Common Problems With Suzuki 115 Four Stroke outboard Motor

Suzuki is the largest corporation for manufacturing a full line of outboard motors.

Especially the Suzuki 115 4 stroke outboard motors are designed to maximize fuel economy and performance with its largest reduction gear ratio for top-end speed and quick acceleration.

However, still, there are some troubleshooting problems that consumers should keep in consideration before purchasing one of the Suzuki 115 four-stroke motors.

In today’s article, let’s explore and learn more about the 4 most common issues that you might encounter with this Suzuki outboard motor-

1. Motor Starting Failure:

One of the most common problems that most Suzuki 115 four-stroke motor users complain about is the struggle to start the motor.

According to the user’s experience, sometimes the motor either takes more time than usual to start or does not start at all.

Suzuki suggests checking the primer bulb’s condition whenever you encounter starting failure since no resistance will prevent the fuel to enter into the motor and eventually damage the engine performance.

That’s why you need to thoroughly check the condition of the prime bulb as well the entire fuel system for any sign of damages, cracks, corrosion or leakage.

If required, you might have to replace the primer bulb or your outboard motor’s fuel line.  may have to be replaced.

2. Acceleration Issue On High RPM:

Another commonly mentioned troubleshooting issue with Suzuki 115 outboard motor is the visible struggle during acceleration. Sometimes the engine may sputter at the high RPM.

The outboard motor sputtering issue at the higher RPM speed can occur because of the damaged, leaked, or clogged filters. Therefore, you need to inspect the fuel filters and if required, replace them.

According to customers, when they turn the speed on high rpm like 3000 to 4000 RPM, the motor refuses to perform in acceleration.

There can be various reasons for the motor to encounter acceleration failure, especially on high RPM. It can occur because of low oil pressure, high water temperature, or if the motor stays too long in the rev limiter (more than 10 seconds).

Fortunately, you can easily get a hint when your motor has any of those mentioned problems since the engine light will flash or you will hear a buzzer noise coming out from the standard gauge.

So, check for those signs to identify the core issue and take necessary action to solve it.

3. Fuel Or Oil Starving Issue:

Some of the Suzuki 115 4-stroke engine users have claimed that they experience that their motor started consuming oil more than usual and the engine is running out of oil quicker than expected.

Not only that one of the users also mentioned, when he looked and inspected further, he found out that one of the spark plugs is already burned out.

This is a serious issue that may arise either because you have leaked or damaged the oil pump, rings, or maybe your oil filter is clogged or damaged. So, check them properly and replace or repair, if needed.

You may need to get a new powerhead, so better you contact the authorized dealer of Suzuki or mail at the Suzuki customer desk helpline about your encountered problem.

4. Motor May Lose Power Or Make Vibrating Noise:

Often users claim that sometimes they notice a visible loss of power while riding their Suzuki 115 four-stroke or the motor suddenly making an unusual vibrating sound.

However, these two problems are the most common boat or outboard motor issues that you may encounter with almost every available outboard or boat.

Power loss problem may occur either because of faulty spark plugs or kinks in the fuel lines, fuel filters.

Suzuki suggests inspecting spark plugs for any sign of power drop or any of the plugs are damaged. While checking the spark plug’s condition, make sure to keep the motor at the full throttle position. 

If you notice corrosion on the spark plugs, all you need to do is cleaning the spark plugs. But if one or both of the spark plugs looks severely damaged or broken, replace them.

Also, check the fuel lines, filters for kinks, leaks, or loose connection and repair or replace, as required.

The unusual vibrating noise indicates that your propeller has a problem and either one or more prop components are damaged or broken.

Therefore, check your entire prop system for any sign of leaks, loose ends, bent or broken parts.

Final Thoughts

Since Suzuki has been in this outboard manufacturing industry for more than decades, they have more knowledge about building innovative engines than other manufacturing companies.

The Suzuki 115 four-stroke outboard motors can easily outperform the other four strokes outboards available in the market. 

However, just like any other top brand’s products, there are some common technical issues that users may experience while using the Suzuki 115 four-stroke outboards. But fortunately, those problems are easy to solve as well.

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