Are Lowe Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

How fast is a Lowe boat? How withstanding it is in big waves and salt-rich waters? What is the quality of the materials used in Lowe boats? Is it worth my money?

You may be asking these questions as you look for buying yourself a Lowe boat. You’ve come to the correct place!

Lowe boats are affordable. above-average quality boats! They last long and are a steal for your money! Although the quality of parts used and aluminum density have been debated by a few.

Lowe boats are almost as good as Lund, the high-quality aluminum fishing boats. But why ‘almost’? I will discuss exactly that in brief details! So, here’s everything you need to know.

How Good Lowe Boats Are?

Lowe boats produce a range of boats starting from aluminum fishing boats, pontoon boats, small fishing boats, Jon and Hunting boats, etc.

Most users review Lowe boats to be excellent ones. They are one of the driest aluminum boats out there. Their durability in snotty conditions is noteworthy!

Their tough welded aluminum boats are suitable for salt-water fishing. Regardless of whether you pick a deep V or a utility Jon.

You can go on 16-20 years with a Lowe without a leak. The 1648M is smooth as a glider on shallow waters. For my fisherman brothers out there, the Lowe Stinger 198 is your way to go. Hands off best bass boat out there. And while we’re at it, the Roughneck 1860CC is also a sucker for hunting.

Lowe happens to be the first full-line ISO certified Aluminum boat company. This ensures faster hole-shots and increased top-end performance among others.

The lightweight high-performance deliverance is due to its super-tough, all-welded hull construction.

Lowe boats also run top dollar for second hand sell. Just in case you ever wanted to sell it but that’s highly unlikely!

How Reliable Are Lowe Boats?

Looking to find old Lowe boats but can’t find an easy catch? That’s because people who buy them don’t usually sell them.

This should speak volumes. People love these boats and spend over two decades smoothly with them.

However, as Lowe are cheaper boats, most parts have been made with slight compromise. Owners have reported the Fenders falling off, the problem with bow lights, etc. to be an issue.

Moreover, most of my buddies new to Lowe boats worry about the plywood decking and carpeting. The main concern seems to be with saltwater. But Lowe holds very well in seawater. All boats are properly painted. Just regular spraying after each visit protects the boat enough.

Electrolysis may poke a hole in the transom lightly. This is if you leave the cranking battery hooked while being stored. Bottom line, avoid any Galvanic action!

How Durable Are Lowe Boats?

Lowe boats have a history of making the toughest boats.

Lowe boats, especially your Lowe roughneck withstand as high as 2’ waves. The paint stays long. The weld stays hard over a long period.

As these boats are built without any wood, leaks, rots, damages, etc. are rare.

The closed-cell foam assures floatation of the boat in extreme conditions. It withstands tough marine conditions as well.

Moreover, Lowe not only maintains but also exceeds the standards set by the US coastguard. Add Transport Canada and NMMA standards with that! Safe enough?

What About Older Lowe Boats?

Lowe started as a small startup in Missouri. Carl and Dianna Lowe started Lowe Boats in 1971. Aluminum canoes and Jon boats were the first boats made by Lowe.

By 1975, The Stinger was released. It is the oldest boat that is still produced now!

Now by 2020, Lowe is to go on a complete rebranding by 2022! Older Lowe boats are not easily available online. Additionally, the second-hand market is not as cheap as you’d assume.

Do They Still Make Parts for Older Models?

Lowe boats do not keep parts of models older than 5 years in stock. Fortunately, you can order older parts directly from their vendors.

Note that not all parts are interchangeable year to ear. So matching everything from consoles, furniture and graphics may be difficult.

What Are Typical Problems with Lowe Boats?

Typical problems come with typical Lowe boats!

What better example than the Stinger 175 in this case?

Often we see the engines not reaching higher RPM at WOT. This is simply due to the high propeller pitch. Over-propping is a problem!

Another common problem seems to be Livewell leaking. Overflow of water occurs in the Livewell.

Electricity or plumbing issues can cause failed pumps. Also, there may be cracks where the side and bottom are welded together.

The riveted floor can also be a distaste for many!

How Long Do Lowe Boats Last Compared to Similar Brands?

Well, usually any typical boat should last you 10-20 years. After 20 years, your boat isn’t as accountable for performance. Of course, some boats last longer. It depends on maintenance as well.

Lowe and Lund are the two companies best in the market for aluminum fishing boats. Lowe is affordable but missing some specs that Lund offers. Lunds are of high quality that reflects in their prices.

However, Lund boats typically last for 5-10 years. Lowe easily lasts for more than a decade!

Lowe boats provide about 12 years warranty. Despite that, we must mention Lund boats to draw a comparison. They come with a lifetime warranty on flooring, transom, and double-riveted seams. They also have been a user favorite.

Do Lowe Boats Hold Their Value?

Usually, the depreciating value for boats is $100 per foot of boat. Depreciation starts after anywhere between 7 to 10 years. But as I said, resale value is high for Lowe boats!

Low boats such as 10 ft Jon boats can cost around $700 to $800. Whereas bigger boats cost $850 to $1000 initially. Over the years, the boats lose 40-50% in the first 8-10 years.

So your prices may become $400-$480 for 10 feet Jon boats. The depreciation rate is 5% each year after 10 years.

Are Lowe Boats Still Being Made?

Currently, Lowe Boats are being assembled in Lebanon, Missouri. This is their original headquarters. The boats are, however, ‘American-made’.

The production has continued since 2004 when Brunswick Corporation acquired Lowe Boats. Their division, the Brunswick Boat Group produces Lowe boats.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Lowe boat is a budget-friendly dream! They are worth every penny they cost.

Good, durable, trustworthy boats that you and your friends would love for fishing! I would highly recommend getting Lowe boats if you are looking for a star on a budget!

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