How Reliable Are The Kodiak Safe: Are They Any Good?

Rhino Metals Inc has a reputation for offering some of the top-quality gun safes with its BigHorn series, and their Kodiak safe series is considered the rising star.

Although Rhino’s BigHorn gun safe series is widely popular, their “k” or Kodiak series is respectively less popular, which makes many people wonder whether they are any good?

Kodiak Gun Safes are similar to BigHorn since both series are from the same well-trusted brand Rhino Metals, but the Kodiak series is specially built for budget-concerned customers.

Now, let’s learn how good and reliable these Gun Safes are from this article-

Here’s How Good the Kodiak Safes Are:

Since 1995, Rhino Metals Inc has been in this industry, and by now, it has built a trusted reputation for offering various premium featured safes with its different Gun safe lineups at a better competitive price.

Rhino’s Kodiak series is the budget branded Gun Safe series, and it offers more traditional safes for guns with modern electronic locking system features. Even the Kodiak Gun Safe series contains three different versions of safes with different sizes.

How Durable And Reliable Are The Kodiak Safes? 

The Kodiak safes from Rhino Metals come in the tan color and feature an electronic locking system to combine the latest modern technology with its original special traditional structure.

If you are looking for different size options, let me inform you that the Kodiak series has the largest range for that. Depending on their different capacity size, these safes can store a minimum of 18 guns up to 58 guns max. That means these safes are built to satisfy all types of Gun owners and collectors.

Mostly every Kodiak Gun safe has kind of a similar standard look. Still, if you closely observe and compare them side by side, you will notice the obvious size difference.

No matter, which sized gun safe you pick, you can be assured of one thing each Kodiak safes are pretty stout and well-built. Every safe comes in the predrilled as well as has a pre-slotted setup so that anchoring them to the floor and fitting them to the humidifiers becomes much easier.

Another excellent feature of these Gun safes is the door hanging organizer and pockets that come with them for storing the handguns.

Even they are equipped with UL-rated Type 1 electronic locks for ensuring safety.

Besides that, all Kodiak gun safes also offer the Limited Lifetime Warranty, which includes free repair or replacement in case of unavoidable incidents such as an attack or a fire.

How Long Does The Kodiak Safe Last Compare To Similar Brands?  

Most Safe brands have the common baseline of 30 minutes of fire protection, and if you find any brand’s safe model that contains up to two hours of fire protection, most probably that would be a premium model.

Yet, experts suggest getting a safe which offers at least 60 minutes or 1-hour fire protection.

Fortunately, the Kodiak safe series from Rhino offers 40 minutes up to 60 minutes. That means you are getting almost premium leveled fire protection in a budget-friendly Gun Safe.

Besides that, the limited lifetime warranty also gives you fee repairing and replacing opportunity in case of accidents, which is a definitely better deal.

What Are Typical Troubleshooting Problems With The Kodiak Safe? 

Based on several customers’ experiences, most people encounter three common troubleshooting issues with any brand’s Gun Safe, including Rhino’s Kodiak series.

One of the most common problems is customers complaining about their Gun safe’s digital lock not working correctly or not opening, which can happen due to dead batteries, jammed bolts, damaged, or disconnected wiring connection. Safe lock opening problems can also arise due to deactivated code or if your safe goes into penalty lockout or time delay mode.

Sometimes customers even complain about their Kodiak Safe’s handle turning hard. That can occur when your safe is overloaded, or any stored items have fallen into the door jamb. It can also happen if the slip clutch is engaged.

Another common complaint from most safe owners is why their Kodiak safe is continuously beeping, and it mainly repeatedly beeps when the battery is low or almost dead.

What Are The Major Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Safe? 

While you are planning on purchasing a new Gun Safe, there are a few important facts that you need to consider and keep in mind.

Therefore, have a brief look at the following pointers, they will surely help you pick the best match-

  • The first thing to consider will be the size of your safe’s storage if it has a bigger internal storage space. Then each time you bring something precious, you do not have to worry about those items’ safety. But also remember bigger safe means, you need wide space to fit it in. So, the bottom line will be medium to large-sized will be better only if you can fit in.
  • The next thing you need to consider is the built-in construction or quality of the safe. Make sure the safe is built of robust steel constructed safes. Also, make sure the safe contains a thick outer wall, a quality door hinge mechanism, strong locking bolts, and a quality digital lock system (must be the UL listed group 1 typed one).
  • Besides that, make sure that the safe has great resistance to fire, drill, and anti-theft to minimize the loss during unavoidable incidents.
  • Lastly, I would like to recommend checking the product’s spec list thoroughly.

What Are The Top Kodiak Safes To Pick? 

Have a glance at the most popular and recommended Kodiak Safe Models-

  • Kodiak KB5933ECX Gun Safe
  • Kodiak K5940EX Gun Safe
  • Kodiak Gun Safe for Rifles

Are The Kodiak Safe Still Being Made?  

Yes. According to the Rhino Metals Inc brand’s official website declaration, the Kodiak safe series is still actively being made.

Where Is The Manufacturing Location Of The Kodiak Safe?

Reportedly, all Kodiak gun safes are made in FRESNO, California where the manufacturing company is well known for building custom guns and luxury safes for more than three decades.

Many sources even claim that these safes are manufactured in China. But the original brand Rhino metal has not confronted about that.

The company only emphasized their original manufacturing plants for all of their products which are located at Caldwell, Idaho.

However, the easiest way of finding out your purchased Kodiak safe’s manufacturing country or location is to check the product’s spec level.

Which Brands Can Be The Best Alternative To The Kodiak Safe?   

Besides Kodiak Safes by Rhino Metals, you can also try safes from brands such as Cabela, Hornady, Tactical Walls, Vaultek, or Liberty Safe.

Customer Reviews On The Kodiak Safes

While going through consumer reports, I noticed mixed reactions among the customers, and some of them were fully satisfied with the safe they brought, whereas others expressed their disappointments too.

According to the majority of the Kodiak safe owners or users, the safes are sturdy and reliable enough to meet their expectations. However, a group of customers also expressed their disappointment towards the brand and its products since the safes could not fully meet their expectations. Several customers even mentioned some issues that they noticed after receiving the safe.

Final Thoughts

The Kodiak Safe series by Rhino Metals Inc. is undoubtedly a good option if you are looking for a quality constructed safe but at a budget-friendly pricing range.

The Kodiak safe series even offers various versions of the safe to meet different individuals’ needs and preferences.

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