Are Mercury Verado 300 Outboard Good & Reliable?

Mercury Marine has introduced its outboard motors lineup named Verado, which contains all-new 250, 300 & 350 HP outboards for the ultimate boating experience.

But people often particularly ask whether the Verado 300 are reliable enough?

Reportedly, the Verado 300 outboard contains exclusive features for delivering excellent acceleration, exhilarating speed, as well as remarkably smooth and quiet operation.

Let’s learn more about the Mercury Verado 300 and understand how good and worthy these outboard motors are from today’s article-

Here’s How Good the Mercury Verado 300 Are:

The Mercury 300hp Verado outboards feature a rock-solid V8 4.6-liter powerhead combined with other exclusive configurations which provide sensational power, exhilarating acceleration, and maximum speed.

Even Verado 300 models come in robust design paired with Class-leading displacement and contain Mercury-exclusive Advanced MidSection (AMS) and the under-cowl noise management system to meet the 350 Verado Outboard’s standard for smooth and quiet operation.

With this new collection from their Verado Outboard series, Mercury Marine has presented the most enjoyable boating experience on the water for every boating enthusiast.

How Durable & Reliable Are The Mercury Verado 300? 

Mercury Verado 300 offers superior durability and reliability but in low maintenance, and this ultimate confidence comes from the powerful built-up quality features and constructional structure of these outboard motors.

Verado series offer outboard motors that are particularly made to handle big boats. They are equipped with a long-bolt design, maintenance-free valve train, and dual water inlets for ensuring consistent cooling and a longer lifespan.

The Mercury Verado 300 motors ensure not only superior protection against corrosion, but they are also precisely configured to handle high speeds operation in rough oceans effortlessly. Even the ultra-robust gearcase of the Verado 300 HP outboard works perfectly in handling offshore seas.

Verado 300 features SmartCraft® Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) for instant throttle response and predictable, ultra-smooth shifts as well as Advanced MidSection (AMS).

That’s why the operation control of this outboard is easy, quiet, and almost effortlessly smooth. Since Verado 300 delivers refined, naturally balanced power, it requires low fuel consumption and generates less vibration and noise.

The Joystick Piloting and Integrated Power Steering of this outboard also ensure the ultimate in comfortable, confident, and complete control since this feature allows moving your boat sideways, forward and backward, diagonally, or even you can spin your boat on its axis.

So, no more tension and extra anxiety while maneuvering your boat in tight situations.

How Long Do The Mercury Verado 300 Last Compare To Similar Brands?  

Mercury Marine claims that each Verado motor is built to meet or exceed the international standard, so they are supposed to last a longer period. Reportedly, these outboard motors can last over 2,000 up to 3,000 hours of operation without major troubles.

However, the company also claims the exact lifespan of the motor will highly depend on how aggressively you operate it and how well you take care of its scheduled maintenance.

What Are Typical Troubleshooting Issues With The Mercury Verado 300? 

Based on several consumers’ real-time experiences and review reports of marine critics, some common troubleshooting issues can arise with Verado 300.

Therefore, consumers should be well aware of those common problems beforehand.

One of the most common issues, that most users complain about any Verado motor is the wiring and Supercharger leakage issue.

The wiring trouble on the Verado 300 mainly occurs due to bad ground wire, and when the powerhead leaks over time or due to aggressive use, the Supercharger will also suffer from a leaking issue. 

Occasionally, one might encounter an engine surging while turning at higher RPM, or the engine temperature might fluctuate.

Besides that, you might notice other common Verado troubleshooting issues such as lower unit failure, heavyweight issues due to the extra required accessories, Power steering pump failure, Ignition Coil Failure, and Float Switches turning sticky problems.

Has Mercury Outboard brand Recalled Any Of Its Previous Models? 

According to the U.S. Coast Guard records, the Mercury Marine company has made the following recalls-

  • MERCURY MARINE has recalled the 3.0 Litre Outboards model (1998-99) due to faulty Steering Arm Bolt Holes. Although the severity level was Low, this recall still applied to 6830 units. That model was recalled on 18th October 1999 and closed market availability on 17th December 2003.
  • MERCURY MARINE has recalled 115 Efi 4 Stroke Outboard model (2001) due to Engine Flywhell Nut Loose and this recall still applied to 1320 units. They recalled the model on 17th June 2002 and closed market availability on 5th February 2006.
  • MERCURY MARINE has recalled Optimax And Efi Outboard models due to Loss of Shift Control and this recall applied to 2495 units. They recalled that outboard model on 21st December 2008 and closed market availability on 13th April 2015.
  • MERCURY MARINE has recalled the 25/30 Efi 4-stroke Outboard model (2006) due to Throttle May Stick and this recall still applied to 3584 units. The company recalled that model on 8th November 2006 and closed market availability on 15th October 2014.
  • MERCURY MARINE has recalled Tiller Kit 75-115 Hp Outboard model (2003-08) due to Start in Gear Error and this recall still applied to 626 units. The company recalled the model on 22nd October 2008 and closed market availability on 25th July 2011.
  • MERCURY MARINE has recalled Mercury/Mariner 15 Outboards model (1998) due to Reverse Lock Link Rod failure and this recall still applied to 4355 units. The company recalled the model on 1st November 1998 and closed market availability on 20th February 2002.

Are The Mercury Verado 300 Still Being Made?  

Yes. According to the Mercury Marine’s official website information and declaration, the company is still producing Verado 300 outboard motors.

Where Is The Manufacturing Location Of The Mercury Verado 300?  

Mercury Marine has several manufacturing facilities or plants located in different countries to meet the huge global consumer demand for Mercury outboard and outboard motors.

Reportedly, Mercury Marine has two plants located in the USA. One of them is in Wisconsin, and another one is in Florida. The company also has manufacturing facilities located in other countries such as Mexico (Juárez), Japan (Komagane, TMC joint venture), Belgium (Petit-Rechain), China (Suzhou).

Sources claim that Verado outboard motor series is made at Mercury’s Chinese or Japanese manufacturing plant.

However, the company has not disclosed exactly from which manufacturing location, the Verado series are manufactured.

Which Brands Can Be The Best Alternative To The Mercury Verado 300?   

If you wish to look for other best alternative choices, you can also consider outboard motors from some of the top manufacturers such as Suzuki Marine, Evinrude, Yamaha, Honda, or Tohatsu Outboard brands.

Final Thoughts

Mercury Marine Brand has been in this marine industry for over 80 years now. Throughout this entire journey, Mercury has been serving with some of the premium quality outboard motors.

Even the company claims that their Verado series has been launched to provide smooth, quiet, optimized fuel economy and a powerful motor for enjoying the ultimate boating experience. The Verado 300 model also represents the same outstanding image of the Mercury Verado series.

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