Are Key Largo Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Key Largo boats claim that they offer diversity and everything else allowed to sail over lakes, rivers, and sea site areas.

However, people often wonder whether Key Largo boats are durable or reliable enough.

Are they any good to even give them a try?

Well, those doubts are understandable so let’s find out how much worth these boats have here.

How Good Key Largo Boat Are?

All Key Largo boat models are built with quality materials, features, and standard safety properties to ensure better reliability, durability, and affordability.

The manufacturer handcrafted each of these boats to ensure the customers are getting the toughest and most versatile sport fishing boats at the most affordable price.

Key Largo boats are capable of handling any conditions and are perfect for all types of boaters. From sportsmen or professional anglers to family boaters, the company has models for all types of boat users.

How Durable or Reliable Are Key Largo Boat?

Key Largo claims their boats are specially designed and manufactured to offer a way of relaxation, unbound adventure, and fun.

Each Key Largo boat model is built with quality raw materials, features, and standard safety properties to ensure reliability, durability, and affordability.

These boats are perfectly built with all the practical features so that from professional anglers, serious sportsmen to even family boaters can enjoy their rides or fishing adventures.

Key Largo boats are handcrafted to be the toughest and most versatile sport fishing boats.

As a result, these fishing boats are capable of handling various weather conditions. Even in rough or harsh conditions, these boats will run perfectly.

Key Largo claims that all their boats are created to help the boaters to relax, make endless memories on the water without worrying about boat issues.

Have Key Largo Boat Recalled Any of Its Previous Models or Parts? 

No. Though after reading several customers’ opinions, I was expecting any previous recall references. But according to the U.S. Coast Guard records, Key Largo Boats have not made any recall yet.

Where Is The Manufacturing Location Of Key Largo Boat?  

Marine Manufacturing Incorporated makes all different Key Largo Boat models in its manufacturing plant located in Douglas, Georgia.

What Are Typical Problems With Key Largo Boat? 

Most of the problems that boat owners have mentioned or complained about in the forum are with the 90s and early 20s to 2005 Key Largo models. These previous models may encounter issues on Bilge Pumps and Transom after some time.

The Bilge pump malfunction issue is a common occurrence that is mainly caused due to inappropriate fitting. The Transom issue on those older models may arise because of improper wood construction, but Key Largo upgraded their constructional structure in the new models, which meet the standards.

Over time, other common issues like leaks or cracks on the fuel tank, lower unit, and exhaust system may also occur.

What Are The Best Key Largo Boat? 

Let’s have a glance at some of the popular Key Largo Boats-

  • 2017 Key Largo 3000 CC
  • 2017 Key Largo 2486 WI CC
  • 2007 Key Largo 236 Center Console
  • 2018 Key Largo 220 Bay
  • 2020 Key Largo 2000 CC

Do Key Largo Boat Still Make Parts For Older Models?

While doing my research, I could not find any official declaration about whether the company still produces parts for older models or not.

But according to the Key Largo boat’s official website, they still provide customer support or assistance for replacement parts and accessories supports.

The company suggested to visit for any parts related queries or orders.

Are Key Largo Boat Still Being Made?  

Yes, Key Largo is still offering their wide range of diverse boat models but under another company’s ownership.

Reportedly, Powerboats, the original parent company of Key Largo boat announced to discontinue in 2011.

Later on, Caravelle Powerboats Company acquired Key Largo boat, and till then, Key Largo has been continuing the business under new ownership.

Which Brands Can Be The Best Alternative To Key Largo Boat?   

According to the boat users, the best thing about Key Largo Boats is the standard design, decent quality, and come at a very affordable price. So, to find the best alternatives, you can opt for other brands such as Carolina Skiff, Robalo Boats, Xpress Boats, Scout Boats, or Boston Whaler Boats.

How Long Do Key Largo Boat Last Compared To Similar Brands?  

The brand claims that all their boats are well built to meet the international longevity standards, and with proper scheduled maintenance and care, Key Largo boats can easily last for up to 10 years or even more years without any major issues.

However, practically speaking, you may notice some fitting or tear and wear issues after five years, which is very common for any powerboat or marine drive.

What Customer Say about Key Largo Boat?

Surprisingly, I discovered mixed reactions from the new and old Key Largo boat owners or users while going through several boating review forums.

In general, it is pretty easier to figure out whether most customers or boat owners are satisfied or not.

However, based on several owners’ opinions, it seems Key Largo boats are good, have basic standard features to be considered a decent type of boat to spend the reasonable price.

According to the owners, these boats are good for people who are simply interested in basic boats at a comparatively cheap price to use occasionally.

But those who are professional fishers or aggressive boaters and frequently sail on lake and sea side saltwater will find these boats not upgraded up to their standard.

Since these boats lack those advanced features and even the current models may not satisfy them.

Final Thoughts

Key Largo Boats are not the best option, but if you are looking for a quality boat that meets the US standards but comes at a very cheap price, it can be the best alternative for you.

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