9 Most Common 5.0 OMC Cobra Engine Problems: You Should Know

The Marine Outboard Corporation produced the 5.0 OMC Cobra Engine from 1962 to 1992. But currently, Volvo purchased this engine right.

Although the engine initially was 80 horsepower, now this engine is 110 horsepower. Now, it turns into a 153 cubic inch inline 4- cylinders Chevy II automotive engine. 

9-Common Problems of 5.0 OMC Cobra Engine:

Despite a good number of people like the OMC cobra engine very much, its users usually face some problems most often. Like other engines, this OMC 5.0 engine has many common problems also. Now we are going to discuss the common issues of the 5.0 OMC cobra engine one by one. 

1. Gear Shifting Failure

Many users have complained about gear shifting. Even after outdrive is reversed, it causes sounds like clicking when shifting gear to move forward. It can also happen due to dog clutch failure. Furthermore, while creating sound, the gear jumps a lot. And it keeps on happening.

2. High RPM when Engine Idle

Also, this engine faces problems with RPM during shifting. An engine should be around 650 RPM (depends on models) during shifting. But 5.0 OMC Cobra Engine’s RPM is 1000 at idle, and its Forward shifting lies between 800 to 850 RPM, which is 20 to 50% more than usual.

Manufacturers make this adjustment fault. Therefore, the engine cannot run at full power. 

Besides, other problems like fast idling at warm-up also occur due to the big idle problem in this engine. This problem can lead to hard shock engagement of the transmission gear with a U-joint when shifting the gearbox around. Yet, high idle RPM causes propeller key and key-way shaft problems also.

3. Incorrect Routing of Transom Cable

Many users report that the transom cable has kinks, which involves sharp bending of the wire. Therefore, sometimes the sleeve and core become turned off and create internal movement problems.

Moreover, the rubber cable sleeves attached to the starter were supposed to be under the starter, but the transom routing design fails here. Therefore, this faulty design frequently triggers the electronic shift assist system, resulting in an uncontrolled activation problem.

4. Repair is very Expensive

 This engine has a reputation for high speed, but there are various problems with the engine. One of them is very difficult to get engine parts, and these engine repairs require skilled mechanics who are not available everywhere. The company, however, has stopped making engine parts, which makes it much harder to match.

5. Various Failures of Shifting to the Neutral State

Another problem many faces in OMC cobra 5.0 is that it cannot be switched to the neutral mode when running. It can be forwarded or reversed from neutral conditions but cannot be taken to neutral conditions without turning off the engine.

6. Engine Overheating Issue

The OMC 5.0 cobra engine is likely to overheat too much. Some models of this version do not have a radiator, so water does not flow in the cooling loop. Thus, floating water is used to cool the engine. If this flow stops, the engine may fail due to the high RPM. Usually, the engine gets a lot of pressure, and it is inauspicious for the users. 

If you try to go fast, the engine may vibrate a lot. It is a problem that many cobra users have faced due to engine overheating. Some people claim that the propeller does not rotate at full speed even after the engine runs properly because no specific rate is available to move the boat.

7. Bad Plug and Filter Problems in Engine Fuel Flow

Usually, after a few seasons, the OMC cobra engine stopped suddenly. Adding a little more gas when the boat is on the water causes the engine to stop occasionally, taking some time to restart the engine, turns on after a long time, and continuing in an idle state.

The engine runs out of power at full RPM in some cases, which is also a common problem. The OMC cobra 5.0 engine usually faces low fuel or filter problems or bad plugs that cause the engine to fail.

8. Engine Cable Design Faulty

All the cables attached to the cobra engine are not properly designed. Thus, the mechanism used to disconnect from the engine at different times causes the engine to fail. OMC 5.0 engine also mounts cable guide incorrectly. Many people also face screw adjustment problems. It may be a minor issue, but most users have reported it. 

9. Engine Failure at Minimum RPM Rises

The cobra engine can typically run at 2500 to 3500 RPM, as determined by the company, but we have discovered from various forums that the engine shuts down suddenly when it goes close to 2800 RPM. This problem is severe and familiar, which is experienced by almost all marine drivers.

Overall Repair Guide

Your favorite OMC 5.0 cobra engine can fail due to several common reasons, and you may need to repair it at any time. So take the OMC manual along with you. However, you can pick the troubleshooting section if you want, but it may not be the right decision.

Advantages of 5.0 OMC Cobra Engine

  • It moves at a certain RPM speed while running, which helps to avoid accidents.
  • Repeatedly adding water to an engine without a radiator is not adulterated. 
  • This engine can set to a higher RPM than the RPM specified, and many have taken it well.
  • This engine has a manual and troubleshooting section.

Disadvantages of 5.0 OMC Cobra Engine

  • The repair cost is much higher, and its professional mechanic is rare.
  • The engine has Overheating issue
  • Engine fails when running over 2800 RPM speed.
  • Idle engine at high RPM
  • Various gear shifting problems

Final Verdict

There are many common problems with the OMC 5.0 cobra engine, which users face at different times. Again, there is a complication regarding its parts that they do not match easily. Besides, its mechanics are rare and require more expense for repairs.

In this article, we have shared the most common problems of the OMC 5.0 cobra engine. Except for them, if you ever face any rear problem with your OMC 5.0 cobra engine, share with us in the comment box. We will feel pleasure to hear from you.

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