Are Hangkai Outboards Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Hangkai has been manufacturing outboards for boats for more than 15 years.

The company is mainly known for its smooth and efficient outboard engines. Their outboards are powerful to provide your boat the potential to run in the water quietly.

Even though the company has mixed reviews online, can you rely on them?

How Good Hangkai Outboards Are?

Users all around the world have praised Hangkai brand goods for their great quality, remarkable performance, and low pricing. Some users have also given bad reviews about their products.

The outboard products have been exported to Russia and the United States, as well as dozens of countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Asia Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

They have been widely used in a variety of fields, such as water rescue, fish farming, water recreation, and military procurement, among others.

Hangkai has been designated as a “manufacturer of special items for natural flood emergency rescue” after years of development.

How Reliable Are Hangkai Outboards?

If you own a small boat, the Hangkai outboards are perfect for you. The bigger your boat gets, the more power it consumes.

There are a lot of good points about the Hangkai outboard motors. The outboards are very lightweight. So you can easily transfer from one boat to another. Replacement and repair are also easy for this matter.

Although these weigh less, the outboards are powerful beasts. You can use these on your 12-16’ boats without worries. They also offer a full range of guarantees and warranties.

How Durable Are Hangkai Outboards?

The Hangkai outboards are fairly durable for their price. If you get the most recent models, you will get better performance and durability from the outboards.

When purchasing an outboard motor, the most important element to consider is the engine power. Hangkai provides exactly what an engine needs.

The power of your engine influences how well it handles at intermediate speeds and how well it can manage with choppy seas, in addition to its peak speed.

Hangkai provides water cooling technology and has a big gas tank. The engine is lightweight and portable, with a short shaft.

Tiller management, CDI ignition, manual ignition, and a recirculating oil lubrication method are all included.

The outboards are composed of high-strength anodized aluminum that is corrosion-resistant and robust.

Hangkai outboard motors have a direct bearing system that supports accuracy and work beautifully and silently. The motor is very comfortable to operate and allows continuous running at full speed.

What About Older Hangkai Outboards?

Hangkai is a product of Taizhou Gongda Motor Parts Co. Ltd. The company transformed into the marine equipment field in 2000 and started making Outboards.

Since they have been manufacturing outboards for about 20 years, the older models are not too old. Even though you cannot find the first models by Hangkai in the market, there are still a few available if you know where to look.

Hangkai has been determined to improve the quality of outboards since the very beginning of their journey.

The two-stroke outboard motor series are 2.0hp, 3.5hp 4.0hp, and so on. The older ones provided less horsepower; and the four-stroke was also pretty famous back in the days.

Do They Still Make Parts For Older Models?

Hangai exclusively offers parts for older models. If you want to buy older model parts directly from Hangkai, you can contact them at this link.

You can also find replacement parts for old models of Hangkai outboards at Alibaba. The shop provides a wide range of parts for your outboard motor.

This website also sells Hangkai outboard parts wholesale. So if you are looking forward to buying parts for your older model of Hangkai, you can easily replace the parts by buying from the sellers.

What Are Typical Problems With Hangkai Outboards?

Your outboard motor can face different problems depending on the situation. There are a few common problems every outboard motor faces. The main problems with Hangkai Outboards are given below:

If your fuel system fails on you, there might be several reasons. Tight vent screw on the tank cap, loose tubing plug, twisted tubing, no pull for cold start, clogged fuel filter might be the reason your engine’s failure to start.

You might face the problem of your electrical system’s failure. If the flameout emergency card is not inserted, spark plug fouls or spark plug not inserted, and faulty ignition parts are installed, your electrical system might not work.

There were a few sightings of carburetor oil blockage after prolonged use of Hangkai outboards. So be sure to clean and blow through the oil channel with compressed air if you face this complication.

There is a common failure and troubleshooting page on Hangkai’s official website. You can visit their Article page if you want to know and fix all the common problems.

How Long Do Hangkai Outboards Last Compare To Similar Brands?

The life expectancy of your outboard engine might be a bit of a conundrum. There are a lot of boat owners who say their engine lasted five, ten, or twenty years. There appear to be just too many variables that go into the life and care of any motor to give a precise timetable.

A usual two or four-stroke Hangkai outboard engine should have a run time of 1,500 hours. This will last 7 to 8 years based on an average usage of 200 hours per year.

Changing the oil every 50 hours of operation and cleaning the engine regularly, on the other hand, may extend the life of your outboard motor to 10 to 20 years. Most of the users have said that they have been using the outboards for about 8 to 10 years.

Do Hangkai Outboards Hold Their Value?

Hangkai offers its customers affordable and high-quality outboards. Although the quality depends on the money, you will be happy to know that the company cares most about quality over quantity.

Their gasoline outboard Hangkai Two-Stroke outboard motor costs $150 which is a cheap but good quality outboard with 3.5 horsepower. The Hangkai Four Stroke 6.5 outboard motor is one of their most costly outboard which will cost you $560.00.

The Hangkai 12V ET45 Electric outboard motor has a price of $105 which is a grab if you own a smaller boat. Judging by their price and specifications, they are one of the best competitors on the outboard market.

Are Hangkai Outboards Still Being Made?

Yes, the Hangkai outboards are being manufactured by Taizhou Gongda Motor Parts Co. Ltd. They have 2 lines of outboard engines. These are the gasoline series and the electric series.

Hangkai currently offers you 9 types of gasoline outboard engines. These might cost you anywhere from $150 to $560. The horsepower also differs from model to model. You can get 3.5 HP to a whopping 18 HP for your boat.

In their electric outboard series, Hangkai sells 6 different models. The electric outboard costs from $105 to $305. The horsepower on the electric motors is low since gasoline provides more raw energy than electric ones.

If you want in-depth specifications about Hangkai’s outboard models, do give a visit to the Products page on their website.

Final Thoughts

Hangkai outboard motors are at an all-time high in popularity today. Even on boat designs that have historically been designed with stern-drive and inboards, such as runabouts and cruisers, outboard versions are becoming more common.

To be honest, today’s Hangkai outboards are better than ever before, and boaters frequently cite ease of operation, improved dependability, and simple maintenance as reasons why they choose Hangkai outboard motors over alternatives.

So, if you trust Hangkai, you can rely on their outboard engines.

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