Are Mako Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

Good old fiberglass boats are everyone’s favorite these days. And Mako boats definitely raise the bar in terms of fiberglass boats. But how reliable are they? Do they have a bad reputation? And why are they so reasonable if they are so good?

Mako boats are worth your money. The reliability is good enough to win them a very special award too! Their structure is interesting. It is surprising how well finished they are. Although there are some drawbacks of the company. Maybe a dark past too!

In the following article, I will discuss the problems with Mako boats are. And whether the durability is worth it. Read on to find out if Mako boats suit your needs.

How Good Mako Boats Are?

Mako boats are your very own fiberglass outboard boats. They have been recognized by the NNMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) for their excellence in customer satisfaction. Their service has bagged them The Customer Satisfaction Index Award!

Mako crafts highly fishable inshore and offshore saltwater fishing boats. These boats are durable and comfortable. Their boats fit perfectly for hardcore sport anglers as well.

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and 3D modeling are used to craft their fiberglass design. This ensures the precision of designer-intent in the product and performance.

Consoles, compartment lids are built with a closed-molded construction. This enables the quality finish of gel-coated parts. Both inside and outside.

Heard about the Pro Skiff family? These Mako boats boast of the AIV hull. Allowing you a quick holeshot, great stability and top performance. Not to mention the smooth and dry ride.

Mako exclusive Rapid Planing System in their bay boats is a gem. This gives you improved holeshot and handling.

But let’s get to the real deal! The affordable prices for such amazing boats. How you wonder? Well, Mako is the volume leader in boat manufacturing and sales. This brings them materials at cheap rates. They also use the Lean Sigma manufacturing principles for maximum efficiency. Results? Better, albeit lower profit margins.

Moreover, you get the same best price irrespective of where you purchase the boat from. They have the NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE PRICING!

How Reliable Are Mako Boats?

Mako offshore boats are very sturdy, over-built, and safe. They try to put in a feature-packed boat along with that! The stuff of great offshore boats right?

Mako also performs in tough conditions. It is not just fast. But stable, smooth and dry in both calm or choppy waters. At least, it tries to be! But it has the perfect specs for that. Including the hull of the offshore model with wave-cutting V.

The design enables speed with fuel efficiency.

How Durable Are Mako Boats?

Mako makes extremely durable boats. This is credited to their construction. Open-molded fiberglass construction in hulls and decks holds up well.

The clear water channel allows air-free water flow to the prop. This allows for better acceleration and handling.

Be careful when buying used Mako though. You buy condition with used boats, remember that! Mako may not have rotting issues. But it can present with all sorts of issues like any other boat.

But to be candid, old Boston Whalers are more durable comparatively.

What About Older Mako Boats?

Older Mako boats from 1994 or earlier were built by the original Mako founders. These come with strong hulls and are well built. For big lakes, (such as Lake Michigan for example), go for the 21, 224, 25, and 26 footer models.

The 282 can be an ideal one here. The 252 and 232 are great as well for older models. Be careful about poorly conditioned boats though. Don’t accept garbage while avoiding problematic models from the later years.

Do They Still Make Parts for Older Models?

Mako since it’s founding year has ceased producing many models. Obviously their warehouse won’t have old parts sitting in the dust.

Older parts can be found from local dealers. And salvaging online for parts Is also an option.

One such place is the Marine Connection Liquidators in Florida. They have a small supply of old models and parts. Similarly, you can find your luck with Four Sons Marine and Great Lakes Skipper

What Are Typical Problems with Mako Boats?

Around 5-6 years ago back in 2015, Mako boats were getting all negative reviews. The new designs were turning out to be, well, garbage.

One of the main reasons was bad customer service. They became a mass-producing company. They lost the touch of the humility of a ‘boutique’ brand!

For a large price point, it was bad! Who would pay 70 grands just to be dissatisfied? The new fit and finish were just not worth it.

Add bad wiring, bad caulk lines, unfinished glass in places to fuel the fire. People still look for older models. Backing up as old as 1994 models and earlier.

How Long Do Mako Boats Last Compared to Similar Brands?

Mako provides 5-year “stem-to-stern” warranty, limited lifetime structural hull warranty and 3-year gelcoat warranty. A full transference to the second owner is also available.

Boats from Sea Hunt may last as long as 50 years. Mako should be able to give you 30-45 years as well. Boats from the 1970s are still being used.

It depends entirely on the model and usage of your vessel. Some Mako’s from late 90s last a lifetime and more!

Do Mako Boats Hold Their Value?

Mako boats hold their value very well. Especially the vintage ones. At present, old Makos from the late 90s would sell at low prices. But current models depreciate at the usual rates.

However, you may find some pricy old Makos due to the problematic years in recent times. So Mako has had a bit of luck in terms of holding the value.

Are Mako Boats Still Being Made?

Mako boats continue to be made at the present day. It became a part of the Tracker Marine Group back in 1997. The group is presently known as the White River Marine Group.

Present Mako boats resemble Schwebke Mako models. The boats are produced in their Miami facility of Florida.

Customer Reviews On Mako Boats

Been researching on Mako boats? Noticed some negative reviews about the bay boats? Then you might also have noticed, all of those are 9-10 years old. The models after 2017-18 are good to go. These receive mostly positive reviews.

One thing worth noticing is: people love Mako’s nonskid. More so than any other boats like Cobia. Mako wins against other boats in factors like dry hull weight, deadrise, etc.

Overall people couldn’t be happier with their Mako. Despite often getting negative reviews on forums. Mako has that appeal.

If you get a good built Mako, you’ll stay with it forever. Except, when you don’t! Then it is a nightmare. Bit of blind luck there.

Final Thoughts

Mako boats are typically fine boats. Yes, it did have a setback. And yes the older parts are difficult to browse. But the reliability is worth it.

Moreover, for first-hand purchases, I would highly recommend these boats.

Just be careful of a few things. First: avoid the problematic years. Second, if you purchase really old boats, check for faulty lines or damages.

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