Most Common Problems with Rosborough Boats

Going through lots of forum discussions, I have seen that Rosborough owners are very happy with their purchase. 

Nonetheless, the boats have some issues that you should know. 

Let’s see what the most common problems with Rosborough boats are. It will help you understand whether the boats can live up to your expectations.

Common Rosborough Boat Problems

1. Slow Speed Problem

If you see all models from Rosborough, you will notice that none of them can achieve more than 25 mph.

I know that it is okay for some people who have all the time in the world. 

But we now live in a busy world. So, faster things have become a part of our lives.

That is why I have seen lots of disappointed folks talking about the speed issue which is not enough for their boating. 

2. Too Much Weight 

With durability, weight becomes comparatively higher than the similar competitor models.

As a result, you can’t move the boat from one place to another by road easily. It requires special trailers.

3. Low Production Rate

Run by the Rosborough family, the production of the boat is low compared to the demand. 

With fewer boats in production, it is easier to control the quality and ensure the best experience. 

But that leaves lots of unhappy customers. And, they turn to the competitors. 

4. Poor Fuel Efficiency

I think that the manufacturer should look into their boat design. 

Because Rosborough boats are not fuel-efficient. Maybe the hull design has more drag causing more fuel to run smoothly.

Improving overall structure can not only increase fuel efficiency but also decrease weight. 

What Majority of the Users Feel About Rosborough Boats?

Rosborough boats are available and very popular in the second-hand market. 

As it has good resell value and lasts for years without major problems, no one hesitates to buy a used one. 

The newer ones are very expensive but worth the investment. 

However, all of their models are not appreciated. For example, the RF-246 picnic powerboat is a joke to some people. 

It is because of its design and poor engineering. 

After further investigation, I have found out that it is not that bad. When a customer orders a custom-build boat, it can look ridiculous. 

An interesting fact is that Eastern now makes the boats. They haven’t changed the way Rosborough made the hulls. 

So, you can expect the same solid and durable quality. For larger boats, it is not common to see boats having sturdy fiberglass hull with 100% flotation.

It is more minimalistic in design and feels beefier than the competitor models.

Lots of people prefer RF-246 over a Ranger or Nordic tug of a similar size category.

Most of the users review it as well-built, simpler, and functional. The engineers made sure that you can take full advantage of the available space.

According to Whitten (experienced sailor), the boat is “Bigger inside than it is outside”. 

If you are an admirer of large cockpits, you will have to buy a Rosborough boat.

Final Thoughts 

One of the biggest benefits of having Rosborough boats is that they are available. Large boats at a reasonable price with that benefit are hard to find.

Tip: Use a twin-axle trailer to haul the boat for moving without any problem. 

You may get Ranger but they cost way too much. 

Though there are some problems with Rosborough Boats, the weight on its good side is heavier.

What are your experiences with the boat? Let me know.

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