4 Most Common Problems With Evinrude G2 Outboard Motors

Evinrude is known for its unique, innovatively advanced, and very competitive outboard engines, that is why they are one of the oldest leaders in this industry.

Especially the Evinrude G2 engines models are extremely efficient when you consider fuel efficiency rate and smooth performance.

Though Evinrude G2 series models can perform better than many well-known four-stroke outboard motors, still, there are some problems that consumers should keep in consideration before making the purchase decision.

Therefore, let’s learn about the 4 most common problems that often arises while using any of the Evinrude G2 series models –

Common Evinrude G2 Problems:

1. Steering Control Loss

Losing steering control while you are on the water can be dangerous, which can even lead to serious accidents or cause death.

According to many Evinrude G2 series outboard motor users, they have experienced steering control issues with their outboard motor.

Especially, people who have the old version of the E-TEC Evinrude G2, often complain about this problem.

Also, the Evinrude authority has acknowledged this problem and declared that a limited number of outboards may have this fault because of the incorrect assembling of the steering components. 

However, Evinrude authority has formally recalled those old outboard models and informed that their latest upgraded G2 models are improvised to avoid the steering control issue.

Evinrude suggests not to run the outboard 3000 RPM or steering it hard-over to port or starboard to prevent from losing steering control.

Also, contact the nearest authorized dealer or mail to the Evinrude customer helpline whenever you encounter this troubleshooting issue for further testing and replacing tasks.

2. Powerhead Failure Or Lower Unit Leakage Problem

Another commonly encountered problem is the powerhead failure of the Evinrude G2 model series.

Often users have claimed that they experienced powerhead collapse or lower unit leakage issue on their Evinrude G2 outboard motor.

This can be a technical or assembling error, but it can also occur when you do not have an accurate oil and fuel mixture ratio or lack of fuel while operating WOT/WFO. The impeller blockage can cause this commotion too.

The powerhead issue can arise outboard powerhead failed because of either because of bad injectors, leaned out motor or damaged cylinders.

That’s why you need to maintain the required regular servicing of your outboard motor. Also, remember to check and inspect your outboard thoroughly after every use.

Sometimes, users encounter that the lower unit seal is leaking at the prop shaft. This is not particularly an issue of Evinrude G2 models, it can occur with any outboard motor brand.

Lower unit leakage or water in the outboard motor’s lower unit can occur because of excess corrosion on the lower unit components or if one or more parts, terminals of the lower unit are broken or damaged.

3. Starter Motor May Fail:

Evinrude and BRP have claimed that their latest E-Tec G2 outboard motor models are designed and engineered with innovative technology to overcome the previous technical issues customers experienced with their previous release around 2016-17.

However, customers still sometimes encounter the starter motor failure while using the G2 motors.

The starter motor can fail if the shift handle is not turned in neutral or the internal fuse has blown up. In that case, you need to check both possible errors and fix them according to the need.

Starter failure can also occur because of the dead or damaged battery. If that is the case, you have to make sure the battery switch is turned “On”, and your battery is not broken or out of voltage.

Remember to clean corrosion or debris from the exterior body of the battery and its connecting terminals. Also, do not forget to charge the batteries as required.

4. Loose Gearcase And Exhaust Housing Extension Nuts

Some of the Evinrude E-tec G2 models have this particular troubleshooting error, and if you own the Evinrude E-tec G2 model, you may have already encountered this commotion.

The nuts or bolts on the gearcase and exhaust housing extensions may come out loose, which will allow the gearcase assembly to detach from the outboard engine.

If the nuts come out loose, it can be dangerous for the users because you may lose control of the direction and steering and face a severe accident.

It is a safety measure which the company has acknowledged too. The authority has already recalled some of the G2 series models, which have this problem in them.

Evinrude suggests contacting the authorized dealers or BRP customer helpdesk whenever any customer encounters this commotion.

Final Thoughts

When people consider attractive looks and technologically advanced features, Evinrude definitely delivers the best outboard options. Especially their G2 engines are designed with the most innovative steering system and a completely integrated unit.

The Evinrude E-TEC G2 two-stroke outboard motors are capable of outperformed the other four strokes outboard options.

However, before you purchase any of the Evinrude E-TEC G2 models keep those possible troubleshooting issues in mind.

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