Are Excel Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Excel Boat brand is known for offering affordable yet premium aluminum boats specially built for outdoor recreational lovers or enthusiasts.

But are Excel boats reliable enough to invest your money in them?

Excel designs each of its Boat series to ensure premium quality, and these boats are manufactured from Excel’s most modern and high-tech boat manufacturing plant to ensure the highest level of durability and reliability of every Excel boat.

Let’s find out more about Excel boats and understand how good and worthy these boats are in today’s article-

Here’s How Good the Excel Boats Are:

Reportedly, all Excel boat lineups are specially targeted to meet outdoor recreational enthusiasts’ unique needs and preferences.

Every Excel boat series is the final result which design and structures are designed by Excel’s outstanding R&D team and manufactured by the well-experienced Production unit in Excel’s modernized high fact manufacturing factory.

That’s why each of the Excel boat models represents an attractive outer look, has clean and spacious layouts for ensuring maximum comfort as well as has exceptional fit and finish.

How Durable & Reliable Are The Excel Boats? 

Whether you like fishing or just love trips on the water and enjoy time with family, Excel has the perfect boat to count on for a comfortable and relaxing time on the water.

Since Excel’s outstanding R&D team kept sportsmen and adventurous recreational enthusiasts on their minds while developing each boat series, that is why every Excel boat contains plenty of different configurations and special features.

These boats come with all the required strong features that will allow one to get the most out of their time while they are on the water.

Excel claims that every boat series under their brand name strike a natural balance between design, convenience, and style so that every boat or adventure enthusiast can find their perfect water buddy.

Excel offers various boat series which are specially designed and built to fulfill the particular type of consumer needs.

For instance, the Excel Bay Pro series boats are designed to ensure the most possible interior space and awesome performance in open water environments. Because these boats are equipped with large casting decks, lockable rod boxes, an integrated trolling bracket for precise control, and the best possible hull strength. Even they come with twin live wells which make fishing more relaxing and are equipped with Superliner™ flooring for ensuring firm planting.

Excel Bay Pro line of boats features outstanding fishability and sturdy construction for fishing enthusiasts.

Excel F4 or Shallow water boat series offer boats which plane quicker than other competitors’ boats, even have sharper handling, and come with plenty of space. These boats also feature the Acceleration™ Pad Hull to ensure extraordinarily low drag in the water for better performance. Even the wide casting decks and ample gear storage spaces make the operation more convenient and comfortable.

Excel Shallow Water or F4 series contains triple tapered chines and is built with an all-aluminum transom, and a full welded aluminum floor to ensure the powerful hull, which is perfect for enjoying tours.

If you are looking for a perfect boat for simple regular boating, hunting, or outing, the Excel brand has the Bull Nose boat series for you. These boats are quite strong and tough and provide higher reliability.

The Bull Nose series of Excel is equipped with a sturdy transom, twin surface drive engines, and tubular bow to provide more durable impact and crush resistance during navigating through the trees or rocks.

How Long Do The Excel Boats Last Compare To Similar Brands?  

The Excel boats are specially designed and built to meet the international standard longevity period.

However, determining the actual lifespan of any boat is pretty impossible since the boat’s longevity also depends on the boat model, year, as well as how aggressively you operate your boat, and how well you took care of its regular Maintenance. 

In general, any excel boat is supposed to last a minimum of five to ten years without any major issues. But depending on the model and its use, the time can increase up to fifteen years.

What Are Typical Troubleshooting Problems With The Excel Boats? 

Although every Excel boat is built with the combination of premium quality materials, the latest proven technology, and well-experienced craftsmanship, owners might still encounter some minor common troubleshooting issues with them.

Occasionally, engine issues such as engine overheating, sputtering, power loss, unusual fuel consumption, or starving for oil, battery failure might occur. Sometimes other potential trouble such as Hull failure, rod locker lid crack, loose electrical wiring connection, or exhaust system failure can arise.

But let me remind you that these are very typical problems, and overtimes one of those issues can arise on any brand’s boat.

Have Excel Boats Recalled Any Of Its Previous Models?

Yes. According to the U.S. Coast Guard records, the Excel brand has made the following recall-

  • Excel Boat CO LLC has recalled model 1754SWV4 (year-2016) due to Label Capacity failure, And Hull Id Number error. Although the severity level was Low, this recall still applied to 299-unit boats. They recalled on 18th August 2016 and closed market availability on 11th February 2020.

Are The Excel Boats Still Being Made?  

Yes. According to the Excel brand’s official website information and declaration, the company is still continuing its boat production.

Do Excel Boats Still Make Parts For Older Models?  

The Excel boat company has not stated any official confirmation about whether they still produce the older models or their replacement parts and accessories.

However, based on the information provided on the brand’s official website, the company still makes and has spare parts and accessories support available for all the available boat models.

Also, the brand highly recommends all the customers directly contact them regarding any such queries or assistance via these customer service mailing addresses ,, or visit .

Where Is The Manufacturing Location Of The Excel Boats?  

Reportedly, Excel’s original manufacturing facility is located at Mountain View, Arkansas, where all of the Excel boats are being made.

But according to trusted sources, the company has expanded its manufacturing facility in Lake County, Tennessee where the company has been continuing boat production since 2019.

Which Brands Can Be The Best Alternative To The Excel Boats?   

If you wish to opt for an alternative recreational boat brand, you can choose from brands such as Alumacraft, Lowe, Ranger, Crestliner, and  Smokercraft boat brands.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is the Excel’s Bay Pro series, Bass series, Catfish Pro, or the F4 boat series, Excel offers boats that can successfully handle the unexpected and keep you safe on the way to your adventurous alley. So, if you are looking for a quality boat, consider the Excel boat brand too.

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