8 Most Common Problems With Power Pole

Power-Pole has pioneered the field of anchoring in a shallow-water system that utilizes both electric drive systems and hydraulic pumps to lock a bottom in place in shallow water under 10 feet deep, depending on the model’s size.

It provides a much steadier and silent deployment than your standard rope anchor ever could.

However, with the unmatched versatility of Power-Pole anchors, it has some drawbacks too.  

You should be aware of some known issues about Power Pole. It can help you prepare for the worst case scenarios.

8 Most Common Power Pole Problems

Now, let’s have a look at the 8 most common problems people face with the power poles.

1. Power pole tech issue

Sudden tech issue with the buttons of the hydraulic pump is a complaint from a few customers.

The customer was sharing the incident – he turned the stereo on of his boat to listen to the music and launched Pandora on his phone. 

He then went to another side with taking his phone. When he came back to the boat, he again turned the stereo on. But this time, the power pole went down to the driveway, and the pump kept trying to push downward. He turned off the battery switch, and after some moments, the power pole pump started to push down again.

So, it can happen for the wrong press of the buttons at the hydraulic pump. If you press the program button, it will work properly. 

Again, if you face any trouble, you can call their customer service. They are actually quite good!

2. Power pole not coming up

Another common problem for the boaters is the power pole not coming up. The boats started well, but after sometimes the power pole didn’t come up at all. 

The damage of the inline fuse can create this problem. So, you can pull forward under power, loosen it up, and it will come up. 

3. Sinking proble

There are some problems related to this power pole that occur to maximum users. And the sinking problem is one of them.

To get rid of the problem, you need to make sure all connections and on/off switches are corrosion-free and tight.

You should check the inline fuse holder and fuse by removing the cap. You can mount the fuse holder in an upright position to ensure the holder stays moisture-free.

4. Pump over running issue

The pump issues are common for the power pole. Some of the users encountered that the pump kept running after deploying it. Also, the pump kept returning back to the stow position.

5. Power pole goes out of work

Some incidents cause the power pole to go out of work. One customer shared that he forgot to turn off the power pole. After a week, when he went fishing, he found out that. He then turned off and again turned on the power pole.

But this time, the green light came, but he didn’t hear any chime sound. Since the perko was turned off, the battery could not get fully charged. And the power pole didn’t start from then. 

Again, if you could not find any solution, you can contact customer service. Their customer service is quite praiseworthy.

Tip- The level of Green Marine biodegradable hydraulic fluid should be between the maximum and minimum fill lines and is free of contaminants.

6. Power pole is not deploying

Some of the customers mentioned that the new power poles were not deploying. These can happen for the bad board. Or the battery of the remote can go out of charge. The bushings can get damaged.

You can replace the board or the bushings. You can also press the manual deploy button on the pump to solve the issue.

Additionally, you can take the cap off the top of the pump, disconnect the ribbon cable and try to operate the pole via remote. If you put the cap back on, but the problem is not solved, it is probably the bad cap and board. 

Tip – Download the free C-Monster App from Google Play or the Apple App Store and make sure your Power-Pole C-Monster firmware is up to date. If you have any issues updating your C-Monster App, you can always contact our tech support by phone or Live Chat.

7. Remote issues

A customer was facing problems with the wireless remote. The power pole didn’t engage with the wireless remote on the water. The LED light on the remote turned on, but the motor of the power pole and the LED didn’t turn on as well. 

These can happen for several reasons. The faulty battery in the control box can create this issue. Or the model that the customer had didn’t have the Bluetooth feature. The blown-fuse or bad connection also can be the reasons. 

8. Power connection issue

In a forum discussion, some users complained that they started losing power connection intermittently. And he said that when he had examined the power connection, the terminals had been scorched. 

If the pole is washed when the connection is unplugged, the water can get into it. 

To get rid of this issue, you can apply dielectric grease. 

Tip – Examine the hardware of the product. The lower two pivot bolts on every Power-Pole model should be tightened at least every 100 cycles. 

Final Thoughts

Power-Pole puts the control in the palm of your hand by deploying silently, holding firm, and gives you the best shot at putting more fish in the boat with the touch of a button. You may face some deployment issues. Besides this problem, other problems are not that serious. So, hopefully, Power Pole is already working on them.

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