6 Most Common Problems with Cobia Boat & Possible Fix

When it comes to good design, strong build quality, and reliable performance, Cobia boats have a strong reputation in the market.

What makes them stand out is the low number of complaints compared to the competitor brands.

Still, you have to consider some facts. In this article, I have discussed some of the most common problems with Cobia boats. Let’s get started.

6 Common Problems with Cobia Boat:

Soft deck and wet cores in some placesWooden structural support
Low fuel capacity and less mileageOlder model design flaw
Unsatisfactory finishing, low-quality hardwareProduction inefficiency in earlier days
Single engine on older modelsCost-cutting
Older model boats’ unavailable partsOwnership change of the company

1. Deck Problems on Older Models

Lots of customers using Cobia boat models built in the late 90s complained that the boats had soft spots on the deck.

As the wood was used as structural support and was not sealed properly, water could get into the structure. As a result, the core material started to rot over the years.

However, you should know that it can happen to any boat model with no maintenance.

Those who are willing to buy a used Cobia boat should inspect it thoroughly before purchasing.

Tip: Hire a professional surveyor so that you don’t end up buying a worthless piece. The expert can tell you where the problems are and what the boat is worth.

2. Low Fuel Capacity

Compared to some other competitor boats, having low fuel capacity is an issue for Cobia owners.

If you are planning a fishing trip that is a long way from the shore, you will have to carry extra oil canisters.

Nevertheless, don’t think that the capacity is very low. It is comparatively lower. This means the mileage is still somewhat satisfactory for regular uses.

And, it can apply to any boat model when you are going far away.

3. Poor Finishing

Before the split of Cobia and Century, there were some serious issues with fitting and finishing.

It required more professional touch but somehow lacked a lot. Also, the light-duty hardware often became faulty.

Users couldn’t do fishing with a calm mind because of barely-lined fish boxes, almost no storage, and poor rod box design.

But those days are long gone. Now, you don’t have to worry about those in the newer models.

4. Less Powerful Older Models

The newer models have improvements in lots of segments. But the problems are with the older ones.

They had 1 larger engine to save costs on the whole boat package.

The main problem it arises is that you can get stuck in the middle of nowhere in case the engine broke down.

Having at least two engines is the wisest choice. At least the boat can move with one engine in case the other fails.

With the advancement of engine technology, motors have become more durable and reliable.

Still, the approach to minimum 2 engines hasn’t changed. One thing you should keep in mind is that don’t use the same fuel tank for both engines.

Because bad fuel can affect the engines at the same time failing the whole cause of having a backup motor.

5. Expensive

When you choose a Cobia boat, do some research on similar types of models from other brands.

And you would see that Cobia boats are expensive considering the features and specs.

Another thing you have to understand is that the company has survived for many years while lots of other boat makers have gone bankrupt.

Because of the build quality and customer service, paying some extra on their boat is worth every penny.

6. Unavailable Parts

The problem is based on the ownership change of the boat company. Previously, Cobia was owned by C & C manufacturing. Again, the owner of C & C manufacturing is Yamaha.

After lots of glorious boat production years, Yamaha sold the brand to Maverick Boat Company.

As a result, the previous models’ manual, wiring diagram, and parts were not available to the new owner of the brand.

That is the reason behind the unavailability of the older boat models’ parts.

However, don’t lose hope because the company is more than willing to help you with any kind of issue. Contact their customer service and sort it out.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Cobia Boats?

For fishing and other recreational activities on the water, customers think that Cobia boats are perfect.

It is because of the suitable size to carry on a trailer, stylish design, and plenty of seating area. Therefore, angling can be a lot more fun on these boats.

Also, smooth-riding, brisk performance and convenient add-ons make it surfing on the water safe and easy.

Some people wish that the boats were less expensive. But it is what you pay for to get a versatile and well-built boat.

Think of it as an investment in an asset. Because the resell value of the vessels is impressive.

According to a sale record on the second-hand market, a Cobia 240 CC boat owner received about $93,500 after using it for 3 years. The original price of the model was $97,500.

Final Thoughts

From the discussions, we can safely assume that most of the problems with Cobia boats are not present in the recently built models.

So, you can consider buying their boats.

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