Did Glacier Bay Boats Go Out of Business? (Explained)

Glacier Bay Catamarans Engineering began the process of high-speed displacement catamarans hull size in 1986. That development process included the construction of a series of 1/8 scale models. 

The series aims to determine the best new hull shape with shape variations that can run at high speeds without any pre-planning. Exactly one year later they began construction on a full-scale prototype. 

2000 hours after the work began, their discovery was ready to go down the water. By 1990, the company had unveiled the first tooling production model, the Glacier Bay 248, at the Seattle International Boat Show.

Are Glacier Bay Boats Still in Business?

Glacier Bay boats are still on the market, but the company is now doing business under World Cat. Glacier Bay was acquired in 2009.

In 2015, the World Cat corporate brand merged. In the same year, the Carolina Cat became a fold in the World Cat, and Glacier Bay became the Glacier Bay Edition.

Glacier Bay and World Cat embarked on a journey together with the common goal of expanding the catamaran species to the United States. 

The strength of their company, the extensive product line and the thousands of customers who are passionate about their Glacier Bay Catamarans, gave them a lot of support.

Where Are Glacier Bay Boats Manufactured?

The origins of the World Cat can be traced back more than 25 years to the beginnings of Glacier Bay Edition boats in the Pacific Northwest of the Americas.

Currently, World Cat is known as the largest power catamaran manufacturer in the world. It is located in Turboro, North Carolina. The boats are built precisely within this state-of-the-art 140,000-square-foot facility.

Larry Graf, principal and designer at Glacier Bay, Inc., says that he designed the hull with a 1991 U.S. patent. 

He added that his design has been developed with several Northwest scale models and full-scale engineering boats. Such boats are designed for plain use. These boats limit how smooth a ride can be.

What Happened to Glacier Bay Boats?

Founded in 1990, Glacier Bay once faced extreme financial difficulties. Earlier, the company became the best-selling PowerCat brand in the United States. Glacier Bay’s popular 3080 Express Cabin can be taken as an example.

Glacier Bay in Washington has been in financial trouble in recent years and has closed its factories this winter. 

The World Cat Company, which has been battling Glacier Bay Catamarans for market share for more than 10 years, bought the assets of Glacier Bay, which closed in a deal sealed on February 20.

World Cat is a North Carolina based company. It is supported by the financial strength and smart management of the parental company Hornet Capital. 

The holding company also owns American Composite, a leader-like figure in outsourcing services for the Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) industry.

Who Bought Glacier Bay Boats?

Two friends, Andrew Brown and Chris Brockway own the majority of Glacier Bay’s parents. That is, they bought the company. Brown continues as president of World Cat. 

Brockway, on the other hand, has joined Glacier Bay as the new president. Together, they dominate the entire PowerCat market. Despite the recent failure of their owned Twin Vee, they are currently the best in the market.

Are Glacier Bay Boats’ Parts Available on the Market?

Although only a handful of Glacier Bay boats are currently on the market, the good news is that you can still buy a variety of parts for these boats. 

All you have to do is remember the name of your boat builder. Since Glacier Bay’s old boats are now available in the market, they are available from a variety of old boat dealers. 

In this case, West Marine is the dealer of most of the manufacturer’s products. If the product you want is not in their stock, they will order it and deliver it to you. 

On the other hand, since World Cat has bought Glacier Bay, you can contact them. If you have trouble finding outlets, you can Google the manufacturer’s name.

Is It Wise to Buy Used Glacier Bay Boats?

Glacier Bay is a yacht brand that currently has no new product available. Experienced yacht brokers and boat dealerships are selling old Glacier Bay. But, YES, you can buy used Glacier Bay boats in good condition from popular outlets.

Their listed boat models range in size from 22 feet to 37 feet. The models at the front of the list have an exceptional 760 horsepower motor. Average models, on the other hand, maybe as moderate as 260 to 300 horsepower engines.

Catamarans type boats are much better than any other boat on the market. By using these, you will get a good ride and strong construction. 

Their goal is not just to build boats. Their main goal is to build a variety of high-quality fishing boats that will truly provide complete customer satisfaction. 

The company aims to keep the boats looking new, not just for the first year but for the next 5 to 10 years with great performance. 

According to them, they have taken the responsibility to allay the concerns of the customers about the sustainability and performance of the boat.

How Much Can Used Glacier Bay Boats Cost?

Now you may ask, how much can Glacier Bay boats cost? Glacier Bay boats are available for sale online and at various outlets at more decent prices ranging from $ 35,000. 

On the other hand, in the current market, you may have to spend up to $ 220,000 for a more gorgeous yacht.

Which Glacier Bay Model Is Best?

Currently, the most popular Glacier Bay models on the market include: 

  • 3470 Ocean Runner, 
  • 2640 Renegade, 
  • 2240 Renegade, 
  • 2740 Dual Console and 
  • 2240sx Renegade. 

Various Glacier Bay models are currently on sale in the market by specialized yacht brokers, brokerages and dealers. The list includes modern models from 1999 to 2018.


The Glacier Bay Catamarans Company has been trading with extreme dominance in the world boat market until it came under World Cat. 

They have built milestones in the industry world by completing countless long journeys of 1,000 miles or more quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately at some point, they fell into extreme financial distress. 

However, on behalf of Glacier Bay, World Cat is currently launching first-class fishing boats to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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