5 Most Common Problems With Lowe Stinger 175

Lowe stinger 175 is a better choice for smaller water bodies that don’t make long runs to their spots. This bass boat with a tough aluminum hull is crafted with state-of-the-art modern techniques learned from decades of experience and slides over sticks and stumps without damage.

But no boat or vehicle is free of problems. Before considering this bass boat, you need to know the possible issues you may face.

In this article, I will be walking you through the most common problems you might experience with Lowe stinger 175.

1. Engine

While going through various forums, the customers shared their engine issues. They can’t reach enough RPMs at WOT in their lowe stinger 175. It’s because the boat is over-propped. It happens when the propeller pitch is too high.

The higher pitch encounters more resistance from the water and prevents the prop from revolving freely. It puts extra pressure on the motor and reduces the RPM. If you ever face this problem, take your boat to the nearest servicing center.

2. Livewell

I have seen a number of complaints regarding Livewell from the lowe stinger 175 users.

Livewell Leak: The most common problem with Livewell is leaking. Plug your drain and fill your Livewell with water. If the water level doesn’t stay the same, the Livewell has a leak. Most of the time, it leaks around the seams.

Besides, extreme weather or drastic temperature can cause the hoses to crack. Although you can have some temporary solution, seeing a mechanic is necessary to fix this.

Overflow: Overflow of water in the Livewell happens when the water comes in faster than it drains. Check the drain if it is clogged and clean it. Actually, if you have fish in the Livewell, their waste can cause this clog in the drain.

But if the drain is clean and it still happens, try turning the flow adjustment down to the desired level to control the amount of water that pumps in. Clean the Livewell properly after each use. It will prevent these problems from happening.

3. Failing Pump

Pump problems are pretty problematic as it’s hard to fix them. While the pump itself can be broken, it can also be defective due to electricity or plumbing issues. Take advice from an expert on whether you should repair or replace it.

4. Crack in the weld

We found this complaint from a boat forum that the user’s boat has a crack where the side and the bottom are welded together. This problem is not that common. While you can repair this, it’s better to call the lowe service center if you ever face this.

5. Electricity

The wiring in a boat is quite complex as it runs under decks, through tight cases, and into closed compartments. Sometimes, the switches can become unable to draw power from the battery or from a connection. It causes electricity issues.

Check the connections with a voltmeter and proceed accordingly to fix this.

Final thoughts

The lightweight of this Lowe Stinger 175 makes it easier to launch and retrieve from unimproved ramps. The beauty in this Stinger lies in its design and how it makes the most of its generous interior space.

But there is a litany of things that can go wrong. And not everyone encounters the same issues. So many reasons influence the terrible experience.

However, proper maintenance goes a long way for your Lowe boats.

Let me know in the comment section about your thoughts on Lowe stinger 175. Do you want to go for the Lowe boats vs. Lund boats? 

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