Most Common Problems with Cat C9 Engine

C9 marine engines have a reputation for being very strong and reliable.

However, it is not very stingy on the fuel. Also, there are some issues faced by its users.

So, I scouted to find the most common problems with Cat C9 engine. In this article, I have discussed those issues in detail. Let’s get started.

1. Starting Problem

One of the customers told that he faced problems starting the engine. He removed the started and checked.

Also, the ignition was replaced as a preventative measure.

As the complainee mentioned about the rear start, in the beginning, it rules out the possibility of a faulty starter.

The next step is to measure the voltage at the solenoid on the engine’s starter. Do it while using the rear start switch. Carefully note the voltage amount while it triggers the solenoid repeatedly.

Next, do it again but use key switch this time. One assumption is that the C9 is not getting enough voltage.

In this particular case, the owner had it checked in the servicing center. And, they found out that a gasket was missing.

As a result, water went into the system causing rust to the parts.

The main point is that lots of different factors play a significant role in the smooth starting of an engine. So, you can only find the solution in a trial-and-error method.

2. Fuel Pump Problem

A few years back, there was a service recall due to a potential fire hazard involving the fuel pump of the C9 engine.

Nonetheless, all units were not called except certain #D series.

At the same time, the manufacturer rolled out a software update.

Some customers were unhappy because the dealers did not inform them about the fire hazard; told about software update only.

Now, that is one side of the story. On the other side, lots of owners got the email for service repair.

After the update and servicing, you will see improvements in the drivability and efficiency at the engine’s standard HP and Torque.

3. Engine Noise Problem

At the start-up, you may hear some strange noise.

The C9 engine may make loud rattling noise after starting it once the air heat light has gone out.

It can appear as a spark knock noise in a gas engine. After a couple of seconds, the sound smoothes out and runs without making noises like that.

Some users mentioned that the engine creates terrible vibration in the winter after accelerating the speed.

Such problems can occur due to various reasons. An expert can diagnose it by hearing the sound and running some tests.

The problem I have stated here can be caused by an injector malfunction.

As you know that replacing injectors is an expensive task. So, don’t do it unless you are completely sure. It would be better if you had taken it to the nearest servicing center.

4. Lower RPM Problem

At some point, you may notice that your C9 engine is operating at slightly lower than the maximum speed.

Experts say that a 1% difference should not be a concern. For something larger, it requires a thorough inspection.

One can suspect the propeller. But you must check some facts first.

It is important to keep the bottom and running clean all the time.

Then, take the propeller off and have it scanned for balance and tuning improvement.

Another thing to keep in mind is that lots of external factors play a role in varying the speed of the engine.

5. System Glitch Problem

According to an owner, he saw a major glitch one fine morning before hitting the start button.

Except for the total engine hours, there were no data. All settings were gone too.

One possible cause of the problem is a low or dead internal battery of ECM. The only solution is to replace the old one and have it reprogrammed by a CAT mechanic.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Cat C9 Engine?

Customers are happy with the power and performance of the Cat C9 Acert Marine engine.

Compared to the competitor models in the same HP range, it is reliable.

Still, there are some issues with the Caterpillar marine engines lower than 800HP.

The discussion above on the common problems can give you an idea of the situation. Don’t think that those occurrences are too frequent and every owner faces them.  

One thing I want to mention is that you may see lots of problems regarding the C9 engine after searching on Google.

But most of them are truck engines. So, don’t mix it up with the model designed for marine uses.

Final Thought

Lots of people are mentioning that you can get almost 10,000 hours of service life by ensuring proper and regular maintenance.

All engines have minor issues that you can solve easily. So, if you have made up your mind, go with the Cat C9 marine engine.

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