Most Common Problem With King Cobra Outdrive

On a beautiful day, suppose you set out on a boat trip with passengers. You may have taken passengers 10miles off the ramp, and suddenly the engine is not starting, or you need a plan at a time when your king cobra outboard motor is not running at full power. King cobra outboard engine can cause common problems for various reasons that you need to know and solve.

The King Cobra Outdrive is one of the most versatile exteriors. It can be easily attached to the settings of different types of engines on different kinds of boats. The marine corporation was able to produce the outdrive in 1985. Besides its good indications, it has some common problems also. So, its popularity has decreased day by day due to common problems, so that we will discuss its common problems here.

What Are The Common King Cobra Outdrive Problems:

1. Design variations with transom shift cables:

The shifting problem is more common in boats with a king cobra. In general, these boats are less likely to experience forward and reverse shifting problems, but there are some difficulties in bringing them to a neutral state. Shifting is a problem when it is at high RPM, and some users have mentioned the issue of forwarding shifting. Sometimes a tapping sound is heard while shifting, so it is necessary to apply more pressure to change the shifting state. You can follow this process when you want to keep it neutral or forward and reverse from neutral.

It has a cable named lower shift cable that goes through the transom. This cable is attached to the gear change box, which makes the cable design problematic. If there is a problem with the internal wiring, there is also a problem with shifting. Again, the shifting interpreter button is often misadjusted, then there is a problem in shifting. There is a loss of the button, for which there is also the problem of shifting.

2. High Engine Idleness:

The RPM of the engine should normally be 650 during shifting. The amount of RPM during shifting must depend on the model of the engine. Some owners report that RPM is as high as 1000 when idle. The forward shifting RPM can go up to 800 to 850 RPM, 20% to 50% higher than the manufacturer set. The factory or its owner set the exhaust motors higher than usual, an adjustment error.

3. The persistent failure of dog clutch gear:

Failure of the dog clutch gear can usually be related to a transom problem. Some owners have reported that the transom to king cobra forward gear has caused the transom to jump terrifyingly. It keeps on jumping and gradually increasing its amount. The faulty shift of the transom is simply one of the reasons for this dog clutch failure.

Due to the inability of the dog clutch, the gear is likely to break down very quickly, and another common problem is that even if you move the gear at high RPM, the clutch gear can get damaged. It also can lead to gear getting stuck, which can cause the gear to break.

4. Faulty routing problem of transom cable:

Many users have talked about having kinks on the transom cable, which adds a sharp edge. The sleeves and core are worn for lack of lubrication. This wear can be an accident and premature, with bending and disruption of the internal movement of the core. Losing the rubber cable attached to the starter could fail. They have been under the starter, and here the routing design is likely to fail.

5. Cable binding problem:

A plastic cable guide binds many King Cobra Outdrives pivot points. The screw is extra tightened to maintain or hold the cable guide, which later cay=uses problems for the owners to open. Using a screwdriver, loosen the cable by inserting it into the screw and turning it counterclockwise.

General Pros and Cons of the King Cobra Outdrive:


  • They have easy access to the water impeller near the top of the king cobra outdrive, which is incredible.
  • King Cobra Outdrive can be added to any boat engine without any problem.
  • The King Cobra Outdrive has 350 horsepower, which is remarkable and ranges from 800 to 850 rpm for Forward Shifting.


  • It has a failure issue of dog clutch gear.
  • Too high engine idleness.
  • It has a faulty routing problem of transom cable.
  • Design problems with the transom shift cable
  • Shifting issue
  • Fuel’s misinformation.

Final thought

The 2-main reasons for the bad reputation of king cobra outdrive are the problem of shift cable and dog clutch. To fix these, one must seek the help of a skilled professional. Besides, it has a variety of problems that local mechanics often can’t fix everything perfectly.

In addition to the King Cobra Outdrives, there are better outboards on the market that are more advanced, and the parts match very easily. But you can also try king cobra outdrive if you want. So I will not make any recommendation against buying king cobra in a biased manner.

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