3 Most Common Problems With Robalo R160

The Robalo R160 is an affordable compact cross-over, perfect for first-time boat buyers and skilled anglers to fish bays, estuaries, lakes, and rivers.

Although this boat is better equipped and has opened its horizons up to multiple fishing styles, it has some drawbacks.  

You should be aware of some known issues about the R160 boat. It can help you prepare for the worst-case scenarios.

Now, let’s look at the 3 most common problems people face with the Robalo r160 boats.

1. Steering

One of the most common complaints of Robalo R160 users is that the power steering is too difficult to turn. There can be several causes for this to happen.

Now, to find a solution, you need to identify the situations when the steering feels hard. For instance, you may find the steering stiff and unable to turn the wheel during a sea trial or when the engine is stopped.

In both cases, the best thing to do is to grease the tower housing on the engine. You’ll find it easy as there must be one or two fittings for greasing the pivot shaft on the motor.

Also, if the steering is hard while running, that is probably because the motor is mounted too deep. You should check the cavitation plate that should be one to one and a half inches above the bottom of the hull.

2. Throttle

The common problem regarding the boat’s throttle is that it doesn’t stay at one position, and as a result, the boat slows down a bit. 

Basically, a loose handle is the main reason behind this problem. To fix this, look for a plastic door on the binnacle. There should be a screw underneath that. Use the screw to adjust friction on the handle. Go clockwise to tighten, and that should do it.

Tip – One caution – if you sealed your battery in a box with no ventilation, you may be creating a hydrogen bomb. Not like an atomic bomb. But, many batteries release hydrogen as they charge. The enclosure must be ventilated to prevent the build-up of hydrogen, which is highly explosive.

3. Drain Plug

A familiar problem with drain plugs is when the hull has not defected, but water flows out after the plug is removed. 

First, make sure the plug is tight. Still checking for leaks might give out a solution. And to do that, first put the plug in and then to cover the drain, put water in the bilge. Then you can look outside for leaks.

Final thoughts

This Robalo r160 is a great value boat with Aluminum Framed Acrylic Windshield and Forward Console Seat and Bolster.

Stringers and transoms are all made with composite corings and materials. So if you want a boat that’s going to last a very long time, these are the attributes you should be looking for.

This boat is designed predominantly for lure fishermen.

But there is a litany of things that can go wrong. And it is not always the manufacturer’s fault. So many reasons influence the lousy experience.

Let me know in the comment section about your thoughts on Robalo R160.

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