4 Most Common Problems With Seven Marine

Seven Marine engines are one of the most powerful outboard engines on the market. These are very durable and top-of-the-line outboards. These were founded in 2010 by Rick Davis and his two sons, Eric and Brian, in Germantown, WI. The engine got an advantage from the trend to outboard engines, combined with higher horsepower engines on even larger cruising boats.

But there are some matters that will question the quality of the motor and its components. As nothing is above scrutiny, we will face some problems with this brand of outboard engines. 

Let’s check out some common Seven marine problems that you should be aware of. 

In 2017, the Davis family sold the business to Volvo Penta, which moved production to Lexington, TN. But for the motto to be a net-zero emissions company by 2050, the Volvo Group, which includes the Volvo Penta marine division, stopped the sales and marketing of Seven Marine outboard engines effective January 1, 2021.

Common Seven Marine Problems:

1. Price issue

According to the majority of the customers, the Seven marine engine is the Cadillac in the boating industry. 

This means that this engine is not for everyone, and this company is catering to a selected number of wealthy boat owners. Though there are some buyers, from a practical standpoint, the price bracket on the Seven marine engines could be made a bit more equivalent with the other brands on the market. 

Triple Seven Marine 557s with joystick steering cost $270,000 for 1,671 HP. You would need to have five 350HP engines to match that. At 20 to 30k per engine (for a mercury Verado 6 cylinder), the price is still 100k outside of being competitive – Boattest

2. Weight issue

The users mention in various forums that these engines are not light as a feather as for the increase in power, the weight of the motor is increased as well. Each one weighs 1,045 lbs., which will add a considerable amount of weight to the boat/yacht. 

The weight of the engine is not the only issue. The size of the motors is also quite a bit larger than the average ones. 

Some transoms may not be able to handle multiple Seven Marine engines.

3. Saltwater issue

While trying to know about the common seven marine outboard motor problems, the major one will be not being able to bear the saltwater. It is actually a design fault. The manufacturers may overlook that the boats and motors should be tried and tested in the real marine environment. 

Since the boats would mostly be used on saltwater, it is a must-have feature to ensure corrosion-free parts. 

That being stated, the Seven Marine Team does fly in their tech support to any location to fix the engine.

4. Steering pump issues and fuel pump issues

 There have been some complaints that Seven Marine engines include steering pump issues and fuel pump issues. This could happen for the smaller components tend to corrode faster due to not having been tested in saltwater.

So, the engine needs minor tweaking in the first 100 hours of use.

What Do The Customers Say?

Most of the customers have a common opinion for the Seven Marine Outboard engines, and that is the motors are aesthetic purposes. They had been seen with a powerful motor, and they bought this engine for luxury. It is not surprising that the 557 and comparable models are such high-end models as they really deliver the maximum amount of horsepower to the boats. The negative side to such horsepower is that the engines also use up to 30% more fuel than the standard outboard. 

That being said, the customer service for these engines is top-notch as they will come to you and fix the engine.

But the fact is that there is no more production of these engines. 

Final Thoughts

Seven Marine comes with a GM 6.2 L block that was supercharged and intercooled and had a closed-loop cooling system, plus separate coolers for engine and gear case oil. The hydraulic transmission was from ZF with helical gears. 

However, the price tag associated with the motor package is quite an issue for buyers. 

But customer service is part of the package. They fly techs out to fix them if any problem is encountered by the customers. No questions are asked except the address of where the boat is located. Don’t think you will see anyone complaining about service! So, the former buyers who are with the engines can show any problems under customer service.

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