Are Honda Outboards Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Which outboards first produced Honda outboards? Why did Honda win so many awards? How strong are they in choppy currents?

The Honda outboards are truly amazing. They are the first to introduce 4-strokes in the U.S. These are sturdy with the maximum number of years on them. Hondas are perfect but there’s a catch.

Stay till the end of the forum to find out what is the science behind these scientists.

How Good Honda Outboards Are?

Honda Marine introduced the 4-stroke outboard engine, the first of its kind, 4 decades ago in this country. No one had seen anything like it before! The pioneering technology is the most revered at present by boaters of all walks.

Honda outboards were ahead of time back then! And the design is thoroughly reflected starting from BF2.3 to the BF250 outboards. Each outboard outputs the best of the features.

These outboards save you approximately 50% of the fuel. Saves you the use and cost of two-stroke fuels. The outboards are 90% cleaner, good for the environment. All of the Honda engines exceed the highest CARB 3-Star rating. This meets the strict standards of the California Air Resource Board for 2009.

The cutting-edge technology allows a longer outboard life. They are also 50% quieter compared to other outboards. Save yourself extra smoke, emissions and stink of 2-stroke outboards with Honda 4-strokes.

Moreover, the outboards come with a 5-years, fully transferrable warranty. It is a non-declining, factory direct warranty. Honda provides service nationwide.

The outboards are so good that Honda won the National Marine Manufacturers Association CSI award for Customer Satisfaction consecutively for fifteen years.

How Reliable Are Honda Outboards?

The reliability of Honda outboards are outstanding! They are the first of their kind in terms of producing 4-stroke engines. Since then they have come a long way.

The 4-strokes never faltered in performance. The engine blocks of the outboards are the same as that of the Accord, Odyssey, Fit, and Pilot. This makes the engines all the more reliable.

Honda happens to be the single manufacturer that provides a 5-year warranty on outboards. This shows the integrity they have for their own product.

They also happen to provide a wide range of outboard options. You cannot go wrong with these!

How Durable Are Honda Outboards?

Honda outboards are highly durable. This is majorly due to the outboards being 4-stroke. 2-stroke engines depend on gas or air for carrying a thin oil film to critical components.

4-strokes enable the internal components to be consistently lubricated. This also cools internal engine components. Thus improving durability.

Moreover, ring wear is accelerated due to 2-stroke cylinders and pistons. Due to the lack of exhaust and intake ports, 4-stroke engines have a tighter operation. Thus, gaining a longer life.

What About Older Honda Outboards?

Honda has it’s famous outboard even in 10 HP. Take a 10 HP Honda BF100 for example. It is one of the older models. Such an engine with 70 hours on it will easily get sold at $400.

The 75, 80 and 90 HP outboards have run their course. During their days they were famous. And You can find them often rigged to old boats on sale.

The smallest outboards were available during 1990s. Now the largest model BF250 is available.

Do They Still Make Parts for Older Models?

Old outboards going a bit rusty? Honda Marine in the US should have new parts for you to replace. Be it a carburetor or a compressor.

However, for older outboards, Honda may not have a readily available part. Because some of the old models will not fit anywhere now.

Moreover, if you live out of US, it will be difficult for you to check-in with Hoda marine and coordinate the delivery.

One of the easiest ways to get spare parts is from eBay, Amazon or any reliable online source. Your local dealer may also be able to help you easily.

What Are Typical Problems with Honda Outboards?

The most common problem regarding Honda outboard is a failed carburetor. Carburetor can get jammed causing the engine to not start, kick or crank.

Another issue seems to be the failure of the crankshaft thrust bearing. This is seen particularly in the models of mid 2010 and later BF200s and BF225’s.

Fouled spark plugs are quite typical in this case. Could also be faulty fuel lines. The engine produces smoke as the exhaust pipe has some kind of problem.

The engine may be kicking or spluttering too. Moreover, Honda outboards can be quite heavy. The longevity is not as satisfactory as the functionality. And in lighter boats, the heavy outboard causes trimming or tilting.

These are some of the common problems.

How Long Do Honda Outboards Last Compared to Similar Brands?

Typically one 4-stroke can have 1500 hours on it. Per day usage may be limited to 200 hours. Maintaining these conditions, the outboards may last 7-8 years.

Regular maintenance like flushing and changing oil/50 years of travel can expand the lifetime up to 10-20 years!

 Yamahas usually last having 1,500 to over 3,000 hours on them. Suzukis on the other hand will have 1,500 to 2,000 hours on them.

So in comparison, Honda is not supposed to last as much as the other outboard swill last.

Do Honda Outboards Hold Their Value?

Honda outboards are quite heavy. Which is why most owners can’t bag a good resell value. But this in no way means they always sell cheap. A good-conditioned engine or a properly rigged boat will cost more.

Are Honda Outboards Still Being Made?

Yes, Honda outboards are still being made. They started back in 1964 and have not stopped ever since. Honda Marine has been still innovating technology and making good outboards.

The outboards continue to be produced at Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture. They are not made in the U.S. In China, 2-5 horsepower outboards are produced. There, Honda is associated with the Jialing-Honda Motor Co. Ltd.

Final Thoughts

Honda outboards are the finest in crafting 4-strokes. They pioneered in those outboards.

However, Yamaha, Suzuki etc have figured out ways to better the outboard. Whereas Honda hasn’t even figured out how to be less heavy.

So my suggestion would be to go for any other outboard. Don’t go for Honda if you want a more technologically advanced line.

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