MotorGuide xi3 Trolling Motors: Are They Any Good?

MotorGuide is widely known for offering advanced top-performing trolling motors, and the brand claims that their xi3 wireless trolling motor series is one of the most suitable and affordable options for Pontoon boats.

This raises the most common question: Are MotorGuide xi3 motors worth enough to try?

Well, if you are looking for a silent but powerful trolling motor especially for your fishing adventure, and unfortunately have a budget limitation, nothing can be more durable and reliable than the MotorGuide xi3 motors.

In today’s article, let’s learn more in-depth details of this high valued yet affordable trolling motor series from MotorGuide-

Here’s How Good MotorGuide xi3 Trolling Motors Are:

MotorGuide xi3 trolling motors are specially built through purpose-driven design, all the necessary and intentional features to offer smoother, straightforward, and more comfortable operation.

Reportedly, these are the most durable and reliable options for fishermen to use on their Pontoon boats.

The xi3 trolling motor is a silent yet strong engine that persistently performs well all day long on both fresh and saltwater to ensure that hobbyists and professional fishermen can enjoy their fishing adventure for a prolonged period.

Besides that, these trolling motors are pretty easy to install and with only basic technical expertise, one can easily install the motor on their boat.

How Durable & Reliable Are MotorGuide xi3 Trolling Motors? 

The MotorGuide xi3 motor has all the required features and quality to deliver powerful performance.

But to understand its real value, you need to know what key features or quality this trolling motor has because there are surely some features that will make you fall in love with this particular trolling motor.

The xi3 motor comes with a wireless feature that ensures much easier and smoother control to operate your motor. Even it comes with a foot pedal that will allow you to decide whenever you wish to stop using the remote.

You will also get advanced precision navigation with its latest GPS system so that you can enjoy better control of your boat while anchoring, jogging, or cruising.

Even MotorGuide xi3 motor is designed with a secured large step/release lever system which makes the control easier as well as deploying and stowing effortless.

This xi3 trolling motor comes with a strong motor that delivers 55 pounds of thrusts and is 40% quieter than other available trolling motors.

Besides that, this trolling motor also contains a digital management system, which means you can easily manage the battery to serve and stay longer.

Not to forget the LED light indicator will provide you with precision updates of your battery condition so in no time you will get the hint when there is an issue.

These features make this trolling motor so comfortable and convenient to use on your Pontoon boat and as I have already mentioned, you do not even need to hire an expert to install it since it is pretty easy too.

How Long Do MotorGuide Trolling Motors Last Compare To Similar Brands?  

Reportedly, all MotorGuide trolling motors meet or exceed the US longevity standard. Besides that, MotorGuide cheaper motors come with a minimum of one up to two-year warranties depending on the model number and released year.

But the higher-end trolling motor models of the MotorGuide brand carry an extended warranty of three years.

Does MotorGuide Still Make Parts for Trolling Motors?  

According to trusted MotorGuide sources, MotorGuide still makes all parts and accessories for their available trolling motor models.

Reportedly, these factory OEM parts, replacement parts, and accessories are available in all the authorized retailing or dealer shops as well as online stores.

If you need to order or want any part related assistance, you can either visit the authorized physical stores of the MotorGuide brand or visit and

What Are Typical Problems with MotorGuide xi3 Trolling Motors? 

Although MotorGuide is one of the US-based leading trolling motor manufacturing brands, their wireless trolling motor, like the xi3 models also contain some limitations.

Due to this, customers can encounter some common troubleshooting problems while operating these motors.

Reportedly, these wireless trolling motors sometimes do not respond to their wireless commands, which mainly occur due to weak battery conditions, faulty or weak handheld remote, or foot pedal. It can also happen if your wireless controller is not properly synced.

Several xi3 customers have mentioned that they also encountered steering problems and difficulty controlling their motor’s directions.

Besides that, other most common motor troubleshooting issues such as power loss, motor failure, electrical system failure or malfunctioning, and wrong temperature reading can also arise while using these trolling motors.

Which Brands Can Be the Best Alternative To MotorGuide xi3 Trolling Motor?   

Minn Kota Ultrex or Minn Kota Terrova can be your ideal alternatives if you want to opt for other brand options instead of the MotorGuide xi3 series. Besides that, other brands such as the Aquos Haswing, Garmin Force, and Lowrance Ghost also offer high-valued wireless trolling motors that can be the ultimate alternative for the MotorGuide xi3 series.

Are MotorGuide xi3 Trolling Motors Still Being Made?  

Yes, MotorGuide is still proudly continuing the production of the xi3 wireless trolling motors from their current manufacturing factory located in Lowell.

Where Is the Manufacturing Location of MotorGuide xi3 Trolling Motors?  

Reportedly, all the trolling motors of the MotorGuide brand are manufactured in the United States. The previous manufacturing location of the MotorGuide trolling motors was in Oklahoma.

But since 2019, the manufacturing plant has been shifted to the Attwood Marine Products’ Lowell manufacturing plant, where they have a 160,000-square-foot Lowell facility for making these amazing quality trolling motors.

What Are The Best MotorGuide Trolling Motors? 

Let’s have a glance at some of the most popular and recommended MotorGuide Trolling Motor models-

  • MotorGuide X3 Foot-Controlled Bow Mount Trolling Motor
  • MotorGuide Tour Pro Bow-Mount Trolling Motor with Pinpoint GPS
  • MotorGuide R3 Freshwater Tiller-Steered Transom-Mount Trolling Motor
  • MotorGuide R3 Freshwater Tiller-Steered Transom-Mount Trolling Motor
  • MotorGuide Xi5 Wireless Trolling Motor

Customer Reviews on MotorGuide xi3 Trolling Motors: 

While going through several consumer review forums, I discovered that people mostly mentioned the GPS wireless and remote-control feature of this trolling motor which makes the operation so comfortable and convenient.

Although the xi3 trolling motor got a 76% of 5 Star rating on Amazon and most customers are satisfied with its performance, this trolling motor still failed to satisfy them fully.

But let me remind you that no trolling motor can guarantee you 100% perfection, and each motor has some plus points paired with a few limitations too.

So, while you consider the consumer reports or reviews for taking your final decision, make sure you also keep that in mind.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a silent yet strong motor for your Pontoon boat and also do not wish to go through the complicated installation and operational experience, the MotorGuide Xi3 trolling motor can be your ideal choice.

This trolling motor serves both comfort and convenience, but it also comes with a few limitations, so one should keep that in mind too.


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