Are Crest Pontoon Boat Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Want a good pontoon boat for chilled afternoons? Looking to entertain a big number of guests in a stylish pontoon? Trying to bag a fishing boat in a pontoon? Can Crest pontoons satisfy these demands?

The answer is, yes! Crest makes the best, most sturdy, reliable, stylish pontoons out there! Not only do they make strong and stylish boats, but their technology also produces the fastest pontoons!

However, you ought to know the cons as I shower the pros on you! This will help you to decide for a longer term. Read on till the end of this article as I discuss the pros, cons and my favorite pontoon suggestions for you!

How Good Crest Pontoon Boats?

Made by boaters from Michigan waters, Crest presents to boaters, their pontoons. The boats are not just comfortable, they’re luxurious too!

Crest claims to deliver the best performance at all trim levels. This comes with additional comfort along with style. The safety, durability and reliability are homogenously maintained!

Ever heard a pontoon with an optional twin-engine powerplant? Here’s the thing that gives you that 60 mph speed. Yes! In a Pontoon!

Most would say that Pontoon-building is a craft for crest! It shows as they are a bunch of boaters. So they know what boaters would absolutely dig. And they hit that spot unabashedly.

The boats worth mentioning here are Crest II 230 SLR 2, 250 Savannah NX SLR2 and Crest Classic 250 SLE.

The 230 SLR2 may not be suitable for fishing. But the NX SLR2 comes with a fish finder (GPS and a color-screen Hummingbird 385 fishfinder)!

Among these three, the Savannah NX would be the best choice. Only if you don’t entertain large crowds on water. If you are enthusiastic about fishing, then Crest I Fish is your boat!

The Classic 250 SLE is spacious to accommodate as many as 14 of your friends. It allows maximum storage and space. However, it is a bit expensive.

All this goodness without going bankrupt for buying a boat!

How Reliable Are Crest Pontoon Boats?

When it comes to pontoons, you can rely on Crest undoubtedly. Spare the fact that they’ve been in business for SIX DECADES!

But it’s just their ability to offer sleek design with top notch performance. They are not feeble pontoons either. They can support you cruising on for longer periods.

Crest is the most stylish pontoons available. It’s features are glorious! The basic requirement of cozy seating is filled before anything else! After that, think built-in coolers, private changing rooms and advanced audio systems.

The design of the hulls are deemed the best in the market. There are many editions for performance. For example, CP2, CPT, CP3 etc. Each of these suits different requirements. Whether you seek relaxed fishing trips or thrilling watersports.

Moreover, always rely on Crest’s ability to provide a wide range of models. This really teases and appeases your appetite for pontoons!

How Durable Are Crest Pontoon Boats?

Crest’s unique four-chamber design includes – strength, durability, flotation, and safety. Most pontoons will have two or three-chambered sections. In case of an accident, half of the tube fills with water. This makes the boat too heavy to float.

As only a fourth of the tube will fill with water in the case of Crest, it keeps you and guests safe!

Crest Pontoon tubes come with a 5/8-inch extruded aluminum for protection. Add the longest and thickest end caps and gauge nose cones with it.

The pontoons come with dual splash guards, powder-coated rails, quarter-inch thick fencing etc.

Crest pontoons hold pretty well in windy conditions and rough waters. The dual hulls make the boat more stable, even in larger waves.

What About Older Crest Pontoon Boats?

In 1957, Maurice Schell assembled the first pontoon by Crest. It was a 20-foot pontoon made of steel. The demand for it soon skyrocketed! Resulting in manufacturing in Owosso, MI. 

The 1960s brought aluminum pontoon time! The decade also saw many ‘never seen before’ initiatives in the boating industry. For example, inverted fences, safety gates, boarding ladders, etc.

For six entire decades, Crest has been ruling in the pontoon business!

Do They Still Make Parts for Older Models?

Boating companies are usually pretty low-key. It is difficult o find any kind of part out there.

Crest produces and stores a small number of parts. It rarely has any older parts in store.

But you can look for good quality parts on other reliable websites. One such website is this one!

What Are Typical Problems with Crest Pontoon Boats?

One of the most common issues surprisingly is that the prices on newer models or more spacious models increase.

The lightweight pontoons are often too lightweight for fishing or water sports!

The larger pontoons can be a bit boring in terms of designs. The smaller ones on the other hand may not have enough space.

Buying older Crest pontoons can be tricky. Boats may come with maintenance issues. The Vinyl could be deteriorating fast.

Finally, finding parts for older pontoons may be difficult. Crest provides a user manual along with the boat. Except that, you are pretty much on your own when parts go south!

How Long Do Crest Pontoon Boats Last Compared to Similar Brands?

A Crest pontoon will last you a lifetime! Although you may indulge yourself with a new pontoon design by Crest. As it comes out with newer models with better designs!

The similar Bennington pontoons do not last as long. They even do not hold their value.

Avalon pontoons also do not last as long. Same for Tahoe pontoons.

Do Crest Pontoon Boats Hold Their Value?

Pontoon boats do not generally hold value. But Crest has a big market and commercial success.

So, although the depreciation slows down after the first few years, Crest is likely to have a good resell value.

Are Crest Pontoon Boats Still Being Made?

Crest Pontoons are still making Pontoon boats. Currently, they sell five different levels of pontoon boats.

They also make custom commercial pontoon boats.

Currently, The five retail pontoon boats are: the Wave, Crest II, Classic, Caribbean, and Savannah.

Final Thoughts

Crest pontoons are hands down the best pontoons! You will not get a faster pontoon in the market. And this comes with the most stylish design and unique features!

The sturdiness alone is mind boggling! The wide range of models suits many needs of the different consumers.

Therefore, go for a Crest pontoon without giving it much thought. You will not be disappointed I assure you!

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