Most Common Problems with Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor

Because of fly-by-wire steering, Ghost is capable of smoother and instantaneous control compared to others.

Yet, I have seen some minor issues throughout several forums. 

In this article, I have discussed those problems with Lowrance Ghost and the possible solutions. Let’s check them out.

Unusual banging against the TM bracket Software glitchKeeping the power button on while moving
No power to the unit on several occasions Battery failureConnection issueSoftware problem
Making too much noiseFaulty unitImproper installation
Issues while stowingImproper installationOdd angle to the bracket

Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor Problems

1. Unusual Problem

It would be wrong to say that this is a common problem. One user experienced it a few years back.

He started fishing one day like usual and moved to a new spot after a while. After stowing the trolling motor, he cranked the engine and went down the lake.

Suddenly the Ghost trolling motor started banging against the TM bracket. Even after stopping the boat, the banging didn’t stop.

To be more specific, the head of the motor seemed like it was about to or trying to rotate. Being unable to do that, it started bouncing up and down.

Possible reason

According to another user, the problem might have caused due to accidentally pressing the anchor button. As a result, the motor started acting like crazy.

Also, it can be an issue of keeping the power button on while going from one place to another.  

Possible fix

For this particular case, the boater deployed TM and the motor stopped banging. 

You can also try keeping the power button off every time you move from one spot to another.

Lowrance took care of the problem. So, you won’t face the same issue in the recently updated models.

Furthermore, updating the software can also solve the issue for older units.

2. Power Failure

Some people experienced power failure problems with Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor. 

One customer had it so bad that the issue occurred several times even after doing some troubleshooting. 

He mentioned that the motor went crazy in one trip. It didn’t stop after taking the foot off the pedal and made awful noises. 

After that, the motor stopped working, and he couldn’t make it start again. This happened when the battery had an 87% charge and full power to the unit.

Possible reason

From software updates to a faulty battery, the reason can be anything. Also, it can occur in case of accidentally touching the course lock button. 

Possible fix

The first thing to troubleshoot is to check the connections, breakers, and wiring. Because any of them can fail anytime without any warning.

After that, take a look at the batteries. You should grab a voltmeter and check the main line’s DC voltage at the input. 

Furthermore, update the software as soon as possible.

Now, some of you may not see the light yet. For those, I recommend you to take the motor to your nearest servicing center.  

3. Noise Problem

Some of the users are not confident about buying the Ghost TM. They heard lots of rumors and feedback from other customers about the loud noise. 

Is it true or not?

There is partial truth to that statement. Generally speaking, it doesn’t make a sound louder than other competitor models on the market. 

However, the portion above water makes some noise which is due to the drive-by-wire setup. 

On the other hand, you won’t hear anything from the blades under the water. 

According to its first-hand users, the trolling motor is powerful, reliable, and quiet. The mount makes it very stable ensuring superior performance. 

4. Stowing Problem

In spite of ensuring a correct offset calibration, you may see that the Ghost is not stowing properly. 

One user mentioned that he could deploy the trolling motor properly. But when it is time to pull it up, things go wrong. 

It stays approximately 6” to 12” higher than the deck. And, pushing it down makes it slam down hard. 

Comparing with another unit’s performance, it is not normal. Fixing the problem may seem complex but it is not. 

You can do it yourself and there is no need to see the local servicing shop or your dealer. 

Possible reason

The level of the trolling motor after installation may be incorrect. 

Possible fix

Other users facing the same problem suggest that one should raise up the bow guard.

It would change the angle of the motor at the time it contacts the bracket. Also, bring the motor about 6 inches from the max depth. 

Those should help resolve the issue.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor?

Some people are not satisfied with this expensive trolling motor. It is because there are some competitor models with the same features and performance costing less.

However, that is not the full picture. Newer technology has better efficiency and convenience.

After the release of Ultrex, lots of boaters thought that no one would pay more than 2K on trolling motors. But it is not true anymore. 

Lowrance Ghost has a good reputation. Those who don’t have a budget issue can go for it. 

You may argue that one should wait till a newer model from other brands gets released. But one will keep waiting as newer technology and motors will be available every year.

And, you won’t be able to make up your mind. Some users have complained about the Ghost being too loud. However, other competitor models are not so quiet either, if you are wondering.

When it comes to customer care service, Lowrance has made some good examples. 

I have seen lots of users contacting the company for any type of issue and they have done everything in their power to solve it. 

As it is a new company in the trolling motor industry, you should be aware that its products still have some bugs. 

But don’t worry about it too much because they are working continuously to make your fishing experience better at all costs.

Final Thoughts 

There are authorized Ghost repair shops all over the US. So, you can easily troubleshoot any problem without waiting months.

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