4 Symptoms to Detect Bad Power Pack On Johnson Outboard

Among the vast collections, Johnson outboards stand head and shoulders above the rest for their outstanding performance and longevity! However, improper caring, choosing incorrect fuel, and overloading can cause minor-to-serious issues!

One of these issues includes the bad Johnson powerpack. The symptoms of a bad Johnson power pack are reduced boat speed, constant misfiring, and difficulty starting. Problems with the ignition system can also be a common sign.

Without getting deep knowledge of its possible symptoms and causes, you can’t deal with it in the future for fixing. And that’s what I’m going to talk about. Stay tuned till the end!

How Do You Know if the Johnson Power Pack is Bad?

For the ignition system of the motor, a power pack is known to be one of the key components. 

It plays a crucial role in every engine cylinder in monitoring the overall functionality of the ignition system. 

But over time, and I’d say for several reasons, it may turn bad way earlier than before. 

So how can you know whether your Johnson Power Pack has turned faulty or not? That’s what I’m going to discuss right now: 

Symptom 1: Reduced Boat Speed/Constant Power-Off

Honestly speaking, your boat can face the issue of constant shut-off for a couple of reasons. But have you noticed it and the power reduction at the same time? 

If so, this is because of the bad Johnson power pack for sure! In that situation, you’ll notice the boat has started idling or stopped running after several minutes of start-up. 

Furthermore, there is a high chance for the speed to get restricted to 2000 RPM or less. 

Symptom 2: Misfiring

Is there any misfire occurring through the engine of your boat? A fragile power pack is prone to decrease the level of voltage, causing unnecessary pressure on the engine that results in misfiring issues. 

To get rid of that, all you need is to run your boat through a stable voltage output, which allows the engine to run in the way it requires. 

Symptom 3: Issues with the Ignition

As I’ve already mentioned, the power pack is closely connected to the overall ignition system. So it’s pretty common to notice minor-to-major problems if the power pack goes bad, including harsh idling, exhaust backfiring, decreased acceleration, and more. 

Sometimes, the system turns worse when the motor of your boat gets overheated. In that situation, keeping the motor cool is a must to avoid potential damage.

Symptom 4: Difficulty with Start-up

Alongside the weaker spark, a bad power pack can also be the reason behind engine start-up difficulty. And that mostly happens when the coil has ended up with significant damage and becomes unable to generate the energy needed. 

So, if any of you notice the boat engine is taking more time than usual, call a seasoned mechanic to detect whether it is caused due to the bad power pack or anything else.

Possible Causes of Power Pack Failure on a Johnson Outboard

The power pack doesn’t fail to work or stop responding for a single reason. Rather, so many things are liable to make this electrical component weaker and more fragile over time. So let me show you some possible causes right here –

1. Corrosion Build-up

Honestly speaking, corrosion itself is just enough to decrease the overall longevity and performance of your Johnson power pack outboards. 

Sometimes, it obstructs the connection between the battery and causes the power pack failure.

2. Broken/Damaged Coil

In simple words, a melted coil can significantly offer a bad impact on the Johnson power pack’s functionality. 

Issues with the shorting and overheating often turn the coil damaged, resulting in the power pack not working.

3. Issues with the Stator

Wearing, overheating, and aging are the 3 main culprits behind turning the stator faulty. And it is considered one of the key parts of every outboard. 

So if there is anything wrong with the stator, Johnson’s power pack failure will be a common bummer!

Replacement and Repair Costs of Johnson Outboard Bad Power Pack

Based on the generations and models of the Johnson power pack, each has its own unique price tag. Moreover, it’s equally true that every marketplace doesn’t come with the same range of prices. 

So here, I’d like to share a random repair and replacement cost of the well-known Johnson power packs on the given chart: 

ManufacturerYear of ManufacturingApprox. Cost
Evinrude/Johnson1969 to 1970414.51 dollars
Evinrude/Johnson1973 to 1977142.80 dollars
Evinrude/Johnson1978 to 198798.07 dollars
Evinrude/Johnson1985132.61 dollars
Evinrude/Johnson1990 to 1998124.10 dollars
Evinrude/Johnson1994 to 1998158.27 dollars
Evinrude/Johnson1995 to 2006251.62 dollars

Important Note: For more queries, you can contact the sellers to confirm whether they’ve included the labor costs with the price chart or not.

Tips for Maintaining the Johnson Outboard Power Pack to Prevent Future Failures

Do you want to know the secret about how I kept my Johnson power pack long-lasting? Well, proper maintenance is the key, and there is no rocket science I guess!

So let me walk you through some tips you can follow to keep your outboard power pack in decent condition for longer:

  • Because of a faulty spark plug, chances are your Johnson power pack will stop functioning, if not getting damaged. So consider looking for damages to those plugs every once in a while.
  • Always be focused on the required voltage level so that misfiring doesn’t occur. For this, take the necessary help from a multimeter for a test.
  • Go for the straight replacement if you notice discoloration, corrosion, moisture, and breakage around the spark plugs. Otherwise, it’ll significantly damage your Johnson power pack over time.
  • The majority of the boat’s engine stops responding if there is anything wrong with the stator. So consider checking it manually every once in a while, if not on a regular basis.
  • Debris intake, using a poor belt, and blower issues often cause overheating issues. So you must avoid these to keep the coil cool so that it doesn’t affect the power pack’s functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even after getting familiar with a few symptoms, causes, and maintenance tips, are you in search of more queries on the Johnson power pack? Well, from several forums and customers’ queries, I’ve gathered the following answers:

Which component should I check if my Johnson power pack is offering negative symptoms?

Apart from the spark plug, it’s good to check the compression, stator, and fuel tank. If you’re pretty new in this field, then call someone for precise observation, especially the one who has pre-experience with this. 

Does a broken coil cause issues with the Johnson power pack?

A damaged or broken coil is considered a symptom of the bad Johnson power pack, although it is uncommon. In case you observe cracks or melts, there is nothing to do, except for replacing the coil right away. 

What’s the best way to spark test if my Johnson power pack is causing complications?

By attaching a specific “timing light,” you can test the condition of the power pack, especially if you face any of the above symptoms. For igniting a decent spark, spending on a quality pack is equally necessary. 

Should I jump straight into the replacement if my Johnson power pack is causing issues with the ignition system?

If you notice the power pack has stopped responding, only then you replace it as soon as possible. Otherwise, slight fixing may solve this issue, which can be done by mechanics.  


Like every other component of your motor boat, the power pack equally requires extra attention and care. Otherwise, there is a high chance that it will turn faulty or damaged sooner than usual. 

Especially, you should be extra careful during fuel selection. Premium fuels require to be your ultimate cup of tea to get the outcomes you’re desiring for!

When it comes down to the misfiring symptoms, I’d recommend you consult an expert because except for the faulty power pack, there are a few other reasons why it occurs.

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