10 Most Common Problems With Massey Ferguson 2607h

Massey Ferguson 2607h is one of the best 2606H series utility tractors with a 74hp engine and Simpson 2.6L 3-cyl diesel 14.5 gal fuel tank. It has open center hydraulics with two valves. 

However, you should be aware of some known issues about the Massey Ferguson 2607h utility tractor. It can help you prepare for the worst-case scenarios.

Now, let’s have a look at the 10 most common problems people face with Massey Ferguson 2607h.

Massey Ferguson 2607h Problems:

1. Stuck in Gear 

One of the most common problems of Massey Ferguson 2607h that the customers mention is stuck-in gear. These tractors’ transmissions operate through two shift rails with a lock on the back of the shift fork. 

The lock prevents the two gears from being selected simultaneously. The gear stuck happens when the spring that holds the shift lever down wears due to the constant motion of the shifting gears. 

At one point, the spring loses its tension and causes the shift lever to slip into the wrong shift rail. The lock doesn’t let the lever go back to the right position, and consequently, the gear gets stuck. 

To fix this, you’ll have to get the shift lever back into neutral. It’s better to take help from an expert in this regard. 

2. Engine Not Starting 

Sometimes the users complain that the engine doesn’t start at all. While the probable causes behind this are many, most of the time, it occurs for the wrong fuel type. It can also happen for defective high-pressure fuel pumps. 

The timing of the fuel injection pump can also be incorrect. You can change these things but going to a mechanic is always a better option. 

3. Overheating 

There is a complaint that the motor constantly overheats if the coolant level gets lowered. To fix this problem, pour liquid into the radiator, of course to the recommended level. It can also happen if the fan belt gets defective. 

Check the belt tensioner and replace the belt if required. Finally, reducing the load or speed also helps. 

4. Steering issue

There are a number of complaints that we’ve got from the users related to steering. Let’s go one by one. Sometimes the steering wheel turns around without opposition. If you face this problem, check the minimum oil level and pour oil properly.

If the steering cylinder gets heavily worn, change it and repair the steering pump if it’s defective. If the steering doesn’t operate at all, the hydraulic system may have a large amount of air. Try removing air. Try the ways as mentioned earlier also.

 5. Transmission Rough Shifting 

You may face trouble accelerating, struggle to change gears, or lack a smooth transition because of rough transmission shifting. It can happen if the shift fork, shafts lever, or detents have worn loose. Replace or tighten them. 

It can also create from low or burnt transmission fluid, faulty clutch, or failed solenoid. Visiting an expert is the best option if you face this problem and can’t solve it on your own. 

6. Oil Pump Failure 

Ferguson 2607h has a Simpson 3 cylinder diesel engine. Oil pump failure is quite rare with them. But sometimes, it happens. Most of the time, it happens because of the debris that enters the engine system while refueling. There can be other reasons too. 

Sometimes you have to replace the fuel pump and sometimes the whole engine. So, fixing this problem is both costly and time-consuming. But it will not occur frequently. 

7. Flywheel dampers 

Some equipment in this tractor needs regular maintenance and wears down over time. Flywheel dampers are one of them. You will hear an unpleasant sound coming from the bell housing if the flywheel dampers fail. 

It generally falls between 4000 to 6000 hours and replacing dampers costs about £350. 

8. Brakes And Handbrakes Issues

Another thing that wears down with time is the brake. If the brakes wear down to the metal, it can cause serious problems. The handbrake can fail too. While good maintenance can help increase the lifespan, sometimes you need to change the brakes. 

9. Rear Differential 

The rear differentials can sometimes make trouble for you. The bolts can shear off, and the diff itself can also wear down. In that case, it will start howling, and you will face problems while driving. Bolting the diff back in place by taking off the rear axles will fix this problem. 

10. Linkage Top Arm Splines 

If you are using your tractor for a long time, the linkage top arm can slip and break the castings sometimes. It happens more often if you are doing a lot of draft work with the machine or using it for heavy work. Replace the top arms and the shaft to solve this problem.

Final Thoughts

Massey Ferguson 2607h is reliable, easy to maintain, and durable. With this utility tractor, you get value for your money – and even more. The engines have advanced technological features to make your farming process smooth and efficient. 

However, everything has its drawbacks too. I have mentioned some most common problems with Massey Ferguson 2607h that users have encountered so far. 

On the other hand, these problems have easy fixes, and this motor performs incredibly well. The slow-speed tractor lovers are pretty happy with this model. 

If you own a Massey Ferguson 2607h, then let me know if you have experienced any issue and how did you fix it. 

This might greatly help the new owners of the Massey Ferguson 2607h.

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