4 Most Common Problems With Yamaha SX210 Outboard

Yamaha offers a better boating experience by integrating engine, gauges, hull, and hardware in their SX210 model series.

Yamaha has combined versatility with value by featuring a total package of features such as a spacious cockpit, generous storage, and others in the Yamaha SX210.

However, just like Yamaha’s other boat and outboard engines, the SX210 series also contains some minor troubleshooting issues, which may concern the customers afterward.

That’s why in this very article I will be discussing briefly the 4 most common problems that consumers should know before purchasing and using the Yamaha SX210.

4 Most Common Yamaha SX210 Outboard Problems:

1. Motor Can Be Noisier Than Usual

According to several customer’s experiences with some of the SX210 outboard motor models, these motors can be louder.

Technically speaking, jet boats are generally twice as noisy as normal outboard or boat motors.

But still, people may not feel comfortable with some of the Yamaha SX210 versions since they can be louder as soon, they reach a certain threshold or MPH.

For example, several users have claimed that the 2015 and 1016 SX210 motors are visibly noisy at low speed, and to get rid of extra noise they had to install soundproofing insulation into the outboard engine compartment.

One of the users has also mentioned that sometimes even at idle the motor sounds about 2 times as loud as the port and the rattling vibrating noise seems like caused by a loose connection in the impeller or shaft compartments.

In that type of situation, make sure to check your spark plugs and fuel filters conditions.

2. Problem With The Design Of The Cleanout Compartment

Several SX210 users have complained about the designing flaw of the clean out compartment since the plungers easily get displaced or come out loose pretty.

According to one user’s experiences, while riding the outboard at full throttle, one or more cleanout plungers get dislodged, and a wave of high-pressure water can easily break the joint between the cleanout compartment and engine compartment.

This commotion also destroys one of the twin engines or causes engine compartment flooding.

This problem may occur because the barrier between the main engine compartment and the cleanout compartment is not designed to withstand full jet pressure when one of the plungers displace.

Since Yamaha authority has not acknowledged and responded about this particular problem, better to contact your dealer as soon you notice this issue.

3. Engine May Lose Power Or Suddenly Die

According to the SX210 users, sometimes they encounter visible power loss, or all of a sudden engine dies without warning.

The users have explained that initially, the motor starts like usual and runs for around 20 minutes. So, they could not guess the situation, but then the engine began to die about every 5 to 10 seconds and when they tried to restart the engine it would not start again.

Some users also mentioned that this similar problem happens to them more than once.

Well, it can happen because of the damaged spark plugs, lack of fuel/dirty gas on the fuel tank, corrosion, damaged/dead battery, or even because of the loose electric connections.

Also, you need to check whether any annunciator lights flashing or you can hear beep sounds. If there is a beep sound, you need to check the ignition switch’s condition.

Fortunately, this issues mostly happens with the previous models of SX210 and the latest versions of the SX210 are improvised enough to avoid these issues unless there is an operation or major technical failure.

4. Malfunctioning Issues

Some users have noticed and encounter pretty disappointing malfunction issues with some of the Yamaha SX210 models, such as the 2015 version.

Several users have complained that in Yamaha SX210 model, it features a non-galvanized trailer that can rust, and also the non-UV-rated strapping system can disintegrate very easily.

According to their experience, after storing their new outboard motor for just one season, they notice that the straps have disintegrated.

Even when they tried to pull them, they could not since the straps became so brittle. Also, users encountered a similar situation with the poles.

Although users have mentioned that as soon, they contacted their dealers for the replacement, they got the problem solved by the dealers.

But the quality of the replaced new poles and straps can be doubtful since they notice those seem to last for only another season.

Final Thoughts

Though the Yamaha SX210 model is designed and launched to target the family outing or cruising customer groups, this model series is equally capable of towing as well.

It also fits into the range of mass consumers budgets.

The best thing about any Yamaha products is that Yamaha only offers products that feel like a complete package deal and does not make their customers confused by offering a bunch of options. The SX210 series from Yamaha is the perfect example of that.

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