Most Common Problems With Verado 275 Outboard

Previously people used to view onboard engines in a different way. However, such assumptions have changed when the Mercury came with its Verado engines. These extremely fast and powerful engines have changed the whole view of the industry. 

From Mercury, the Verado series offers an unparalleled experience. With robust designs, class-leading displacement, and ultimate reliability, they are unbeatable.  They can go fast and they are economical! Sounds great right? 

However, nothing is perfect. Therefore, Verado 275, a great engine does come with some shortcomings as well. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common problems that you might encounter with the Verado 275 Outboard and what you should do to prevent them. Let’s dive in.

What Are The Common Verado 275 Outboard Problems:

With the view to offering uncompromised performance, Mercury has introduced its Verado 275 outboard to the industry. It has a top speed of 60 MPH+, which may sound insane to some, but it is entirely achievable. 

Besides, the 4 stroke engine and the fuel economy are something you can never ignore. A high proportion of Verado 275’s sales are generated by its outstanding engine performance. 

However, with the sheer performance, Volvo Penta’s KAD44 does come with some drawbacks. Let’s go ahead and learn some. 

1. Regular Lower Unit Issues

A common issue with Verado is its lower units. This has been present in all of its previous models. However, this is still present with the Verado 275HP. After a generous period of time, the lower engine tends to go down. 

According to one user, the lower engine stopped working after 900 miles. He was fortunate to discover the problem in the shop, otherwise, he would have been stranded. 

There were also leaks in the lower unit, according to some users. As with the previous issue, this mostly happens after 950+ hours. Always check if water does crimp inside the boat. 

Aside from these issues, the lower unit gear may also not be aligned correctly. As a result, loud clicking or grinding might be heard. This causes the gears to wear out much faster, and metal shavings and chips accumulate throughout the unit. 

It is ideal to have the Verado 275 engine checked after 900+ miles. Such issues can be easily diagnosed and fixed more economically by a certified technician. Otherwise, the above issues could be costly. 

2. Engine won’t Start

There is another problem with the Mercury Verado 275, which is its starting. There are times when the engine can be difficult to start, and other times when it will not even start. 

An internal part that is broken can lead to such an issue. Another possibility is that there’s something preventing sufficient air from being introduced into the engine to start it. 

Another common scene in Verado 275 is a low voltage battery issue. How is your engine going to start in the first place if the battery cannot provide enough power for it? This issue can be resolved by replacing the battery with a newer one. 

There is a report that a user’s Verado 275 won’t fire at all. The issue persisted even after checking all the fuses and fuel. The problem, which was found later, was the ignition not sparking the plug. 

As a precaution, it is ideal to check the battery’s health and make sure the fuses are in good shape. It is also a good idea to test the spark plug. 

3. Failure of the Pencil Coils

The Mercury Verado 275 also struggles with its coils. Throwing out coils is another common scene that you may encounter while using this engine. When other portions of the engine are functioning perfectly, this type of problem occurs. 

According to one user, his friend’s engine is experiencing the same issue. The engine won’t reach 5000 RPM even after all the plugs have been cleaned and the fuel filters changed. A second user reported the same problem, but his one wouldn’t go over 3000 RPM.

If the pencil coils fail, such an issue can arise. At that time, the engine will only run on four cylinders. Replacing coils is a fairly straightforward process. The difficulty lies in finding a good one. 

Another problem can be a fuel pump failure. One fuel pump or both may fail in the engine since it is equipped with two fuel pumps. As a result, the engine may not operate. Imagine being in the middle of an ocean and experiencing that! 

4. Leaking Oil from the Pump

Leaking oil has been a problem with the whole Verado lineup. Unfortunately, the Verado 275 engine has the same issue. Spilling oil is also a case, which can cause a huge mess. 

It is the seal that leaks, which causes the oil to leak. Several seals can be found on the drive shaft of the Verado 275. Although they are extremely effective, they are leaky. This may be another reason your engine isn’t getting enough power. 

Also fixing this problem can be a huge hassle for you. As build-up happens around the seal, the lower unit can be a pain to remove. When you are in salt water, the process forwards at a 10x speed. 

To prevent leaks in your engine, a regular service is the best option. Servicing regularly is not a necessity for everyone, but avoiding such hassle is the best option. 

Pros and Cons of Verado 275 Outboard:

It goes without saying that Mercury’s Verado engine line marks a milestone in the marine engine industry. Until this model, anyone would’ve never imagined a marine engine could produce such power. 

These engines do have some excellent pros, despite the above-mentioned drawbacks. And clearly, the pros undoubtedly outweigh the cons.


  • Although this engine provides so much power, it is unworldly how economical it is. As Mercury has succeeded in stopping oil from flying around, the Verado 275 can travel much further without using a lot of oil. As an example of windage-based friction reduction, Mercury has achieved fuel efficiency.
  • This is a 4 stroke engine which comes with several benefits. While fuel economy being one, the engine doesn’t require lubrication. Besides, it is more environmentally friendly. 
  • An engine with straight-six cylinders is this one. In other words, it is designed simply. The low manufacturing cost also results in the low price, because there is no offset. Besides, unlike other complicated engines, this can be fixed quite easily.


  • Regular Lower Unit Issues
  • Engine won’t Start
  • Failure of the Pencil Coils 
  • Leaking Oil from the Pump


Consider carefully both the pros and cons of the Verado 275 Outboard before purchasing it. The engine is extremely powerful, regardless of its shortcomings, and it is backed by a brand that has pioneered the market. 

Considering the benefits this engine provides, buying it won’t be a mistake. This engine is strong, functional, and will not leave you disappointed.

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