Are EdgeWater Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

What makes the EdgeWater boats different than others? Why do they call it the unsinkable boat? Is it just a marketing scheme? Or does the technology speak for itself?

EdgeWater boats might just be the real unsinkable boats. The strength and durability is just wild! But what makes them different than other sturdy fiberglass boats? What is the science?

In this blog, I will dive deeper into these aspects. Read on till the end to figure out whether EW is going to be your next boat or not.

How Good EdgeWater Boats Are?

EdgeWater has managed a distinct reputation for producing non-average, exceptionally high-quality boats. Be it smaller boats, or up to luxury Yachts.

EdgeWater boats come with what they call ‘the unsinkable level floatation’ construction. This is due to the absence of wood in the hull with closed-cell foam.

EW boats give you a fantastic, dry ride! The efficiency is nice and the boats are faster too. The rear deck has a well, perfect for the recreational angler. The storage is roomy. Comes with a powder-coated t-top.

They are a bit on the expensive side. And fall on the same tier as a Grady and Whaler. Though Whalers are styled differently. Its face value is similar to Yellowfin & Everglade. The fit and finish are obviously great! You get what you pay for. The wiring is amazing and the boat is a heavy layup. The hardware and materials are top-grade, high-quality stuff!

Offshore, the boats perform satisfactorily. They are fuel-efficient and sturdy. You’re looking at easy 70 miles offshore traveling.

If the wells are full, it might make the boat heavier and a little rear. But overall, these are very attractive boats both by looks and functionality.

How Reliable Are EdgeWater Boats?

Did someone say reliable? Let me introduce the ultimate ‘self-bailing and unsinkable’ boats out there! Or so they say.

However, the Single Piece Infusion or SPI technology is in favor of this. This technology maintains one single strong structure. Making this structure apparently unsinkable. SPI makes the hull strong and ensures fuel economy.

Then there is the unique proprietary variable deadrise (multi-angled) hull design and structural system. Ensures that water doesn’t splash and you get a dry ride. The owners swear by its reliability. It surpasses all industry standards.

The hull provides you with a great deal of buoyancy. Boats provide safe, dry rides. And the hulls stay put in rough, choppy conditions.

Rely on the large cockpits to store as much as you want. Pick from the range of storage areas it provides.

How Durable Are EdgeWater Boats?

Three different methods are used to fasten the decks with the hull. Strong enough?

The boats deliver offshore excellence. Why? The long-running strakes. This provides dynamic stability and increased lift. Enabling the boat to reach outstanding acceleration out-of-the-hole.

The hand-laid fiberglass is reinforced with composite coring. The high-density composite transoms hold up against all odds.

Each boat comes with a factory rigged Yamaha outboard. Making it unstoppable and enduring.

What About Older EdgeWater Boats?

Older models from the year 2002 can be found in use. The famous 2002 ones are 140, 155, 175, 135 etc.

The 260 Center Console dates even before that, from 1996-2001. The 265-268 Center consoles were made back in 2002. Those continued coming out up to 2013.

Check out the model of your preference here

Do They Still Make Parts for Older Models?

Old replacement parts are usually expensive. Especially when you buy from EdgeWater directly. They usually have available parts for their boats. You might need to check in with them regarding this.

However, older parts can be found from dealers nearby. But in all honesty, good parts are hard to come by. Or salvage or replace for that matter.

If you are in Florida, I have a place for you where you can get parts. Check out Vilano Interiors, in St. Augustine.

Moreover, different parts may be manufactured in different facilities. Try to get information from your dealer on this. Make sure you are getting corrosion-free parts. Check the material carefully while purchasing.

What Are Typical Problems with EdgeWater Boats?

Here’s the deal about composites, they aren’t water-resistant. Long-term exposure to moisture gets absorbed there. What’s worse, there can be up to 30% moisture intrusion under the floor. That too in just over 10 year old boats.

The floors become soft in various spots. Moisture absorption might increase the weight of the boat. A regular 28 feet console should have the dry weight (w/o Engines, approx.) of 6900lbs.

But if it’s more than that, it’s probably moisture weight. This results in the inefficiency of the machinery.

So far, this is the only common problem that EWs present.

How Long Do EdgeWater Boats Last Compared to Similar Brands?

EdgeWater boats are really well made. They should last you more than 5 decades with that strong fiberglass build. But Boston Whalers, on the other hand, will last you more than that.

In terms of longevity, Boston Whalers have been proven to last even a century before it gets tired.

However, except Boston Whalers, EdgeWater boats surpass any other boat in terms of longevity. Their sturdy build gets them on for decades and decades!

On top of that, you get lifetime hull warranty.

Do EdgeWater Boats Hold Their Value?

EdgeWater boats hold great resell value! They have a very happening reputation of being the highest quality boats. Boats last longer due to scrutinizing detailing while in production. As a result, resell value holds perfectly!

How much would you sell a 2004 EdgeWater at that has 700 hours on it? 60% of your original price! The resell value is just that great!

Are EdgeWater Boats Still Being Made?

The legendary Bob Doughertywas the founder of EdgeWater boats. The boats are still being produced at Edgewater, FL.

In this Florida facility, EdgeWater boats are being designed, planned and crafted at present. They have yet to become a wide scale manufacturer. They still believe in employing a handful of people to make hand-crafted boats. This maintains the overall quality of the traditional EdgeWater boats.

These skillful people are designing and crafting everything from center console, express, dual console, and bay boat models.

Final Thoughts

Overall, EdgeWater boats have lesser problems than it has benefits. The legendary founders have well established the tradition. The namesake of being sturdy, strong and reliable boats is justified in the case of EW boats.

I highly recommend the purchase of these boats.

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