Are MAKO Pro Skiff 17 Boat Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

MAKO Boats has been in this Marine industry for over 50 years now and serves with some tougher than necessary boats. One of the most popular MAKO boat models is their PRO SKIFF 17 CC.

But are they good & reliable enough?

Reportedly, this MAKO boat model is specially designed as an open, stable, and full-featured fishing platform to access shallow waters like a Pro to target and satisfy anglers.

Let’s learn more about the actual worth of the MAKO PRO SKIFF 17 from this very article-

Here’s How Good the MAKO Pro Skiff 17 Are:

The MAKO® Pro Skiff 17 CC boat is a 100%-composite nimble, right-sized package, and it is loaded with a massive amount of fishability. The Pro Skiff 17 CC features the Patented Advanced Inverted V (AIV) hull design for delivering quick holeshot, smooth, dry ride, skillful handling, and maneuverability.

This boat has superior flotation and quiet operation control due to its deck and foam-filled hull chemical bonding feature. Even the almost 3/4-ton capacity, makes it the ideal inshore fishing platform as well as one of the hardest working boats.

Besides that, the Pro Skiff 17 CC boat also offers a superior MAKO Assurance 5+Life warranty.

How Durable & Reliable Are The MAKO pro skiff 17? 

Although the Mako Pro Skiff 17 CC boats do not contain built-up large space for multiple people, these boats are mainly designed with more utilitarian thought to present a small boat packed with all the required special features to deliver uncompromisingly smooth performance.

For ensuring exceptional power and performance within its small vessels, MAKO has included plenty of useful features in the Pro Skiff 17 CC, and one of the most appreciated features among them is the various available engine option.

MAKO has given six different engine choices from a single EL Four Stroke 25 up to 60 ELPT Four Stroke motor.

Although the single EL Four Stroke 25 and the 25 ELPT both offer maximum fuel efficiency, if you are looking for more power, MAKO has the 30, 40, 50, and 60 ELPT Four Stroke motor available too.

Also, the Pro Skiff 17 CC is built with a strong hull design for handling unstable waves and rough waters during offshore boating. This particular hull design of the Pro Skiff 17 CC ensures maximum durability and strength while you are on the water.

Many people think the storage of these boats might not be enough for enjoying fishing since they come in a small exterior body. But surprisingly, MAKO offers remarkable storage options with Pro Skiff 17 CC boats.

They contain high-strength casting decks on the bow as well as on the stern house so that anglers can get better ample casting above the water. Also, the underneath slide-in storage space is perfect for storing coolers and additional large gears.

Even in the helm station, it is equipped with a cooler under the helm seating, and on the center console seating areas, you will be stocked with a forward-facing large fish box.

All those storage arrangements work together to provide the maximum fishing space with 360-degree fishability.

How Long Do The MAKO Pro Skiff 17 Last Compare To Similar Brands?  

Reportedly, the older MAKO models were built to last for a quality period and in most cases, those models were even capable enough for lasting longer than the competitor’s similar graded boats.

However, based on the company information and several consumer reports, the newer models such as the Pro Skiff 17 CC might not go as strong as the older ones, and no trusted sources claimed that these boats might not last longer than other competitors’ models.

Although the Pro Skiff 17 CC boats still hold onto their rugged reputation, unfortunately, they are not solid enough to beat the other competitors. Still, these boats are good and reliable enough to survive for a standard period. 

The only concluding fact is that these boats might not last any longer than other similarly-priced competition boat models.

What Are Typical Troubleshooting Issues With The MAKO Pro Skiff 17? 

According to several provide consumer experiences and feedback, one might encounter some common troubleshooting issues while using the Mako Pro Skiff 17 CC model.

That is why, here, I have decided to mention those most common problems which you might eventually encounter at some point in operating the boat.

Troubleshooting issues such as Bailing and Bilge pump failure due to non-self-bailing feature, center Console trouble due to leaks, and water penetration can arise while using your Pro Skiff 17 CC.

Also, another common complaint is engine failure, where consumers have encountered sudden shut down without any warning, engine running out of strength, or even cranking the engine like usual, it will not start. These are very common issues that often occur with any boat’s overtime.

Are The MAKO Pro Skiff 17 Still Being Made?

Based on the MAKO Brand’s official website information and declaration, they are still continuing Pro Skiff 17 boat production.

What About MAKO Boats Older Models? 

However, it is difficult to talk about the older models of the MAKO, especially which were launched before 1989.

Reportedly, all older boat models were designed and built with the industry-standard highest quality materials and made by hand to offer the highest quality assurance and operating control. That’s why those older boat models came with very few defects and errors.

Currently, there are still several MAKO older boat models available in the market. It is mainly because of their rugged constructional structure, which provides more durability and reliability at a pretty reasonable pricing range.

Do MAKO Still Make Parts For Older Models? 

According to the MAKO Boat Brand’s official website information, the company is still making spare or replacement parts and other additional accessories for all their currently available boats.

But unfortunately, they have not stated any clear information about producing the required parts and accessories for their older models.

However, you can contact the company directly by vising for such queries and assistance.

Where Is The Manufacturing Location Of The MAKO Pro Skiff 17?  

Reportedly, the original boat manufacturing facility of the MAKO boat brand was in Hialeah, Florida, until 1972.

Later on, the company relocated its production facility to a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located at Opa Locka, Florida.

So, we can assume that all the boat models production, including the Pro Skiff 17 CC models are manufactured from that new relocated plant of the MAKO brand.

Which Brands Can Be The Best Alternative To The MAKO Pro Skiff 17?   

If you wish to look for other best alternative choices, you can also consider boat models from the top manufacturers such as Hewes, Maverick, Yellowfin, Carolina, Cape Craft, or XPLOR Boatworks brands.

Customer Reviews On The MAKO Pro Skiff 17: 

According to several consumer and Marine critics’ reports, the MAKO PRO SKIFF 17 CC is undoubtedly packed with all the amazing features that ensure better stability and deliver more powerful and smooth operating control.

Another plus point of these boats is that they are available in a pretty affordable pricing range so that every fishing lover and boat enthusiast can afford them.

However, along with all those positive reviews, I also found some customer reviews where they expressed their disappointments.

Final Thoughts

MAKO PRO SKIFF 17 boats are built with the perfect combination of MAKO proven quality features, the latest technology, and industry-standard craftsmanship to deliver the ultimate sturdy fishing platform. 

So, if you are looking for an outstanding inshore fishing excursion option, consider the MAKO PRO SKIFF 17 CC.


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