4 Most Common Problems With Phoenix Bass Boat

The Phoenix Bass boats are filled with flotation foam which increases buoyancy, among other things, and helps prevent the boat from sinking even if the boat is completely torn apart. 

The phoenix lovers don’t have to fear nowadays as the bass boats are built to remain atop the water even in the event of complete destruction of the hull. Engineering has really come a long way and made these modern bass boats very hard to kill.

But no boat or vehicle is free of problems. Before considering this bass boat, you need to know the possible issues you may face.

In this article, I will be walking you through the most common problems you might experience with Phoenix bass boats.

4 Common Phoenix Bass Boat Problems:

1. Motor Leakage issue

Leakage problem is a common issue for motors of phoenix bass boats. Many people experience this in their outboard motors. Among them, the Powerhead Leakage can be one of the reasons as there are a couple of seals that are around the driveshaft. 

When they leak, the engine will run low on oil, which can be a definite problem.

2. Fuel filling problem 

The process of putting gas can be an issue. A customer said that he was on a slope that leaned towards the pump. And that’s why the situation was tough.

To do the task properly, you need to hold the handle at a specific angle or lay something down in front of trailer tires and pull them on top of it to raise the passenger side of the boat. 

Additionally, you can follow other steps to get rid of this problem –

  • Take the seats out
  • Put off the screws
  • Cut the fuel line
  • Take out the vapor canister
  • Put in a connector for the fuel line (check if the size is 1 1/2 “or 1 1.4”. 
  • Then, assemble everything back together. 

3. Proper lighting issue

Some silly matters can have a bad impact on your fishing experience. One customer complained that there should be lights on the switch panel. You can add a single LED light that points to it. 

4. Engine issues

Another often encountered issue with this bass boat is its sudden engine shut down problems, especially after several years of use.

You will feel that the engine is running out of strength. 

Additionally, some engines stop without any warning during the ride. The customers also heard unusual noises or vibrating sounds. Leaving a tank empty for a long time can create condensation. 

After severe use, the oil can get dirty, and you can face fouled plugs or filter problems. 

If the water on the battery stops flowing, the engine gets overheated and fails to work. This could have happened for the loose hose clamp. 

Sometimes corrosion can create rough spots on the pulleys, which eat up a drive belt in a short time.

Final Words

Handling your phoenix bass boat through rough waters is doable. 

Although rough waters are not the comfort zone for your bass boats, these durable and useful boats will not disappoint you when handled with the right tools and care.

So, take good care of your loyal sea companions through the thick and thin! And let me know in the comment section about your experience on Phoenix bass boats. 

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