Are Key West Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Key West is a South Carolina-based, family-owned boat manufacturing firm that was founded in 1986. Their goal was and continues to be to create high-quality boats at a reasonable price for the customer.

But are they really that good as they claim? Can you rely on the boats they make?

Yes! They are as good as they claim. Users have reviewed their boats as one of the best in the market. Thus, you can rely on these boats for the durability and premium quality that they provide. 

In this article, I will share the real buyers’ experience of Key West boats. This will help you to know what the real buyers have faced with these boats.

Here’s How Good Key West Boats Are?

Key West Boats focuses on building long-lasting boats that will give you and your family years of enjoyable time on the water. Key West boats are frequently cited as one of the greatest choices for boaters trying to get the most bang for their buck within their budget.

Most of the users are happy to use this boat and love to buy more than one of this same company if they need more. 

These boats are made with premium materials and have promises to last longer. The boats are strong, light, and also durable which all the buyers look for when buying a new boat.

The resale value for the Key West boats is also high. Hence, this boat is one of the best for longevity and reliability.

Other than some minor issues the boat has never had any serious issues. And if you face one, the customer service is ready to help you. 

In a word, these boats are incredible for the price and quality.

How Reliable Are Key West Boats?

The Key West company claims to manufacture one of the best boats on the market at Key West Boats, paying close attention not just to all-important flotation, but also to every other component. 

It is their fervent hope that no one will be wounded on one of their boats because they did not do everything possible to avoid it.

Essential West Boats are manufactured to fulfill all USCG criteria, as well as the CE standard for export, which emphasizes the same key aspects that they do at Key West Boats: safety, stability, and structural integrity.

The customers have also agreed to these claims and said that these boats are incredible and reliable. You can definitely buy one without worrying about reliability.

How Durable Are Key West Boats?

In the newest models of Key West Boats, there is no wood.

They’re made out of hand-laid fiberglass sheets and composite materials, and there’s foam all throughout to help with floating. The fundamental difference between the build of Key West Boats and this foam is that it is employed for buoyancy rather than structural objectives.

This implies that even in the worst circumstances, all of the boats have positive flotation and will stay upright. Key West Boats takes great pride in claiming that their vessels are virtually unsinkable.

Key West is known for producing high-quality, long-lasting boats. While most users are concerned about the endurance of their vessels, Key West is proud of their ‘No-Wood, No-Rot Construction.’

The boats have a sturdy fiberglass hull that can handle freshwater and saltwater conditions. So, you can rest assured that with regular upkeep and maintenance, you can enjoy your Key West boat for many years ahead.

What About Older Key West Boats?

Key West has been making boats for a long time. Even from the beginning, they were good at making excellent boats.

Hutch Holseberg began building fiberglass boats in 1986, utilizing molds stolen from another boat builder that had gone out of business. He had the desire to produce high-quality boats at a reasonable price for actual people. 

By 1988, he had created the Key West 1700, which was the first model to bear the Key West moniker.

Key West Boats’ initial focus was on producing high-quality fishing boats that were designed and built by fishermen. 

Over the next few years, a variety of models were created, and by 1997, Key West had released the 210LS ‘Oasis,’ putting them firmly on the recreational boating map.

All of these old models have performed as expected by the manufacturers and the customers were very positive about the boating experience.

Do They Still Make Parts For Older Models?

Indeed, you won’t find many of the parts for the older models. But you can find some if you look for them on different websites or dealers. 

As the Key West has stopped making wood-based boats which were the first-generation boats of this company, they do not make many parts for them. 

You can get a new boat instead of buying an older model as there are some amazing boats that they offer right now!

What Are Typical Problems With Key West Boats?

Even though Key West boats are recognized for their meticulous attention to detail, bilge pumps are a common problem for even the most cautious builders. 

Bilge pump failures are so prevalent that many boaters have a backup pump on board just in case.

There may be another issue that may occur and that is fueling the problem

Fueling problems may occur on some Key West yachts of various kinds and types. These problems can have a variety of causes and situations, but they usually require the replacement of multiple hoses or vents connected to the gasoline tank.

A tiny number of fuel tanks have leaks, which might be the result of dealership mistakes or bad maintenance by a previous owner.

While small fueling concerns, such as the requirement to fuel carefully to minimize leakage into the bilge due to poor venting, can be overlooked, they can escalate to significant problems.

As you can see, these are mostly minor problems. There were not many major problems found in Key West boats.

How Long Do Key West Boats Last Compared To Similar Brands?

Key West Boats are manufactured by some of the company’s most skilled craftsmen and boat makers.

They only use the finest materials and building methods available. Your Key West Boat should last roughly 50 years as a strong fiberglass boat.

Nonetheless, this will be determined by how effectively you maintain your boat, whether you perform routine maintenance, and the situations in which you use it. There are many older boats for sale on the secondary market, and if you look through the Key West Boat forums, you’ll find many owners of older boats that are still going strong.

And compared to other similar boats, Key West lasts quite longer than many others. Hence, you can stay free after buying a Key West boat.

Do Key West Boats Hold Their Value?

Key West boats are best for their value. The company offers boats that are reliable, dependable, and problem-free. 

They do not use wood and that makes the boats last longer than usual. And it also makes the boats strong, lightweight, and durable.

Their resale value is among the best in the market due to their use of high-quality materials, quality building techniques, and diverse designs ensure that it will attract a wide range of users even after years of usage and will last for many more years.

Are Key West Boats Still Being Made?

Key West is still in the business and making boats for various customers with different needs.

They build Family Sportsman, Bay Reef, Center Console, Dual Console boats for different purposes. It gives a buyer to choose from a variety of boats and anyone can choose the one they require.

You can check the boat list and their specification on Key West boats’ website.

Final Thoughts

Finally, I have to say that, Key West boats are incredible and one of the best in the market. if you are looking for buying a quality boat that can last longer than the Key West boats are one of the top choices that you should consider.  As per the user reviews, these boats are durable and reliable which can perform excellently and make your boating easy.

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