Most Common Problems With Hurricane Boats

Hurricane is widely known for its passion for offering fishing and deck boats, represent the perfect combination of exceptional quality, comfort, and performance. 

Besides being such a great boat choice for every boating lover, users often encounter some common issues with Hurricane boats.

In today’s article, I will try to give you a precise overview of the most common problems that may arise with any Hurricane boat.

Boat’s Tracking May Not Work CorrectlyAggressive wind, wave action, and current
Gas Or Fuel Gauge Not WorkingFaulty or fouled floaterPink wire not grounded accurately.Faulty fuel or gas sending unit
Live Well Pump May Not WorkWorn-out or clogged pump

1. Boats Tracking May Not Work Correctly:

One of the most common troubleshooting problems that most users mention is the lack of tracking accuracy.

Consumers even mentioned that when traveling at idle speed means having a speed between 1000 and 1500 RPM, their vessel tends to veer off track.

But before you start to panic, keep in mind that the wrong or poor tracking problem is not only occurring because you are using a Hurricane boat and can arise with any outboard or boat.

Possible Fix 

Mainly, aggressive wind, wave action, and current force the tracking system to fluctuate or turn in the wrong direction. 

It is a common phenomenon for boaters to encounter because when the water passes along the side and then retreats into the backside of your boat, it creates swirling and acts like suction on the hull’s back. 

However, you can trim your boat to fix this problem and all you need to do is follow these simple five steps:

Step:1 First, you need to find out the toggle button because it controls the trim. You can either find it on your boat’s control lever or your boat’s dash. 

Step:2 The trim system changes the motor angle or sterndrive gearcase by using the hydraulic rams. So, you need to set the propeller shaft angle correctly and relatively make it through about a range of 20 degrees.

Step:3 Now, make sure your boat is on the plane and also the propeller shaft is set parallel on the water surface. Set the trim on neutral or zero so that the entire propeller force can push the boat forward.

Step:4 Now press the trim button so that the gearcase can move closer to the transom and bottoms out at around negative 6 degrees from zero trim. Similarly, the prop shaft will reach up to 6 degrees. The boat’s stern will lift by some forces as well and cause the bow to push down.

Step:5 Next, the gearcase will rotate away from the transom, and after passing the neutral point, the prop shaft will turn downward. Finally, you will see that the prop thrust is pushing the stern down to lift the bow. Your boat’s trimming is successfully done now.

Note that the boat’s bow angle tends to move in the same direction as the trim button pressed. That means while pressing the trim button, if you press the button up, your bow will turn up at the end. If you press down, the bow will turn down. Therefore, make sure you are pressing the trim button as required.

2. Gas Or Fuel Gauge Not Working:

Some Hurricane boat owners have claimed that they sometimes encounter that the fuel gauge is not working correctly, and even the reading shows “full” when the tank is empty.  

While you are on the water, if your fuel gauge suddenly turns bad, it can become the worst nightmare, and this type of commotion can gradually lead your boat to encounter further severe damage.  

Therefore, you need to know the possible reasons behind what may cause such trouble.  

Possible Fix 

This problem may arise because of three obvious culprits: The floater, pink wire, or the fuel sending unit.

If the floater is stuck and causing the fuel gauge problem, you need to loosen the floater a little bit first. Then, check the fuel gauge whether it is working correctly this time or not.

To make sure the pink wire is not causing such commotion, check on the backside of your gas gauge whether the pink wire is grounded in the right position or not. If the connection is wrong or loose, disconnect the wire and then reattach it accurately.

If your main problem is the fuel sending unit, you need to do a thorough check-up on your access panel and fuel gauge unit.

Start the testing by connecting a multimeter or test light with the fuel gauge terminals. Then, inspect the voltage and ground reading. When the multimeter red wire is connected with the positive ignition and black with the ground terminal, it should indicate a minimum of 12 voltages. 

If the result is different, turn on the ignition key switch, accessory switch, and check once again. If you cannot see the result, inspect your battery and all the connecting wiring conditions.

But if the reading is showing 12 voltages on it, connect the sender terminal to the ground terminal with a jumper wire with alligator clips. Now, see the reading one last time, and if it is not indicating full, you need to replace the fuel gauge.

3. The Live Well Pump May Not Work:

Another common problem that several Hurricane Boat users have already experienced is, when they switch on the mighty vessel, they notice that the live well pump stops working.

Boaters who are not well aware of the live well pump’s purpose, might find it unnecessary or not a big issue. But fishing lovers are disappointed because of this troubleshooting issue.

In that case, let’s find out what may cause the live well to stop working and how to fix it.

Possible Fix 

The most apparent reason for this commotion can be worn-out or clogged live well pump you have.

If the pump is damaged or worn out, you need to either replace or repair it. But if it is clogged because of the excess debris, you need to use the cleaning kit or flushing method to drain all the debris and clean the pump as fresh new.

Besides that, you should also check whether the valves on the live well pump are open or close. Make sure they are turned open. You also need to check whether the pump needs priming or not. First, set your boat reversely on the water at a low and steady speed. Then, use a bucket or container and prime the pump accurately. 

If none of the fixing methods works for your pump, contact your dealer or service provider to fix or replace the pump.

What The Majority of Users Feel About the Hurricane Boats?

Hurricane has a reputation of serving with some of the best family boating options for 45 years. Hurricane offers a bigger range of performance deck boats, that hardly any other available brands boats can compete. 

Most customers are amazed by the amazing quality performance each Hurricane boat delivers, but at the same time, no one can deny the fact that even all top brands have some drawbacks as well.

Fortunately, all the arisen issues are not due to manufacturing negligence, and more likely, those are the most common technical problem that can occur with any boat.


Hurricane deck boats perfect for fishing, skiing, or cruising and ideal for saltwater use. Hurricane has cleverly designed each boat so that the users can feel energized, refreshed, and adventurous while they are on the water.

However, just like any other top and reliable brands or products, Hurricane boats are not entirely faultless, and some minor issues can occur while using the boats.

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