How Good The Gen Y Hitch: Are They Strong and Reliable?

Are you looking for a heavy-duty, adjustable, unbreakable, and affordable hitch to tow your furniture, appliances, lawnmowers, boats, or anything? Gen Y hitch meets all the requirements. Are they trustworthy? Do they hold their value?

Gen Y hitch is an adjustable tri-ball/pintle combination hitch that allows a truck or SUV to tow multiple trailers. This hitch is made of solid steel and its durability is magnificent. They are the most popular among users for their versatility and endurance.

In this article, we are going to tell you everything about Gen Y hitch and help you decide whether or not you should buy them.

How Good is Gen Y Hitch?

Gen Y hitch is one of the best hitches on the market. They are popular among people for their versatile design, heavy build, and durability. People say this is the last hitch you will ever buy.

These hitches improve fuel economy, reduce tire wear, are lightweight, tough, tactical, provide a smooth ride. These hitches come with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure a safe investment.

You can choose from the following models:

  • Bumper Towing
  • Fifth Wheel Towing
  • Gooseneck Towing
  • Specialty Towing
  • Trailer Couplers

Each of these models has a few variants to meet your need. You can find more by heading to Gen Y Hitch.

How Reliable Is Gen Y Hitch?

Gen Y hitch is one of the best hitches out there. These hitches are heavy-duty and built with solid steel. They are considered unbreakable and the last hitch you will ever have to buy. They are versatile and fit every vehicle. Every Gen Y hitch comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to ensure a safe investment.

The customer service of Gen Y is just as great as their product. Top-notch is an understatement according to the customers. They have extremely good products and amazing customer service to back it up.

How Durable Is Gen Y Hitch?

Gen Y hitch is popular among people for its build quality and durability. These hitches are engineered to last a lifetime. They are heavy-duty, versatile, and provide the same performance for decades.

This hitch is stout, three ball sized, has a pintle lock, has a double hitch adapter, and is capable of lifting or lowering.

These hitches are packed with everything you would want your hitch to do.

How Long Does Gen Y Hitch Lasts Compare To Similar Brands?

Gen Y hitch lasts a lifetime if taken care of properly. These hitches are built to last a lifetime without any issues. They have been producing these hitches for years while maintaining a positive attitude among customers.

Is Gen Y Hitch still Being Made?

In the United States, Gen Y hitches are still manufactured. Easy Hitch is the manufacturer of them. They’ve been producing these incredible hitches for more than a decade.

What Are The Best Gen Y Hitches?

Let’s take a look at some of Gen Y’s most popular hitches –

  • Best Premium Hitch: Race Trailer Hitch Specialty Towing
  • Best Value: Mega Duty Bumper Towing
  • Best Pick: The Boss (Torsion-Flex)

Where Is The Manufacturing Location of Gen Y Hitch?

Gen Y hitch is manufactured by Easy Hitch. Gen Y was formed in 2011 by Carl Borkholder. Carl owned a company that provided commercial tree care services

The manufacturing facility of Gen Y is located in northern Indiana. Gen Y has many warehouses across the United States.

Which Brands Can be The Best Substitute To Gen Y Hitch?

Gen Y hitches are superior to its subsequent brand hitches. However, here are some other brands that could be a good replacement for Gen Y hitches:

Curt, Reese, Tow & Stow, Connor, Weigh Safe, Towever.

Final Thoughts

Gen Y Hitch is a high-quality, heavy-duty hitch that provides long-lasting service. Gen Y is considered the best hitch brand in the United States for its durability, featueres, customer service, and warranty.

So, if you are looking for a hitch that will not break, serve multiple purposes, and last a lifetime, I strongly suggest you to go for Gen Y.

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