Are May Craft Boats Good & Reliable Enough To Own?

May Craft claim that they have been the proud manufacturer of superior boats for several decades that most boating or fishing lovers desire to have.

But are May Craft boats durable or reliable enough to trust the brand?

Let’s find out how durable or reliable these boats are.

How Good May Craft Boats Are?

All May Craft boats are designed and built with standard quality materials as well as legendary techniques to ensure unmatchable quality, durability, and better reliability at a very affordable value.

May Craft also offers a broad collection of perfectly crafted boat models for all types of boat users, from serious fishermen, professional sportsmen to simple boating enthusiasts or lovers.

How Durable Or Reliable Are May Craft Boats? 

Kenneth May, the founder of May Craft has been making outstanding recreational and commercial fishing watercraft for more than 30 years with one single goal in mind. That aim is producing quality boats but at an affordable price to make every boater journey relaxing and memorable.

Whether serious fishermen, sportsmen, or simple boating lovers, May Craft has a wide collection of boat models to satisfy all types of boaters’ needs. Each May Craft models are designed and built to meet the excellence commitment of the founder.

These boats are designed with the latest standard and constructed with the finest quality elements to ensure unmatchable durability. Besides the solid construction, all May Craft boats are powered by reliable Yamaha engines, which is another legendary technique of building quality boats.

May Craft also excels in fulfilling customer satisfaction because the company always keeps its customers at first priority.

May Craft keeps track of what the customers are saying about their boat models and improvises their models based on the customer’s opinions.

Have May Craft Boats Recalled Any of Its Previous Models or Parts? 

According to the U. S Coastal Guard or USCG records, May Craft had made these following previous recalls-

NumberHin NumberModel Name & YearReason For Recall
16CG081MBL07316F61MAY-CRAFT 17 (2017)Not Particularly Mentioned
14CG00MBL06943I3141800 CC (2014)Due To Level Flotation
031014TMBL04959H40517′ FIBERGLASS SKIFF (2005)Due To Horsepower

What Are Typical Problems with May Craft Boats?

Though May Craft’s new models do not have any major technical or electrical lacking in them, the common issues such as electrical system error, loose wire connections, decaying issues, leaks or cracks on the fuel tank, cabin and lower unit, or even engine failure can occur on almost every powerboat overtimes.

Another fact is that if you are looking for a boat that can handle aggressive use, May Craft boats may not be your ideal alternative.

What about Older May Craft Boats?

Based on several boat owners’ personal experiences, there are some issues with May Craft’s older models.

The most commonly mentioned problem with some of the May Craft older boat models is either transom failure or spongy decks.

Both issues mainly arise because the manufacturer used wood as the main construction component in their older boat series.

Most of the May Craft older boat models are wood constructed, and over time, the wood fails to stick with the moisture as it gets exposed frequently to the elements whenever the boat sails on the water. Especially, wood cannot stand saltwater and starts rotting from the hull of the boat.

As a result, you end up having a rotten transom or soft spot on your boat.

Some older boat model users also claimed that some of the older May Craft boats come with rotten decks or faulty stringers.

Fortunately, May Craft has upgraded and improvised the manufacturing techniques and materials. So, the current 20th-century models are way more well-built than the previous 90’s models.

Do May Craft Boats Still Make Parts For Older Models?

While researching, I could not find any official declaration from the May Craft brand about whether the company is still making and distributing older boat models replacement parts.

However, the company claims they are willing to provide all the assistance required to satisfy their customers. Also, for any relevant queries, earnestly recommends directly visiting or contacting them through call, message, or emails.

Are May Craft Boats Still Being Made?

Yes, as in 2021 May Craft brand is still in the business. According to the company’s official website, they are even planning to launch some new models as well.

Which Brands Can Be The Best Alternative To May Craft Boats?   

Besides May Craft boats, you can also find the best alternative and opt for some other industry-leading boat manufacturers such as Century Boats, Cobia Boats, Grady-White, or Maritime Boats brands.

What Are The Best May Craft Boats? 

Let’s have a look at some of the popular May Craft Boats-

  • May-Craft 1700 CC
  • 2006 May-Craft 2300 CCX Center Console
  • 1996 May-Craft Pilot House 2300

Final Thoughts

Although May Craft boats are not the best option on the market, these boats definitely are not the worst and meet U.S standards. Each May Craft Boat is specially designed and constructed to fulfill the commitment of bringing quality boats that will make boating or fishing adventure more enjoyable and comfortable.

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