Most Common Problems with Sea Doo 300

For your personal racing watercraft, you can count on Sea Doo RXP-X 300.

Despite having a muscular look, and praise-worthy features, it has some issues.

In this article, I am going to talk about those specific and most common problems with Sea Doo 300 Jet Ski.

Losing power and having several error codesThrottle body issueIntercooler leakage
Decreased power and can’t rev outIntercooler leakage issueMisfiring or losing power due to various reasons
IBR problem and getting error codesShorted CPS wiresImproper break-inBattery voltage issue

Common Sea Doo 300 Problems

1. Losing Power

I have come across several complaints mentioning the problem of losing power and having error codes.

The codes are P060E, P160E, and P1615. According to the users, the ski raved high right after the start and idled after that. 

After a while cruising around 5 or 6 mph, the engine light came on and the starter revving again. 

Possible reason

That very customer suspected that the throttle body had some issues. He also thought that it could be an issue with sensors. 

He was correct, and the problem lies in the throttle which may be failing. 

Some other users told that sensors hardly go bad and replacing the throttle should solve it. 

While reading the comments, I saw that one user identified an intercooler leaking in his boat. And, that failed the throttle body.

Possible fix

From the above discussion, you can realize that nothing else to do here except changing the faulty throttle. 

However, the sensors can also go bad in some cases. So, let your dealer or mechanic do a thorough check before making a final move.

Also, resetting may solve it for the moment but it is not a permanent fix. 

On the other hand, having a leaked intercooler can lead to some serious damage. Here, you have to identify this particular issue following the steps below. 

  1. Pull off the intake hose that is connected to the throttle body.
  2. Then, start your Sea Doo 300’s engine.
  3. Next, turn on the garden hose hooked on the flushing port.
  4. After that, rev the engine at 4000 RPM only a few times.
  5. Finally, observe whether water is coming out of the hose.

Now, let’s move on to the next problem.

2. Intermittent Running Issues

This one happened to a new owner of the Jetski who kept the boat in storage for less than 2 months. After the idle period, he took it out for a spin.

Starting it normally, and reaching max speed without any problem, he suspected nothing. Soon, the engine couldn’t rev out and only run at half power.

Despite using premium fuel and seeing no other visual signs or symptoms, the customer was facing this problem.

I have seen that some other users are also having the same issue. But the interesting part is that the reasons are not the same for everyone. 

Possible reason

It can be intercooler leaking, misfire, or simply lack of power. However, the most common reason is a bad spark plug. 

According to the experts, having a set of gapped plugs on the ski boat is a very good idea. Whenever you see this problem, change them, and it would be enough.

Moreover, one should check the coil-over at the same time as changing spark plugs. Because that is another problem area. 

Even if you don’t any issues like this one, you should change the plugs annually for smooth and best performance.

Possible fix

You have probably guessed the fix from the reasons above. Most of the time, changing the spark plugs solve the issue. 

Furthermore, bad coil or leakage needs to be dealt with in the appropriate steps. In such situations, call an expert to troubleshoot.

3. IBR Problem

Some of the users are facing IBR issues. You will see a red warning light coming on indicating the issue. 

The ski keeps moving forward or idle and the reverse function does not work. After restarting, the problem may seem fixed but it can come back in full swing again.

One user took it to the servicing point and found out that there was a fault code ‘C0073’. It means that torque request is denied. 

Possible reason

That fault code can be a possible reason for CPS wires being short. Also, it indicates that the coolant temp sensor is bad or having a bad connection. 

Possible fix

You can start by checking the CPS wires and replacing them with new ones. Furthermore, one may need to change the CTS sensor and the battery.

Don’t make those replacements right away. It is a process of trial and error. Make a change and see whether the problem is fixed.

Even after doing all those, a customer was facing the same issue. In this case, you should take the boat to your dealer. 

According to the servicing experts, IBR is very sensitive to voltage. So, check the connections and make sure that it is not getting voltages too high or low. 

Try to calibrate or adjust the IBR out of the ski for the best results. Don’t do it on the bench. 

Finally, make sure that you have passed the break-in period according to the guideline.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Sea Doo RXP-X 300?

Generally, most of the customers are happy about this model and the company’s customer service.

Yet, there are a few incidents that made some people really angry. Such experiences are with their dealers. 

For example, one Sea Doo RXP-X 300 owner couldn’t get his motor running. After contacting the dealer, he got some illogical explanation and was told that repairing wouldn’t be covered by warranty. 

On the other hand, there are some mishandling cases too by the users. So, I think it is a mixed experience with more good stories than bad ones.

Most of the users say that Sea Doo stands behind their product and tries to help people without any excuse. 

Furthermore, older RXP-X 300 units had a sinking and water-taking problem. It is now solved in the newer models after the company has started using plastic silencers above the waterline.

So, there are no major problems with the Sea Doo 300 Ski boat.

Final Thoughts 

A well-balanced design with lots of the latest technology makes the RXP-X 300 a beast on the water. 

From the above discussions, you can realize that the problems do not pose too much threat to your fun time. 

So, are you going to get one this summer?

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