How to Flush Milky Oil From Engine? (6 Easy Steps)

As a part of regular maintenance of our engine, we need to change our engine oil. But only changing engine oil is not enough if you are not regular in it. Because, if you don’t change it regularly, this oil will become thicker and look like Milky Oil. Then you have to flush your engine after you drain the engine oil.

There are so many reasons behind flushing your engine and so many ways too. I can show you all the ways but that will make the article unusually lengthy. I will give you the best instructions for flushing your engine. After reading this writing, you will know How to Flush Milky Oil From Engine.

When To Flush or How To Know Your Engine Has Milky Oil?

Knowing the time of flushing your engine is very easy. There are three different ways of knowing this. Here I will show you how you will know when to flush your engine.

  1. You may know the flushing time by inspecting the engine sound and exhaust gas. If the exhaust gas becomes more black and the engine produces some extra sound then you will need to change the engine oil.
  2. Another way of knowing this is by checking the thickness of engine oil. You may check the thickness of it in two different ways. One is you may check it while changing the engine oil or coolant oil. If you find the oil thicker than normal, you will have to flush the engine
  3. Another way of checking the thickness is by using the oil level measuring stick. You just have to pull the stick out from the tank. Then take one drop of the oil on your fingertip and check its thickness.

Thus you can check the thickness of your engine oil. If the oil is thicker than normal used oil should be, then you need to flush your engine after draining your old coolant or engine oil.

How Bad Is It To Have Milky Oil In Engine?

If you are lazy about changing your engine oil then you might be doing some real damage to your engine. Because when the engine oil becomes thicker and it becomes milky, some of it will remain on your engine even if you drain it.

If that amount stays inside the engine and you put new oil and start driving your vehicle again at full speed, you will find the new oil becomes thicker again even before filling the millage. So, we can say that not flushing your engine after a certain period of time is really bad. It could bring some real trouble for your engine.

Cost of Flushing Milky Oil From Engine

The cost of flushing your engine depends on the way you are going to follow to flush it and what elements you are going to use. This also depends on your place too. So, saying the exact cost is the toughest thing without knowing your flushing plane.

But I can say the cost if you are going to follow my steps to flush your engine. The way I am going to show you need only three elements. I will list all these elements here with their cost.

  • Oil Filter——————— $10
  • Some Diesel————— $0.5
  • Some New Engine Oil— $10

This is the estimated cost of flushing your engine. If I add all these then it will be around $20. I did not add mechanic cost here because this is the easiest way to flush your engine that you can do at home. So, let’s see how to flush milky oil from engine.

How to Flush Milky Oil From Engine?

There are a few simple steps to flush milky oil from your engine. In this section of this article, I make all these steps easier for you. Let’s see how to do that.

  • Step 1: First, you have to remove the old oil. Some people also call it draining the engine oil. If you don’t know how to drain it. You may follow another article where we discussed how to remove engine oil. (Use as internal Link)
  • Step 2: Remove the oil filter too. Because in this part, some fluid always takes its place. This will not allow you to flush the milky oil completely.
  • Step 3: Now you have to put some diesel and fresh engine oil into the tank. Make sure you close the oil draining hole under the vehicle. The level of the mixture should be the same as the engine oil you have to put naturally. But this is not a must. You may put less than that level.
  • Step 4: Now close the tank cap. And start the engine. You have to ensure that the engine is running at least for 10 minutes. You may do it more than this time also. 
  • Step 5: After this time. Turn off the engine and wait for a few minutes. After waiting, drain this oil too. And change the oil filter.
  • Step 6: Add fresh engine oil to the recommended level. This is the final oil adding and the last step of flushing milky oil from the engine.

If you can follow all these steps, your engine will be clean, and flush will be effective. If you want, you may use only fresh engine oil too without using some diesel here. That also works better.


That was all about how to flush milky oil from the engine. If you can follow all these steps, you are going to be a successful one to flush your engine at home at the lowest cost and in the easiest way. You need to be more careful about the milky oil of your engine. This could be more dangerous than you may think about. Thanks for reading from us.

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