How to Lift Outboard Motor Without Hoist? (Helpful Tips)

A lot of people have asked us about how to lift outboard motor without hoist?
It has become a common question these days. Well, Outbound motors are becoming popular day by day. Why wouldn’t they?They are easy to use, remains quiet and of course it is powerful as well.

But when we use the boat very often, sometimes we need to lift outboard motor. And the easiest way we can lift an outboard motor is with the help of hoists. For lifting large masses, hoists are great & really helpful but at the same time they are quite expensive and difficult as well. So, in this article, we are going to tell you about some steps that we used to raise up the motor without using any hoists.

How to Lift Outboard Motor Without Hoist?

Step-1: The main idea we used is that we never took out all the bolts at the exact same time. It was just two at a time.

Step-2: There are four bolts. So, remove the bottom two & try to loosen both of the upper ones.

Step-3: Get someone to push the lower part to one side & when the pressure if off remove the bolt on that side.

Step-4: Keep rotating it around the other bolt till the next hole up in the motor mount lines up with the transom hole.

Step-5:Re-insert the bolt.

Step-6: Put on the nut make sure to leave some slack

Step-7: Keep repeating the process till with the bolt on opposite side.

Step-8: When the motor reaches you’re desire height, insert the bottom belts.

Step-9: Before tightening everything up again, apply sealant around the bolts.

Other than this, another common problem is when the trim malfunctions and you need the propeller & the shaft to be lifted manually. So, we suggest that you take the below steps to solve this common problem:

Step-1: Make sure the engine is turned off & the throttle is in neutral.

The engines are usually housed under a cowling. You need to open up the engine cowling.

Step-3: Get to the back transom.

Step-4: Find out the two metal pins which connects the shaft and the trim-motor.

Step-5: Next up, unscrew the pins from the trim motor. It is going to prepare the shaft-propeller to raise manually.

Step-6: Leave the cowling open.

Step-7: Two of you people should stand on two parts of the boat.

Step-8: Grip the shaft handle.

Step-9: Now you two should coordinate a slow lift of the shaft.

Step-10: One of you will lift & the other one will hold it up.  

Push the lock pins in the through the trim settings.

Step-12: You can push the pins into the hole at the shaft.

Step-13: Do not forget to close the cowling.

So,if you face this kind of problems, follow the above steps to lock the engine into an upright position.

Points to be noted:

  • Two people should do the work. But make sure to have a couple of people while doing these things.
  • We used a light weight motor in our case. So when you have an outbound motor which weights a lot be careful while using the methods.
  • Try to get marine grade silicone to use in the bolts which is below the water line. This will help a lot.
  • If you think you cannot do it. Then check out the tool centers. You might find a rental tool center which rents them. And price should be reasonable too. That way you can get a hoist, get the job done & return it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Transom?

Answer: The transom the cross-section of the stern. An outboard motor is attached there. It is a vertical reinforcement which helps to strengthen up the stern of a boat.

How long can my Outboard motor last?

Answer: Well, actually this one varies from motors to motors. There are the expensive long lasting ones & then there are a bit cheap ones as well. But, usually an outboard motor can operate for 1500 long hours. So it actually depends on how regular you use it. If you take good care of it should last between seven or eight years.

Inbound Motor vs. Outboard Motor

Answer: There are a lot of differences between inbound motor & an outbound motor. The inbound motor is usually mounted inside the boat & the outbound motor is placed outside the boat. The first one is usually at the hull of the boat & the second one is at the back of the boat.

Getting an inboard motor will cost you more than getting an outboard motor. However, inboard motors do last longer than the outboard motors. Keep in mind that the inbound motor might be costly to you in getting insurance coverage.

The inboard motors provides huge drifting experience, it is quieter  and happens to be fuel efficient. On the other hand, the outboard motors have really good power control, it is easier to load & dock the boat and it has also reduced different fire hazards risks. The outboard motors are becoming more popular than the inbound ones day by day.

Should I choose 2 or 4 stroke outboard?

Answer: Another common question is which one is better between the 2 or 4 stroke outboard. Well, the 4 stroke is clearly better. 4-stroke motor has a better fuel efficiency than the 2 stroke motor. Keeping in mind that they have the same HP, the 4-stroke motor has a 50% better fuel-efficiency than the  2-stroke motor. Also the 2-stroke outboards produce far more harmful emissions than the 4-stroke ones. So this is why the 4 stroke outboard clearly outperforms the 2-stroke outboard.

Last But Not The Least

We told you our way of how to lift outboard motor without hoist. Hope it will also be suitable for you. We have tried to answer your questions and hope that we could meet up with your expectations.

Other than this, if you have any queries or any suggestions please leave a comment below or you can mail us too. We will for sure get back to you. Thank you.

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