3 Most Common Problems People May Face With Triumph Boat

Triumph boats caught the attention of fishing enthusiasts by introducing almost indestructible boats.

Indeed, you will find people doing extreme things to prove that wrong. Except for some minor problems, there is nothing much to complain about it.

So, get to know the most common problems with Triumph boats and their possible solutions. Let’s start. 

Getting gas fumes at the center console areaBad design exposing gas to unusual spots
Getting shocked on the handrail while runningConnections getting short
Plastic parts melting problemToo much heat

Triumph Boat Problems:

1. Gas Fume Problem

This is a common design flaw of the larger Triumph boats. They have the gas line run up into the central console. 

As a result, it is possible to smell gas fumes all the time.

Some people may argue with the 21’ models being perfect. But you should not make the final decision before testing it on the water.

I have found out that some of the units take too much time to get on the plane. 

2. Shock Issue

One of the users has complained that his boat has a transom crack. 

But that is not the main problem. It builds up static while running. Whenever someone touches the handrail, he/she would get an electric shock.

There are various reasons for that. And, it requires thorough checking. The best way to deal with the problem is to take the boat to the nearest dealer or servicing point. 

3. Melting Problem

You may have known that Triumph boats are one of a kind for their plastic bodies. 

But there were some complaints about their older models. Users complained that the hot summer days can do serious damage or melting to the boat. 

Pro Tip: If you are living in Florida and thinking of storing a Triumph boat in your garage, you will have to rethink. Because it gets really hot in the summer which can be damaging to the body material. 

An opposing comment is that you do not need to worry about melting plastic anymore. Because Triumph has made great improvements over the years, and lots of users are happy with it. 

The plastic parts don’t melt anymore even on the warmest days. 

What Majority of the Users Feel About Triumph Boat?

Apart from the looks of Triumph boats, people are happy with their performance. Some are not ready to accept the argument of Roplene vs Fiberglass technology.

If you search that topic on the Hull Truth forum, you will get to learn lots of facts. Triumph are good-quality boats with durable construction. 

Lots of users are so impressed with the service, support, and attention to detail given into the boar that they consider it the best-engineered boat of all time. 

However, I don’t want you to think of such great things about the boat. Because you have already seen some of the issues.

Because you may not like riding on a plastic boat. It requires special mounting kits and a special modification process every time you need to add a piece of equipment. 

Online experts have reviewed the models of Triumph boats and found out that their 15’ to 17’ models are fine to deal with.

I have heard that people are using 17’ models roughly, and the boat can withstand ramming into the beach, docks, other boats.

Now, don’t go overboard with the idea. I only mentioned it to tell you how durable its build quality is. 

On the other hand, 19’ to 21’ models are not so okay. These units have a common design problem. I have mentioned it above.

Like other brands, Triumph also has a mixed review. Some of their products have almost no issues whereas longer boats are not very good.

Another concern you should know is that the Triumph owners’ website doesn’t let anyone complain easily. 

It involves several steps. So, you won’t see many problems there. This is a shady technique to save the name. 

This is where a brand loses its trust among the customers. The best practice for general boaters who are about to buy a Triumph boat should research particular models.

Now, the best part is that you can run it roughly without causing major issues.

It is possible because of its plastic body. Indeed, it has some disadvantages while mounting anything. But you will love how reliable the boats are.

On a forum, you can see people bad-mouthing Ford trucks. And, that doesn’t make the vehicle bad. Triumph boats are like that. 

It is your duty to check whether there is any major issue in your desired model. Also, keep their shady terms, conditions, and public relation in mind.

Final Thoughts 

In this article, I have tried to include as many problems as possible. If you think that I have missed something important, you can contact me.

I will update the post as soon as possible.

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