can easily track down those parts from any authorized Cobia’s dealer network.

However, parts for boats that are originally made before Maverick took over the company are difficult to track down.

When Maverick took over Cobia, most of the previous model’s manuals, specification, wiring diagram details were missing. So, Maverick could not continue producing the parts for those 90s to early 2000 boat models.

But you may get help from your dealer and also Maverick Boating Group has a dedicated forum to help their customers so users can visit and look for help there.

What Are Typical Problems With Cobia Boat? 

In the late 90s, all Cobia boats were constructed with wood, so some of those boats have poor sealing or fitting issues and soft spots on those models’ deck and floor.   

Cobia used a single-engine in previous boat models, so there is a lack of power back up and fuel efficiency. Also, it is hard to get replacement parts for the older models.

Another common issue that often people mention is the price of the current Cobia boats. The price range of Cobia boats is a little bit higher than other local competitors’ products.

But it is basically because MBG does not compromise their quality assurance, so they have to set the price that matches their products class and standard.

How Long Do Cobia Boat Last Compared To Similar Brands?  

All Cobia Boats meet the standard of the American Boat and Yacht Council or ABYC so, they have the standard rate of longevity too.

However, how long your purchased Cobia boat model will stay without any major issue mainly depends on how you are taking care of your boat.

There are some specific maintenance procedures that users should keep in mind and do as require after each use.

Also, Cobia recommends all users to repairing and servicing of their boats from only Cobia’s authorized deaters.

Do Cobia Boat Hold Their Value?   

You can easily figure how well Cobia boats hold their value with a thorough comparison between Cobia Boats and other mid-tier powerboats. Even most Cobia boat models stay ahead of the standard discount curve.

Let me explain the depreciation rate of Cobia boats with an example-

The 2015 Cobia 237 Center Console model selling price is $75,461, and it can be resold at $57,200. So, the depreciation value of this model will be a 24.2% rate, which is a very favorable discount rate to get from a popular high-end boat model.

Are Cobia Boat Still Being Made?  

Currently, Maverick Boating Group is continuing the production of Cobia boats in its new plant located in St. Lucie, Florida.

Final Thoughts

Cobia is one of the leading brands that offer boats built with high-quality components to meet the highest boating quality standard. These boats excel in ensuring 100% safety and comfort of the user.

So, if you are looking for quality mid-tier powerboat options, have a look at Cobia Boats.

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