4 Most Common Problems With Tohatsu Outboards

Tohatsu offers some of the best outboard two-stroke and four-stroke motors, which are also widely known as “bullet-proof” outboard motors.

Most of the Tohatsu outboard motors are built with outstanding features combined with unmatched technology, proven reliability, and speed or power.

However, some undeniable common issues can arise with any Tohatsu outboard motor, and consumers should keep that in their mind.

Therefore, let’s learn more about the 4 most common troubleshooting issues that you might encounter with any of the Tohatsu outboards-

1. Motor May Lack Enough Power:

According to several Tohatsu outboard motor users, the motor seems to have less power than other similar range of outboard motor brands.

Generally, the lack of power issues can arise with any vehicle, and mainly this type of commotion occurs after several months or years of operation.

But some users have claimed that they encountered power lacking issues even on their newly purchased motor, which is disappointing.

However, the good news is that not all the Tohatsu motor models have this problem. There are few models like the Tohatsu 25 2 stroke motor, which have this lacking in them.

Well, if you also encounter a similar type of issue on your Tohatsu outboard, make sure to check and investigate the condition of your motor’s fuel, air & fuel filters, sparks, carbs.

It can also cause due to low compression so, check all the possible areas to find out the core damage part and fix it.

2. Tohatsu Motor Sparking Problem:

A group of Tohatsu users has claimed that they have encountered a sparking issue on their outboard motor.

But customers also confirmed that they had no such trouble when initially they started using the outboard motor.

According to one of the user’s experiences, the problem arises when the top piston refuses to fire and the engine stops revving up like usual.

Sometimes this problem arises because of the low compression or damaged spark plugs. If the damage becomes worse, it will lead your engine to die abruptly.

During the inspection, another user mentioned that when he pulled off the top plug wire while the motor is running, there was no difference. But when he pulled off the bottom plug, the engine immediately died.

In that case, check the conditions of the reed valves, cylinders, and spark plugs. Also, do not forget to check the connections of all the related wires, connectors, and terminals since a loose connection can also prevent the motor from getting enough spark.

3. Engine Dies On Forwarding Gear & During Acceleration:

Consumers have experienced that initially, the engine starts normally and smoothly at neutral gear, but when the users try to engage it on the forward gear and open the throttle, the engine cuts out and dies.

Even when they put it back into the neutral gear again, the engine immediately starts like usual.

According to another group of Tohatsu motor users, similar things happen during acceleration. The engine visibly struggles or hesitates and eventually dies on.

When this type of issue occurs, first, check the condition of both idle and main jets to find any sign of corrosion or dirt in the float chamber.

The following problem may also arise due to the old or dirty fuel mixture on your fuel tank. Electrical connection errors or loose connections can also lead to this type of trouble. So, make sure to inspect all the possible areas.

4. Engine Overheating Problem:

Several users have claimed that they encountered overheating issues on their Tohatsu outboard motor.

Some also mentioned hearing unusual groaning noises coming out from the engine. This overheating ultimately led the engine to shut down.

But fortunately, this overheating problem is not an error caused by manufacturer negligence or assembling error.

This problem occurs with all outboard motors at some point either because of the user’s operational errors or technical and electrical faults.

Also, not all the outboard motor models of Tohatsu have overheating chances since the latest versions are featured with advanced heat resistance technology.

However, if you own one of Tohatsu’s previous outboard models, you should keep this issue in your mind and be careful not to let your motor get overheated.

If you encounter overheating issue, make sure to check the plugs, thermostat, impeller, coolant ports, blown head gasket, and exhaust system for possible cracks, leaks, loose connection, or blockage because of corrosion.

It may also occur because of the overheat sensor’s false trigger, so check the sensor whether it is damaged or broken.

Final Thoughts

Japan’s oldest outboard manufacturer, Tohatsu has been manufacturing outboard motors which are rich in quality and durable enough to serve a lifetime cruising experience. Tohatsu outboard motors are ocean-tested as well, which means these engines can run smoothly even under intense demand and harsh conditions.

However, just like any other existing outboard motor or engines brands, Tohatsu also has some common troubleshooting issues, and consumers should be well aware of them.

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