5 Most Common Problems With Robalo 226 Cayman Boat

The popularity of the bay boat increases so does the second of three models – the 226 Cayman from the Robalo lineup. It has a wide-ranging ability to transition from skinny coves and marshes to coastal conditions easily. 

Additionally, it also has premium vinyl cockpit upholstery with Nano-Block technology, three 30 gallon livewells with LED lighting, and blue gel coat finish, and many more.

However, you should be aware of some known issues about the Robalo 226 cayman boat. It can help you prepare for the worst case scenarios.

Now, let’s have a look at the most common problems people face with Robalo 226 Cayman.

Common Robalo 226 Cayman Problems:

1. Quality control problems

While going through various forums on Robalo 226, many customers had shared their pet peeves on the manufacturer’s issues. 

Not proper bedding deck penetrations/sealing holes, supporting/chafe protection for wires/hoses passing through fiberglass holes, using sheet metal screws when bolts could be used – these are some of them.

It is usual that no mid/mid-upper tier manufacturer has a serious quality control process in place. If they do have, they handle the issue with a sloppy/unskilled workforce. 

My grief is with Robako for allowing so many faulty issues to go out their door and into the consumer’s hands. It is very sad indeed! – A customer

2. Faulty design

While trying to know about Robalo 226 problems, you may find some about the design. The recessed and baffled standpipe in the live wells is one of the problems. People are having an issue with the standpipe smack in the middle of the Livewell, making it more difficult to scoop out fish.

Lack of a swim platform or grab rails is another issue. The manufacturer’s should probably put some rails somewhere to make boarding easier.

A common complaint about this bay boat – Robalo 226 is the recessed trim tabs. 

However, the extended v plane hull design eliminates the need for trim tabs like other boats of this size. The extended running surface acts as molded tabs adding stability, quicker planning times, ability to plane in shallow water, and staying on the plane at lower speeds.

The flip-down bolstered seats would be a great addition to this model – said a customer. 

Some customers mentioned that the parts are not properly foam-filled. There is wood everywhere! And the wood needs to be completely sealed – polyester-based resins are not waterproof.

Rot can be caused by improper sealing techniques used by the factory.

3. Size of the motor well issue

The size of the motor well is one of the real issues for some customers. It is pretty huge. That being said, you could very easily / inexpensively have a flip-up lid manufactured for it.

Newly designed bay boats should just ship a jackplate standard and cover the well. An optional walkable cover can be installed if a jackplate is installed.

4. Transom Problem

While checking out the owners’ experiences, I have found that they are expecting full transom in this price tag to give the boat way more room in the back.

The customer could not take the boat for a long period as he had to ran the bilge pump several times to pump out @5 gal of water. 

It can happen for improper sealing, and the forward live/baitwell leaks into the bilge. 

For the lack of sealant around dash switch plates and dash components, the water dripped on all the wiring and connections under the dash/console. This indicates the usual poor-quality installation. 

You can contact your dealer to solve the issues. This cayman is a well-designed boat, and once you get the issues worked out, you can have a great little boat. And in the end, if you put up the fight and don’t give up, Robalo does stand behind the product.

Tip: To judge the quality, wiring is a good example of this. Pick a wire, strip it – if it appears copper, it’s not marine grade. Marine-grade wiring will appear silver when stripped, and it will also have a much finer strand.

5. Poor Maneuverability In Reverse

In a forum discussion, some users complained that they were having control issues while backing into the slip. This boat didn’t react in reverse. They faced trouble negotiating the current and/or wind. 

To get rid of the matter, they can trim up slightly when backing, otherwise the backthrust will hit more of the transom instead of going beneath the keel. 

Just be sure the prop doesn’t get air in it. You need to check about how many people are in the bow, and you have to keep in mind that when reversing, the bow follows the stern.

So back into the current or wind and at the last minute “turn” the stern into the slip. If the current and wind is opposing, use the one that is the strongest.

Final Thoughts

The new redesigned Robalo 226 cayman is a midsize vessel that features plenty of fishing perks as well as family comforts.

This Robalo 226 bay boat is very nice, but it is not “revolutionary” as the company claims. It seems tht some fairly standard things that I have mentioned earlier could have been done to make it better. 

So, I will suggest new owners is to keep all these things in mind and set their expectations accordingly. A loyal and dedicated dealer is also an important factor in solving any problem as Robalo is a mass-produced boat manufacturer and only supports owners through the dealer network.

The dealer that sold me the boat is a very reputable dealer and they have told me they will take care of the defects. I have only good things to say about Bob Hewes Boats (the dealer). They are excellent – A customer

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