Are Poli Glow Products Good & Reliable? [Answered]

Poli Glow Brand has been in the industry for over 25 years and offers Superior Fiberglass Restoration, Protection & Shining kits.

But how good and reliable these Gel restoration kits are?

These Restoration Gel products are mainly made of a water-based polymer, and this formula is injected with UV inhibitors to protect your RV and boats.

Now, let’s learn and understand how good and reliable these Poli Glow restoration Gel kits are from this article-

Here’s How Good the Poli Glow Products Are:

Poli Glow Products brand offers one of the most effective fiberglass restoration solutions that are currently available in the market for boats and RVs. 

This powerful solution can make old or oxidized Fiberglass, and gel coat surfaced shine like a brand-new one. Poli Glow is even designed for easier application as well as can last for a quality period.

How Durable & Reliable Are The Poli Glow Products? 

One of the easiest ways to clean up your boat or RV is to use a Poli Glow restoration gel since this gel solution contains the powerful and premium quality Proprietary Formula that can bring back the original shine, color, and even protects your vehicle for a quality period.

The Poli Glow brand’s special formulated solution kits can completely clean all the oxidization and UV exposure up from your vehicle’s body and it will stick onto your vehicle’s surface to keep it protected. This gel will protect the vehicle from external dust particles too.

Even this restoration gel will not come off when you wash your vehicle with water and soap later on. It’s undoubtedly a better solution than using the waxing process to clean up your vehicle.

Poli Glow kits can cover a 28 up to 34-foot boat or RV so that most boat or RV owners can restore their vehicle with the Poli Glow solution to remove the stubborn stains and heavy oxidization.

Besides that, these kits come with a user instruction booklet which contains absolutely easy to understood step-by-step guidelines so that even any first-timers can follow them to apply the product on their vehicles comfortably.

Therefore, you do not have to hire a professional technician or mechanic to do the task for you, which will save your labor cost too.

However, users also need to follow through with the exact procedures provided in the user manual otherwise one single error or mistake will cause the gel to not completely stick on the surface and might not even last for the expected period.

The Poli Glow also provides the required brush with each kit so that users do not need to buy the brush separately for the gel application. The company also provides a strip that you can use later on whenever you need to wipe off the Poli Glow gel coating from your vehicle.

What Are The Major Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Perfect Poli Glow Restoration Gel? 

Since there are various restoration products, people often get confused about which one is better or how to pick the right one.

In that case, certain aspects can help them choose the appropriate restoring product.

Here, let’s get a brief idea of those major aspects-

  • The first thing to consider will be the applicability of the kit. Most people will prefer the one easier to apply and use since it will be comfortable to do it by themselves without professional help. Even it will save the extra costs that one will have to pay for hiring professional servicing. Still remember, this type of task is not effortlessly easy and you have to follow certain steps, which will take the required time and effort.
  • Another thing is that many will suggest you use the machine polisher and buffer, and they might seem more efficient, but remember that restoration products such as the Poli Glow gel require hand application are still more affordable and long-lasting.
  • Next, you need to check the product’s restoring approach since different products approach that differently. Although one of the tested methods is through abrasives, this method might end up damaging the gel coat slowly. However, some restoration gels, such as the POLI GLOW DELUXE KIT can provide the required protection without aggressive damage.
  • While you are considering your options, keep in mind that the perfect product should have the ability to remove chalkiness, heavy oxidization, UV exposure, and stubborn stains to restore the original shine and color of the vehicle.

Can You Use the Poli Glow Kit Over Wax, Decals Or Vinyl Graphics, And Aluminum? 

You cannot use the Poli Glow kit directly over the wax and bare Aluminum.

However, you can use the restoration gel on the surface after entirely removing all the wax, and if you want to apply the Poli Glow gel on Aluminum, you need to paint the Aluminum properly first.

Besides that, you can use the Poli Glow gel over the decals or vinyl graphics. But remember, you cannot re-apply any decals or vinyl graphics to the fiberglass surface after coating with Poli Glow gel.

Is It Mandatory To Use Poli Prep Before Applying Poli Glow Restoration Gel? 

No. It is not mandatory only if the fiberglass surface you have is already clean, dull, and uniform before applying the Poli Glow. But if any kind of wax, stains, or oxidation stays over that surface, you have to remove them with the Poli Prep.

How Long Does Poli Glow Gel Take To Dry Properly? 

Each level of Poli Glow gel coating requires approximately 1-2 minutes to dry up properly, depending on the temperature and the minimum temperature for Poli Glow application is 55°F.

How Long Does the Poli Glow Restoration Gel Compare To Similar Restoration Products? 

While you are planning on purchasing a new Gun Safe, there are a few important facts that you need to consider and keep in mind.

Which Brands Can Be The Best Alternative To The Poli Glow Restoration Products Or Kits?   

Besides Poli Glow, you can also try Restoration gel from brands such as Perfect-It, Presto, Star Brite, or TotalBoat.

Are The Poli Glow Restoration Gel Kits  Still Being Made?  

Yes. According to the Poli Glow brand’s official website declaration, the company is still making quality Restoration gel.

Where Is The Manufacturing Location Of The Poli Glow Products?

In 1960, Poli Glow Products Inc was established in Miami, Florida, but the company first came up with their final finished restoration kit and introduced them on the market in 1991.

Reportedly, all Poli Glow and Poli Prep kits are made in their original manufacturing plant located in the USA.

But their product is currently widely available across the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, The Caribbean, and South Africa.

Customer Reviews On The Poli Glow Products

In general, many boats or RV owners and even the experts highly recommend using a luxury wax, but if you go through the consumer’s feedback and rating reports of the Poli Glow Products, you will find that statement wrong. Also, you can clearly understand how good these gel kits are.

According to the majority of Poli Glow users, these gels perfectly work as intended, and the fact that the company is continuously working on improvising its product’s quality makes the brand more trustworthy.

Final Thoughts

The Poli Glow Products Inc. offers premium quality restoration gels to remove and treat heavy oxidation, UV exposure, and stubborn stains. 

As a result, the vehicle fiberglass surface gets a shiningly smooth, and uniform finish.

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