Mercury High-Performance Gear Lube vs. Quicksilver

Many new boaters get confused in, Mercury High-Performance Gear Lube vs. Quicksilver controversy. These are two well-known names that are famous in the outboard industry. But, they do not know these oils are the same.

Yes. Quicksilver is a company that produces this gear lube. And they sell it to different retail stores, local shops, or marine dealerships. When Mercury sells the exact same oil, it is called the Mercury High-Performance gear lube.

So, let’s figure out more about this oil.

In-depth Discussion – Mercury High-Performance Gear Lube vs. Quicksilver

This specific oil has a massive demand among boat owners. No matter what outboard motor you are using, this oil will give you the best performance. Let’s have a look at some features of this fantastic oil.


Most people use Mercury High-Performance oil 80W90. Because this is the perfect graded oil for any boat motor. The 80W90 grade says a lot about the oil. These numbers show how viscous the oil is and how it can perform.

The higher number in the grade means the oil is viscous enough to do the work. The oil will stick in the motor and work appropriately.

Temperature Tolerance

The grade 80W90 also says about the temperature tolerance of the oil. The number before the letter “W” means the hot temperature tolerance capability of the oil. And the number after the letter “W” indicates the cold temperature tolerance of the oil.

You can see the grade number is high on both sides. So, it means the oil is made in such a way that it can work as it should, both in hot and cold temperatures. So, when you put the oil in once, you can use it for the rest of the year, whether it is cold or hot.

Rust and Corrosion Resistance

When water somehow enters the motor, then the corrosion starts to build. It is almost impossible to ensure one hundred percent water resistance in the engine. Because you are running a boat and it is obviously in water. So, by any chance, your motor can get in touch with water, and sometimes the water finds its way to get into it.

So, you need an oil that can prevent building corrosion and rust inside there. Fortunately, this oil is engineered to avoid foam building inside the motor in contact with water.

So, you do not need to worry about building rust and corrosion inside. This oil will take care of everything.

Wear Protection

You need a thick oil that can always keep the components lubricated for superior wear protection. So that wear doesn’t occur. The oil should always resist metal-to-metal contact.

We already know that Quicksilver or Mercury High-Performance Gear Lube is viscous. So, it can go through extreme pressure and still maintain no metal-to-metal contact at all. But still, the oil is thin enough to run through the particles.


The most amazing fact about this gear lube is its price. Because you are getting the best oil at a very reasonable price. The price is indeed not too high. It may vary only if you buy a large quantity. And once you use it, you would love to stick with it.


Are Mercury and Quicksilver the same?

Yes. Mercury and Quicksilver are the same. Quicksilver sells the oil in different stores or shops, and dealerships. At the same time, Mercury sells the oil with its name.

Is Mercury High-Performance Gear Lube Synthetic?

Yes. Mercury High-Performance Gear Lube is entirely synthetic. That means this oil gives the highest efficient performance possible.

What is Quicksilver gear lube used for?

Quicksilver Gear Lube is used for all outboard lower units, Mercury MerCruiser Sterndrives, Sports Jet, and Jet Pumps.

Final Words

We have come to the end of the discussion of Mercury High-Performance Gear Lube vs. Quicksilver. Hope that you got the entire clear idea about the oil. So, choosing this oil for your outboard motor is going to be a good investment.

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