4 Most Common Problems with Sea Ray 240 Sundancer

240DA Sundancer is indeed a very popular model from Sea Ray for cruising. There are some reasonable doubts about the abilities and features of such 24” cruisers in harsh sea conditions.

However, lots of people still look forward to buying a new or used one. 

If you are among them, this article will help you know what to expect from a 240 Sundancer. 

Without further ado, let’s dive deep into discussing the most common problems with Sea Ray 240 Sundancer and their possible solutions.

Tilts on either side (instable)Improper handling of the trim tabs
Moisture or wet-core Manufacturing fault
High-pressure warning for A/C unitInsufficient water flow
Mysterious cracks in the hullUnknown

1. Instability Problem

According to some users, the 240 Sundancer has a problem tilting to either port or starboard. 

As a result, you have to constantly tweak the trim tabs to maintain the boat’s stability. Otherwise, it may tip to one side.

In some cases, it is so severe that the owner feels that it may tip over. And, the situation becomes much worse when the gas tank starts to get emptied.

Possible reason

Experts say that changes in speed and wrong handling of the trim tab or tilt angle can cause this problem. 

You can solve it by following the above method but it requires months to master the boat’s control.

Tip: Some users have said that driving a 280 Sundancer does not have the same problem. Because it is much heavier, longer, and wider. If possible, you can move from 240 to 280. 

Possible fix

The solution involves more in developing skills rather than changing any parts or doing maintenance work. 

First of all, remember not to use the tabs while coming on a plane no matter what. And, make sure that it is completely retracted despite any amount of load.


It is because the boat continuously wants to swing port or starboard with the tabs down.

After that, pay close attention to the outdrive trim once you have come to the plane. In the beginning, keep it completely down. But start tilting the outdrive up while approaching the plane.

As a result, the boat’s tendency to tilt will cancel out and help keep the boat track straight as well as level.

2. Moisture Problem

A very common complaint I have got from some customers that Sea Ray 240 Sundancer manufactured between 1998 and 2001 has serious moisture problems.

However, it would be unwise to put the blame on their models because the wet core issue can occur for several reasons.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Because I am not trying to defend and there have been some genuine complaints. 

So, those can be user-specific issues or some fault at the production line that doesn’t happen much often.

In 2002, a surveyor group reported that Sea Ray boats of some specific models got water in their core. It included moisture problems in the forward port side of the boats. 

Status of the Problem

Well, Sea Ray acted immediately after the report had been published. Their engineering team made some quick changes to solve the issue. 

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about that if you own a model built after 2002.

Possible fix

You understand that the problem can’t be entirely fixed. 

All you can do to mitigate the issue is by hiring an expert to make the necessary repairing.

3. A/C Unit Problem

I have seen some users experiencing problems in their 240’s A/C unit. The dashboard shows a high-pressure warning after running the boat. 

Possible reason

The unit is not getting enough water flow.

Possible fix

Before you jump to any conclusion, you should check several lines first. Here are the names of the parts to be checked and cleaned. 

  • Sea strainer
  • Intake line from the hull leading to the strainer
  • Exit line

Tip: You may not think that examining the exit line is not important. But there is a possibility that the overboard drain at the side of the hull gets clogged with the nests of mud dauber.

Once you have cleared those and still getting the warning sign, it can be an issue of an unprimed system. 

In that case, close the ball valve to allow water into the system which would leave it primed.

4. Hull Problem

According to very few customers, they saw mysterious cracks in the hull of the 240 Sundancer cruiser. It is at the port side forward.

Some of the cracks were so bad they started taking water. Even after repairing, the same problem occurred again.

The consequences of the problem can be severe. It can flood the boat and ruin the engine along with the interior. 

Possible fix

First of all, it costs a lot to repair the cracks. If the boat is covered by the warranty, you will be lucky. Otherwise, it will be an expensive fix.

As there is no DIY to this problem. You have to either go to your dealer or call a boat mechanic to solve it. 

Tip: Boaters who are trying to buy a second-hand 240 Sundancer should an expert for a complete survey. It will help them detect the problem beforehand and save thousands of dollars.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Sea Ray 240 Sundancer?

As a mid-range cruiser, 240 Sundancer performs great. Considering the features and specs, you won’t find anything else at this price.

For small families, it has become the icon of an All-American dayboat.

Whether someone buys a brand new one or goes for something pre-owned, it would still be the same weekender. 

According to the experts, for those who are looking for upgrading from a bowrider to a pocket cruiser, it is the perfect option.

The problems mentioned above are not deal-breakers. Though lots of people face the instability issue, you can understand that the solution is easily achievable by some practice.

All I want to say is that you can seriously consider it to spend a perfect two-person weekend. 

Final Thoughts 

This article is focused on the most common problems with Sea Ray 240 Sundancer. So, don’t make a final decision reading only a few bad things.

Because there are lots of other good sides to this cruiser. 

Those are all. I hope that you have got some valuable insights.

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